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  1. I figured we could just post our characters and everything here. I'll post the IC link here too

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  2. My demons (more info later this is jst general info)

    Demon of seduction (gives love advise, very charming, handsome and has a great way of catching ladies eyes)

    Demon of water (A mermaid like demon, controls water and anything to do with it)

    Demon of wolves and team work (great leader, friend and member of any family. )

    Demon of Birds, fire and air (Demon that can control birds, fly and breath fire and control the speed of air)

    Demon of protection, Justice and Fighting (very protective demon of his summoner, hot headed and not afraid to fight for his summoner. Amazing fighter and one to judge others)

    Each of your human either had a weakness or flaw that the demon can help over come
  3. okay, I'm going to start on some very basic forms
  4. I shall do mine soon and post them as they get into my head and out !
  5. Working on demons.
  6. All of my forms are done... i just wasn't able to post them at the moment thanks to crappy internet connections. I'll get them up once i get home since i don't feel like trying to re-do everything on a nook wiyh lrss than 15% battery left :s
  7. Name : Sal
    race : Seduction Naga Demon
    Powers :​
    • Possess supernatural charisma - nabling them to gain the trust and loyalty of others​
    • possess innate seductive skills and charming allure.​
    • induce desires into others, to the point where they cannot get enough of it.​
    • induce sexual arousal in others to make them lustful and crave sexual interaction​

    History : Sal has been the very embodment of lust, desire and love since the creature of anything that could make a child, pup, kitten or anything. He was made to make others happy, make them feel pleased and pleasured. But mostly he is known in hell as the "love Demon" He comes to human who either have a hard time getting to love anyone else, has a hard time finding the perfect someone or just plan out says they don't love anything. That all changes when Sal is around.

    Picture :

    Human Form [​IMG]
    Naga Demon form : [​IMG]
  8. Name : Mystery
    Race : Demon Lord of Water, Oceans and anything of water and creatures of water
    - He can use water, make things into water, make water into ice and can male massive waves
    -He can talk with all the animals in the sea, rivers, streams
    -Can can heal using water
    -Can cause massive sea storms if pissed off enough

    History : Msytery has been around for over 23,5670,400 years. he has been around since the ocean, rain anything to do with water has been around. he is always the one that people go to if they have a fear of the water or they just do not like swimming. He is always out there ready to help humans that admit they have a problem but he also doesn't stand for slackers of assholes.


    Human : [​IMG]

    Demon : [​IMG]
  9. Name : Derek
    Race : Demonic wolf and teamwork demon
    Master Stragiest - can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent seeming like the user can see into the future
    Kitsune Physiology - Their powers include illusions, shapeshifting (particularly to human form), possession and especially ability to use fox-fire.
    Hellhound Physiology - Advanced speed, stamina, Bite that can crush through nine inch bar of steel , Can turn into a hellhound ,Advanced jumping, Hell fire and tacking souls
    Night vision - Can see clearly at night as if it was day
    Wolf Leadership - When summoning, Kitsune or hellhound he is seen as like the Alpha and very much a leader
    Helpful Buddy - he is a well engrossed person that wants to help everyone around him, he is soical and happy person that wants to make all things get better.

    History : Derek as a demon in general is a very friendly demon compared to many others, he was born and raised by cerberus and when he grew up he found himself a human form and took the chance. he then became a demon for the summoning circle for five girls. he is very deadly, powerful but an animal lover and helper.
    Picture :
    Human : [​IMG]

    True form : [​IMG]

    His Kitsune form [​IMG]
  10. Name : Terk
    Race : Harpy demon, fire and air
    Ancient roots -He is a warrior Harpy , good fighting style behind him, very fast and lethal fighter
    Call of the Birds - he can call forth swarms of crows to come and attack or blind his foes
    Advanced Sky battle - He is an amazing flyer fighting or nit but in the sky his fighting is far better then on the ground
    Arieal tactics : he is an amazing flyer, he can fly between very close places, can zip around other bends swiftly and make no erros in a flying lesson
    Fire and air generation - he put these together and boom he can soar at great highest, he can't get air born on the ground
    Feather manipulation : can make his black and brown feathers, grow sharp as knives, soft as baby skin, sheild or weapon, he can also make them vanish or appear.

    History : has been around sicne the days of the greeks, Being one of Hades grand messengers of death and fate he easily can pick up souls and find and fight others off from the soul he is either to protect or kill. His claws are letheal one scratch can become infected and kill a normal human being easily within few days. He is known as "Flying Death"

    Pictures :

    Human :


    His true form :

  11. Name : Tyslo
    Race : protection, Justice and fighting Demon
    Powers :
    • Fighting Genius - encyclopedic knowledge in hand-to-hand fighting styles; therefore understanding and analyzing opponents style of combat and flaws in the opponent's attack and defense. He can also use attacks that can automatically knock down the opponent or use the strength of the opponent to his favor.
      • Combat Intuition- With this ability, the wielder can mimic all existing Martial Arts, using them like the user trained them over years. Users of this ability are even able to be better than the original creators of the Martial Arts.
      • possess incredible wisdom.
      • capable of forcing others to tell the truth rather than only knowing if they are lying. They can guarantee that the person is telling the truth to the best of their ability.
    History : Tyslo is a demon that became the very first demon of the human race judement . he became the demon that allowed humans to judege others, but it was up to the humans to judge wisely or not. He became part of the human world for a long time before he went back to hell and create a judement policy hall where the evil would be judge fairly for each sin they commited. he is really known as the "Judge of Humanity" and his protective and fighting skills are outstranding able to beat a whole deadly gang of humans of over 40 to 1 without a problem. he is always a proitective person but one that makes a judgement after he has seen all that the person has done.

    Human form : [​IMG]

    Demon form : [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
    Olivia O'Reilly

    {Name} Olivia Mirabelle O'Reilly
    {Nickname} Olivia
    {Age} 18
    {Physical Appearance} Lean and average height with dark brown hair that goes just past her shoulders and blueish grey eyes
    {Family & Pets} Steven (40) {dad}, Laura (38) {mom}, Snowball:: 6yr old, female, white cat || Samson:: 5yr old, male, Teddy Bear, dog || Murphy:: 8yr old, male, Havanese, dog || Levi:: 6 month old, male, Westie, dog || Secret Flame:: {AKA: Flame} 6yr old, gelding, light dapple grey British Warmblood, 16.3hh horse || April Sunrise:: {AKA: Sunny} 5yr old, mare, flaxen chestnut Hanoverian, 16hh horse
    {Demon} Water
    {History} There really isn't much to tell about Olivia's history. She grew up as a spoiled rotten rich girl from the moment she was born. Her parents will give her anything she desires without even the slightest thought or hesitation. Being an only child, many concepts [such as sharing] are foreign to this girl, and her parents do everything in there power to keep them foreign to her.
    {Personality} Olivia can be a very trying person to say the least. In simple terms, she's a spoiled rich brat. She snaps easily and will complain when things don't go her way... or if she doesn't get what she wants. She is a complete flirt as well.
    {Likes} Competing, dressage, show jumping, boys, getting her way, being spoiled, spas, shopping, being a flirt, texting
    {Dislikes} School, geeks, nerds, losing and not getting her way.

    Carly Winters

    {Name} Carly Gabrielle Winters
    {Nickname} Car, Winnie, Winters
    {Age} 19
    {Physical Appearance} Short with very long blonde hair that curls loosely and very dark, steel blue-grey eyes
    {Family & Pets} Mia (40) {mom}, Dakota (23) {older sister}, Pal:: 6yr old > male > papillon, dog || Tramp:: 4yr old > male > polish hound, dog || Missy, Tails, Banjo, Mimi:: 4yr old, 3months old, 3months old, 3months old > female, male, male, female > papillons, dogs || Lady, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie:: 3yr old, 5months old, 5months old, 5months old, 5months old, 5months old > female, female, male, male, male, female > yellow labrador retriever-english cocker spaniel mix, polish hound-yellow labrador retriever-english cocker spaniel mixes, dogs
    {Demon} Bird
    {History} Here we go again ... Alright, I'll give you a slight timeline on my life. First, Let's go back to April 8th. After my dad loaded my mom and two-year old sister into his truck they raced off to the hospital. Now, let's skip about 12.28 hours. At 3:21:19am on April 9th, I was born. Obviously I don't remember any of this, but I've been told the story enough times. Skipping a few years, just three weeks before my birthday, and my father-daughter dance recital (we skip because nothing really significant happened between this time), On March 18th my house got a call. Dakota picked up the phone and handed it to our mom who had just gotten home from work. I didn't know, or understand, what had happened until later, but mom and Dakota had started crying after mom had told us the news about dad. Later on I realized that dad had been shot on the job, he was a police officer, and he had died on the way to the hospital. I didn't understand it at first, But once I realized that he wasn't coming home, and I realized what 'dead' meant, well... I just realized. My teacher didn't let me participate in the dance recital after that since I didn't have a dad... apparently she didn't really care, and we had cancelled my birthday party. After that things went on as normal as we could make them.
    {Personality} I've been told that I'm a complex person. Really, I take this as moody. I guess this could be true. My mom and sister tell me constantly that I'm a very Hot-n-cold person. If I like you, well... then I pretty much LOVE you and I will be the sweetest person you've ever met. On the other side of the meadow though, if I dislike you... Let's just say you had better run, I will probably end up being your worst nightmare then. I tend to snap when I can't take things anymore. Usually this only happens when I'm stressed or in a sticky situation, and if I do snap at you, and you're my friend, I truly am sorry about it and will no doubt apologize once I cool off. I am stubborn, but I'm also immensely loyal and honest. I take risks a lot, but I would never hurt a friend intentionally, I just seem to attract not the best luck. Randomness... yessss... II definitely have this trait in me. We could be talking about a hot boy one second and the next I'll just totally lose track of what we were saying and start talking about your rat or something. There's a lot to me as I said... I'm complex, this is just some of me... the rest? You'll have to wait and find out.
    {Likes} Boys, swimming, skateboarding, karate, parties, singing, dancing, dogs, dolphins, wake-boarding, surfing
    {Dislikes} studying, boredom, flying, heights, death, bad things and guns

    Sidney Addison

    {Name} Sidney Sophia Leanna Addison
    {Nickname} Sid
    {Age} 18
    {Physical Appearance} Very thin and nearly average height with strawberry blonde hair, silvery blue eyes and freckles.
    {Family & Pets} Mike (23) {older brother}, Leah (53) {mom}, Paul (50) {step dad}, Giovanna (9) {little step sister}, Summer (21) {Older sister}, Clark (54) {Dad}, Dolly:: 3yr old, female, red Tabby cat || Freckles:: 5yr old, female, light brown ferret || Ace:: 8 month old, male, King Shepherd, dog || Scooter:: 9yr old, male, Mastiff mix, dog || Magic:: 7yr old, female, Akita-Border Collie mix, dog || Wildfire:: 4yr old, gelding, light bay Arabian, 14hh pony || Tinkerbell:: {AKA: Tink} 5yr old, mare, palomino British Riding Pony, 12.2hh pony
    {Demon} Protection
    {History} The younger middle child of her family and the youngest completely biological child of her birth parents. Sidney was born on the 18th of November, making her one of the youngest people in her year. Her mother, Leah, and her biological father got divorced when Sidney was only four years old. Her mother remarried Paul just last year. Paul's daughter from a previous relationship also joined their family making Sidney the younger middle child. Backtracking a bit, Sidney and her family move around quite often, they've never stayed in one place for more than a few years after the divorce. Her brother, Mike, and Sister, Summer, had been born in the same place as Sidney, Crowley, Louisiana. Her favorite place to live so far, has been Hawaii. Sid moved to Palm Coast, Florida when she was four, only days after the divorce was finalized. Austin, Texas by the time she was six. She has also lived in Kihei, Hawaii and Sunshine, Montana. Her mother and step-father got married in Hawaii. She is alright with moving so frequently, mostly because she has never really known any other way of living. She just knows that simply, she can't get too attached to anyone, because most likely, they won't be permanent friends after she leaves. She hs grown used to being bullied after being the 'new' kid so many times
    {Personality} A calm, quiet girl with a rather shy disposition. Sidney rarely feels like she belongs because of her history and she tends to have a hard time trusting people and making friends. That is something that just never came easily to her.
    {Likes} Show jumping, cross country, barrel racing, bole pending, trail riding, animals, family, friends, boys, being outside, swimming, skateboarding, traveling, surfing, reading, Pokemon, movies, singing
    {Dislikes} death, fighting, unfairness, disadvantages, the color pink, being inside too long, and enclosed spaces, bullies

    Timber Lowe

    {Name} Timber Kaya Lowe
    {Nickname} Timmie
    {Age} 19
    {Physical Appearance} Thin and just under average height with red hair the reaches mid-shoulder blade, stormy grey eyes and freckle splashed cheeks and nose.
    {Family & Pets} Alexander (55) {dad}, Alaska:: 3yr old, female, Wolfdog
    {Demon} Team Work/Wolves
    {History} The brightest days seem to have come and gone exceptionally quickly for Timber. Her mother Mary died giving birth to her, and both her older brother, Matt, and older sister, Laura, were killed in an auto accident four years ago. As one would probably guess, it took an extreme toll on Timber and, especially, her father, Alex. The two have tried to move on, after all, 'what happened then is in the past, you can't change it,' but it still doesn't lessen the hurt. Luckily, there is always something to do whether it is planting crops or chopping wood, even spending time with her beloved dog, Timmie does her best to immerse herself in keeping her and her father's lives decent.
    {Personality} While shy isn't exactly a word used to describe this young person, reserved could be. Timber isn't one to say much, she'd rather listen and comment only when she's asked. She is a hard working girl who would rather be outside hiking, no matter the weather, than be couped up in a classroom or in her bed. If you are in need and Timmie can help she will. The red-head practically lives by the old saying of 'what goes around, comes around.' One last trait that could easily sum up most of this in one is distant. Timber distances herself from everything: people, places, animals, even ideas. She is afraid of possible outcomes, especially possible outcomes as she gets older.
    {Likes} Boys, family, dogs, nature, the color blue, quaint parks, gardens, harvesting, rain, sunshine, autumn, spring, helping others, being independent, chocolate, running
    {Dislikes} attachment, being dependent, the color orange, getting sick, being stuck inside, bananas, oranges

    Hana Hyata

    {Name} Hana Suki Hyata
    {Nickname} Hana
    {Age} 18
    {Physical Appearance} Slightly on the taller side, though not by much, with a thin frame, Long black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes
    {Family & Pets} Hachi (50) {dad}, Miu (43) {mom}, Emi (13-19) {twin sister}, Kairi (8-16) {little sister}, Amadori:: {AKA: Skybird} 5yr old, female, Japanese Bobtail, cat || Kagemitsu:: {AKA: Shadowed Light} 7yr old, male, Japanese Bobtail, cat || Kaisei, Shibuki, Sora, Hanten, Ru and Yukinofuru:: {AKA: Sunny, Splash, Sky, Speckle, Splotch, Snowy} 2months old > female, female, male, male, male, female > Japanese Bobtails, cats
    {Demon} Seduction
    {History} A native to Japan, Hana doesn't really embrace major changes well, hence her difficulty accepting that her father likes to travel and she doesn't get a say in moving whenever he wants. Shiga, Japan is where she and her family grew up, and it is not likely a place that Hana will ever forget. Just like her sisters she was spoiled to the greatest possible extent, but she appreciated it. Now she enjoys working for her rewards and is thrilled when she pleases her parents with a perfect piece of composition on the piano or accompanying a world-renown orchestra with her violin.
    {Personality} Hana is, contrary to her twin, a very gentle and caring person. She is very studious and loves to help. Taking great pleasure in explaining things to people it makes her happy when someone understands something because of her. Seldom does she take anything for granted and she is well mannered.
    {Likes} Boys, reading, swimming, shopping, flowers, cats, creativity, drawing, playing piano, playing violin, gymnastics, love
    {Dislikes} dogs, large animals, motorcycles, smoking, and parties​
  13. May I ask why everyone seems to own almost like forty pets ? Can't you limit it down slightly to around 2 or 3 pets please thats alot of pets to even to remeber or keep track of. also for each person you must have a flaw, fear or something that the demon can help you with. the water demon can help you get over maybe a fear of deep water ?
  14. For the one that has a fighting demon you can be picked on or hurt alot so there is reason you get that demon
  15. I put something like a flaw or fear (or both) in either the history, personality, and dislikes. As far as the pets go, I just copied and pasted they really wont have much to do in the rp, same with the family
  16. Carly is terrified of flying and heights

    Sidney is bullied

    Olivia is afraid of the water

    Timber is basically anti-social, she has attachment issues

    Hana is really the only one without something like that, but basically she just really wants love.
  17. Alrighty, Also I think you should summon these demons in different places, the ater near the ocean, the justice near a police station, the flying one near a cliff (she could be getting bullied and says the spell) the love one can appear in her room
  18. *nods* I'll go make an IC thread... it won't really be anything fancy, but it'll work :)
  19. Ok, i will not need anything fancy just as long as it starts the RP
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