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  1. (I posted this in RP talk but I then realized it was the wrong spot... :( I hope it's not a big deal)

    This RP will be rated pg-13 or fade to black (if you want to fade) and will have romance, but if you're looking for something that is a quick 'fall in love' story then this isn't for you. Also, I need a male character. I usually don't mind at all playing male, but for this my main will be female. Side characters can be both.

    I'm also looking for something more on the advanced side. As in multiple paragraphs. I know sometimes things can't super long and that's fine, but no one liners. Sorry, I just get bored so quickly with them :(

    Plot: There are 2 basic parts to this rp.

    The first will start with my character fairly young, perhaps around 16 and your character will be old enough to be an expert assassin Brotherhood. However old you want to make that, but obviously because of her age there will NOT be romance in this section of the rp. He should be at least a few years older if not more. But this is just the building of a beautiful relationship/friendship through a lot of character development and time together talking and training.

    She's an orphan that's lived on the streets for quite a while. Your character is quickly being promoted through the ranks, but needs a little bit of help on this mission...and frankly doesn't want to ask it of the Brotherhood. Because of something (his personality, ways of killing such as use of poison, or horrible relationship with the leader) going on in his life he isn't exactly viewed as a great role model or someone to hang around much in public. So wanting to look like he did this on his own he hires my girl to help (I'll go into detail on this later).

    Seeing her skills and knowing she would make a great recruit, he offers her money, a place to live...all that if she'll train as a newbie. After going through 3 months of basics they will allow her in through a blood ceremony and she's assigned a master...can you guess who? ;)

    This part of the story will go through so much...maybe they have secret identities (a way he kills that is looked down upon?) that are nobility and get to grow closer through that, or he introduces her to life in general outside the streets. They both teach each other over the next couple years, but eventually it works up to her first kill on her own. Do remember that if we want some romance we can always add some side characters for our main man to flirt with ;)

    Part two I need some help on. I want a BIG story plot, something we hint at the entire time. Maybe there is a war brewing and the assassin's want to stay out of it...but our two know that's impossible and prepare, thus saving the day ;) PLEASE help me with this part! But by now she's 18 or 19 and they grow closer, he sees her more like a woman than a girl...etc.

    SO that's it! I hope that's a good general idea while leaving a lot of room for you to add things, I don't want this to feel like I'm leading- it's called partners for a reason. We work together! Also you'll see that I use some terms from Assassin's Creed. That's just so we can picture the uniforms, the creed, the Brotherhood idea...without having to make up our own. I don't want to use a plot or characters from the game.

    A side note: my character isn't weak. She's strong willed and will bring a lot to the table. This isn't a "poor orphan needs help with her mental scars" story. They both have baggage and will work through that together.

    Please post or PM me if you're interested! I know this was a lot to read, I hope you made it through ;)
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  2. I'm interested, tell me about what you want to do. Pm me.
  3. I'm totally interested! I've written entire books on assassins! I alrady have a character for you too!
  4. I'm also very interested in this plot and would love to get a chance to play it:)
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