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1x1 Atelier series RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by benit149, Apr 15, 2014.

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  1. I've been wanting to make a relaxed adventure-type RP based on Gust's Atelier series (Atelier Marie, Atelier Rorona, Atelier Ayesha, etc). The premise is that at least one girl (very rarely a boy) is capable of the mystical art known as alchemy, where they can blend different items into a cauldron to produce something new. Alchemists have a workshop (hence the 'atelier' title) either in a town or some remote location where they can do their work. They often need to develop their alchemy in order to reach a deadline. They also need to go on mini-adventures to find materials and new recipes to further their skills, so they need to find friends who can help protect them from monsters.

    I would like to RP as an alchemist. You'd be able to RP as another alchemist (since Atelier Shallie has two alchemists) and/or a warrior who can protect the alchemist during her travels. Alchemists have the benefit of using the items they create as weapons, such as bombs for attacks or food items for healing, but their own attacks and defense are rather poor. Warriors/mages/archers/etc. are stronger in battle but cannot use alchemy items.

    Would anyone be interested in this? It wouldn't be dark, brooding or philosophical - just a quest to help an alchemist and her friends reach their goals.
  2. I played Atelier Rorona last summer! (someone has actually heard of it <3) Delightful game!

    What a very nice way to sum up the idea. Yes. count me in. I would love to create a character, make friends with an alchemist and take on the world with you!
  3. Well, let me get back to you about it at a later date. I'm not feeling well at the moment.
  4. Of course, not a problem. I hope you feel better quickly :-)
Thread Status:
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