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  1. Hey there, just wondering if anyone would like to write with me.

    The setting is pre-industrialization, northern, mountainous country, mostly run by groups of Avian shapeshifters. Magic system is scientific and requires a high amount of calories/energy to use. Shifters are lycanthropic, but avian strains are non-contagious without a lot of magical help.

    Plots to discuss.
  2. Hi
    I'm rather new on Iwaku roleplay. But interested.
    I have some questions though.
    How do you Rp?
    Do you have any requirements that I need to know about? Like language, rp wise or anything.
    Do you have a character you already had in mind for this rp?

    I guess we're finding a plot together?
  3. Hello Chicchan,

    I'm not sure if you're asking in general how to RP, or how I RP specifically, but the second one is more answerable, so I'll go with it. I usually start with OOC stuff like choosing a setting, time period, technology level and whether or not there's magic. Then choose characters, if we haven't already.

    As for this one, the setting and character I've already got. Language is character based, and I don't mind cuss words. Any romance has to fit the plot and characters, but the plot itself is character based, so that's usually developed once the writing starts. It depends on how my characters and yours interact.

    Good questions ^_^

    Also, if anyone else is still interested, because of the way I RP, I can start with the same beginning with several people and end up with completely different stories.
  4. Thanks, yes I meant your way of RPing and you answered pretty good, I would love to Rp with you.
    When you are free to discuss plot and such please do pm me.
  5. this needs to be moved to 1x1 request
  6. I'm new to the site so this may just be me not knowing, or it might be the categories crossing over. I wanted to see if anyone was interested. Though I'm not sure where to draw the line between interest checks and requests. It seems to me that an interest check would naturally lead to starting an rp if there are responses, while the request would do the same thing. What makes the difference on this site?
  7. this is for groups yours however is 1x1 and should be their
  8. I'll look again, but on the forums page this was the only link that said "Interest Check." If you could link me to the correct spot I'd be grateful. I've found this site's layout to be more than a bit confusing.
  9. Screenshot_20161003-215338.png
    right where it says seeking 1x1
  10. I'll ignore the borderline rudeness and say thank you for showing me at least where to look for it.
  11. no that's where you put it it is easier to show then just do for you. You will never learn other wise
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