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  1. Hello everyone I just wanted to know if anyone is interested in Rping with me. Here are some Rps I like to do but if you have any other ideas im more than happy to listen. Just message me when ever.

    - Magical
    -High school life
    -Werewolves and Vampires


    -Naruto (AU as well)
    -Kuroko no basket
    -Ouran High
    -fruits basket

    Side Memos:

    -I will try to post as quick as I can but do to internet and wifi problems I might be a little slow or not be able to post back.
    -If you are losing interest, let me know and we can either quit or talk about what can get the thread going again.
    -Some of these ideas will contain violence and other possible offensive materials, we can discuss them if you'd like depending on which ideas you like.
  2. I'll roleplay with you.
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  3. Really Thank yuuz[​IMG]
  4. I will role play with you
  5. Thank yuz :)
  6. I would love to do a role play with you! :D<
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