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  1. Why, hello there! I am Aetherea, how do you do?

    Please do note: Being a high school senior and all, my hands get tied and I will probably only be able to post on the weekends, though I should have you know that I am a procrastinator when it comes to homework so I might steal myself away from time to time to reply during the weekdays.

    Anyway, I will tell you a little about my preferences to start us off:

    • First things first, I would love it if you could match the amount of writing I give in reply (which tends to be a few paragraphs)! Also, having correct grammar and spelling wouldn't hurt (it would gain you brownie points, I can tell you that ^^).

    • From the top of my head, I DON'T do mature, fandoms, and furry.

    • I always like to have romance in my rps no matter how small (which could be quite small; from the slightest thought of having feelings for the other character to lip locking action. Now, even though I said I won't do mature role-plays, if those sort of events occur naturally throughout the story then so be it. Be warned that I have never rped a mature themed role-play). I also like fantasy, medieval or different era, original plots, original worlds, and adventure. However, I am sort of craving a dark and mysterious, maybe also tragic, role-play (with a dash of romance of course). So if you are interested or have a plot idea I will be more than eager to listen.

    • I tend to play female characters but I can play male characters just as well.

    Without further adieu, some of my plot ideas (however, if you have a different plot in mind don't hesitate to bring it up!):
    Babylon Candles and the Pandora Box (open)
    It has been several centuries since the destruction of the tower, and since then Babylon has gone through many changes; from different languages to mythical creatures and now centuries later, magic has come into Babylon. There has been so many changes in Babylon that each generation has started to forget about the tower of Babel and the importance of it. The tower of Babel was home to an important object, of which, is vital to the survival of Babylon and it's people. Although, with the lack of interest and protection of the ruined tower, this object has been carelessly forgotten as well. The Pandora box. This box contains diseases and illnesses that has the power to destroy Babylon and more. What happened to the box, you ask? It has shattered! Pieces of the Pandora box has been scattered throughout the realm, being very difficult to find. No one knows who has scattered them, nor knows who has broken it in the first place, but the people of Babylon do know that if it isn't pieced together in time, they will all die. Darkness and despair has settled into Babylon and everyone needs a shimmer of hope to lead the way. Though all hope may seem lost, the brighter side of the situation is that it is time of magic and magician meaning; Babylon candles! Babylon candles might have the luxury of traveling by the speed of light, and taking you where you want to go with one simple though, but finding the pieces of the Pandora box will be tricky to locate, since, everyone has forgotten all about it. Elders would be the only ones to know what the Pandora Box looks like, however unfortunately their ages has made them the first victims to undergo the wrath of the Pandora box. And with that being said, Babylon will need a group of gallant magicians to find the pieces and reconstruct them, though instead they got a group of magicians apprentices'. But can the young magicians find the pieces before Babylon withers away? They will need not only their magic but the power of Babylon candles. For you never know what demonic creature will try to stop them from succeeding.

    Stolen Into War (open)
    Europe, 1800. War just broke out. Its all for one and one for all. Every single country in Europe has turned on each other and no one knows why. Army against army. Friends and families against each other. This war is like a plague, and no other country is coming near. They are afraid they might catch this war plague so no help is coming to helpless countries.
    Only a few months into the war and people are dropping like dominoes. Weak militaries are desperate to recruit, so they are drafting children as young as the age of 8 for boys and 10 for girls. Blood shed of the innocent covers towns and families have boarded up their houses and went underground afraid their lives will be taken. For some families its not just their lives that they fear will be taken away, but also their kids.
    It has been clear what needs to be done. Families have to find a way to smuggle their kids out of the country. Rumors had spread that some supply ships heading to America had been taken over by war ships monitoring the Atlantic Ocean. Thinking that the rumors were just what they are, rumors, some rich families had come together to figure out a plan to send their kids to relatives in America. Stowaways on supply ships are what the kids will be. The rich families bribe the captain with a large amount of cash. and soon, one night when it appears to be safe, the parents will send their kids on their way to America. Little did anyone know that the ship that had been used to stowaway the children would get intercepted by a war ship and that they will soon be held captive. Romance can strike up between the enemy and rich kids and forbidden love along with violence could happen.

    {Four Families. Four Kids.} Royal Magic {Four Sacred Powers. All in War} (open)

    Long ago in the village of Dueo when it was the year of the Firebird and the lands only spoke of myths and legends, there was a young boy around the age of 16. He was sorcerer, who's apprentice just happened to be clairvoyant. They worked together for the better. And for years they stopped wars from happening or curing the ill, but now something was about to change.
    It was now the year of the Lastbird where disaster was said to come by the clairvoyant who could feel it. She told the sorcerer, who was now middle aged, that disaster was on its way and there was nothing they could do to stop it. She told him of the heat that was soon to come and the water that will cover the planet. That people will be extinct, but the race will come back centuries later when the earth was once again equally balanced. She told him he had a little more than a year. The sorcerer spent many months trying to figure out what he could do with the year he had and tried to figure out what he could do to help the new race of humans that would become an endangered species. It wasn't until the year of the Crybird that the sorcerer thought of a plan. The plan would take both himself and his apprentice's life. Knowing there wouldn't be any magic in this new world that was to come, he was willing to sacrifice the two of them, one with powers and the other with super human senses. He would split a part their magic into 4 pieces and send them off into space and when the time was right the pieces would come down and bring magic to the world once again. The only catch was that these pieces of the two of them were to transform into children right when they hit the surface of Earth. The new race of humans would know nothing of the magic or the superhuman powers, so along with the powers that would be brought to 4 lucky children, there was also a magic touch on every new human that would come. The touch would bring them dreams of how the earth was before, and that would become a legend. And so as the heat engulfed the life on the planet the two magical being were now stars awaiting for their time to come.
    In the year of the Newbird, when the civilization was coming back and the number of people on earth matched the number of people there were in the year of th Crybird, the 4 stars fell from the sky. One by one. People thought that the legend was happening over again and the world would disappear, but little did they know that this was the beginning. The stars now on earth, started to transform into children. They were the new magic of the fantastic world and as years passed and the children got adopted parents. The parents were of royalty and each of the beings were adopted by a different royal families. These magical beings knew they had magic, but they also knew that they weren't suppose to tell anyone. The dreams they had of the sorcerer and the clairvoyant taught them how to use their powers and the good of them. Now in the year of the Warbird when the children turn 17 they have to try to hide their power. The power they have will be uncontrolled and it will stand out the most it has ever. Their apperance will change. Their eye color or hair color will either brighten or fade. For 17 years they could control it but suddenly because the 4 families were now at war and the 4 children were no longer at peace with each other, the unbalanced caused unbalance in their powers.

    Warning: Lots of writing and information on the idea below!
    The Reincarnation of the Lightning Marshal (open)

    Before This Journey Begins, History Must be Remembered

    * If you know your Greek mythology, then you don't have to read the paragraph indicated.

    *Long ago, there were twelve gods and goddesses who ruled the vast reaches of universe from atop Greece's Mount Olympus. Mythology follows the story of how the Olympians had come to power after the almighty Zeus overthrew his father, Cronus. Cronus was the youngest Titan of Gaia, the earth, and Uranus, the sky. However, before Cronus and his eleven brothers and sisters were able to be born, Uranus was separated from Gaia and therefore castrated by the youngest Titan. The youngest Titan, Cronus, married his sister, Rhea, and together they had twelve children, the Olympians. However, Cronus swallowed his children, though when the last child was born, Rhea gave her husband a rock wrapped in clothes for him to swallow, allowing Zeus, the youngest Olympian, to grow up. When Zeus was grown, a Titan named Metis gave Cronus a drink to regurgitate his swallowed children. Once the eleven children were freed, they helped Zeus overthrow the Titans, thus becoming Olympians and the rulers. Zeus, then, created three races of humans: the silver race of childish people whom Zeus destroyed for the lack of honor; the bronze race of brutal and warlike people whom destroyed themselves; and the iron race, an age of toil, greed and strife, which has yet to be destroyed. However, the three races that Zeus created never amounted to the race the Titans created: the golden age, where humans lived with peace on their minds and tranquility all around them, dying out when age caught up to them.

    However, what the "mythical" stories fail to mention was the downfall of Olympus and the Marshals, for the Marshals were the downfall to Olympus and their Olympians. Though, before the story of the race that was brought upon Olympus can be told, there is a question that should be answered first; what, or better yet, who were Marshals? The tampered legends tell of the mighty gods and goddesses who possessed great power, however, that power wasn't merely an inanimate source, they were Marshals. Marshals were, as stated, the power of the gods and goddesses of Olympus. They were born within the Olympians, growing and maturing as their hosts did, and when the gods and goddesses powers were strong enough, they were able to materialize and take the form of a human. Although they possessed the same emotions and feelings as humans, and they had their own unique personality and persona, they still served their host, oblivious to the consequences if they didn't. However, the Marshals wouldn't dare to stop serving their host, or at least, it seemed that they had no reason or intention of doing so at the time. Putting that aside for the moment, when Marshals manifested into the form of a human, the Olympians had to exert all the power from their body until they were drained of their power completely. Now, this might seem too dubious and preposterous, seeing as the gods were very keen on their powers, but there were two simple truths behind releasing their powers into a Marshal. One: with a mere wish or will, the humanoid Marshals would turn into their pure element and be zapped back into their host in less time than it would have taken for the gods to become vulnerable. Two: why would the gods and goddesses get their hands dirty when they could control their Marshal with the loyalty they have to do the repugnant work that they are too high and mighty to even consider?

    The marshals would gladly oblige to the orders given to them from their hosts, for they were well taken care of and saw no harm in doing the tasks that they were made for. Pure power ran through each and every one of the marshals bodies. They were more powerful than the gods and goddesses of Olympus, though they didn't know that, and it was uncertain to know for sure if the Olympians knew. The twelve marshals served with an unwavering loyalty to their host through nearly four different ages of mankind. However, through those long centuries, only one Marshal came to the horrible realization of how villain his host was; Zeus. The Marshal of the sky, the Lightning Marshal, slowly began to harbor hatred towards his host, gradually making it harder to return to Zeus's body and obeying to his words. Finally, after half a century of struggling, the destruction commenced. Zeus willed the lightning marshal to return, but his resentment was too great and his resistance too strong. The other gods, goddesses and marshals tried to coax the lightning marshal to stop, but he wouldn't listen and was convinced that he would lead a better life on Earth. Zeus was powerless; he couldn't do anything to stop his humanoid marshal from leaving except throw nasty threats and words at him, whilst his siblings stood baffled by the independent marshal, not wanting to hurt him in case it would jeopardize the possibility of their brother getting his powers back.

    The lightning marshal dropped down to Earth, stopped by no one and unaware of the severe consequences that were now inevitable. As the marshal's feet touched the soil of Earth, the mid-day sky turned black as night, though it wasn't the lightning marshals doings; the balance of power was no longer, and the power of the wrongdoer was becoming unraveled. The clouds came alive with lightning, the sky roared with thunder and bolts of pure energy struck the earth with a dangerous ferocity. Havoc was being unleashed on Olympus and Earth; on Zeus and the lightning marshal. Destruction was blind to the innocent humans as he took lives carelessly each time a lightning bolt shook Earth. The lightning marshal attempted to return to Olympus, but it was too late, it had crumbled to pieces, just as Earth was doing. The shadows of all twelve gods and goddesses were stained on the fallen pieces of Olympus and their ashes remained where they once stood. The lightning marshal didn't want this, he wanted the chaos to stop, the violence to stop. Was there any way to leave the remaining civilization unscathed? He knew the answer to that; no. However, was there a way to leave the remaining civilization alive? There had to be a way, and sure enough the lightning marshal came to the conclusion that his life would be repent for his actions. The lightning marshal conjured up a great deal of power and then plastered his shadows among the abandoned stone and left his ashes where he once stood.
    From the Mythical History to Modern day History (open)

    The Lightning Marshal (open)

    The sky roared with thunder and the clouds came alive with lightning. The mid-day sky held nothing but darkness and there seemed to be no end to the precipitation that came down from the heavens in torrents. However, the outside world seemed insignificant, for in the well-lit hospital, room 204, a child was being born. He was the youngest of twelve sibling, the sixth son of the Olimpio family, and the reincarnation of the lightning marshal.

    This boy, however, knew nothing of the power that coursed through his veins, and his family was quite oblivious to it too. Superstition surrounded the Olimpio family; it is said they are decedents of one of the twelve gods and goddesses who ruled Olympus. Each family member has his or her own view on the matter, though the boy's parent believe that the superstition is nonsense and have kept it away from their children as they grew. The lightning marshal's parents were very strict and very proper. Manners were something that they didn't hesitate to teach their children, and if any one of the twelve children even thought of disobeying their parents, hell was brought upon them. It would have seemed that the children lived a sheltered life, and they would have if it wasn't for the fact that the family is quite wealthy. The Olimpio family had flourished in wealth for generations, and the children of the Olimpio family had always had a good education.

    The Huntress (open)

    She grew up in a small village; the Huntress did, as did most of the people who have heard the full story of what is known as Greek mythology. There aren't many who know what they know, and they aren't at liberty to share their knowledge with the rest of mankind. There are villages that group together, those who have heard the missing details, and each one of the villages have different beliefs on this missing story. The Huntress's village scorns the gods and goddesses of history. They rejoice over the destruction and pray that they will never return. The village is very spiteful of power and in the village, they do as they please, not being ruled and not ruling.

    The working of the hardheaded village was disrupted when a child was born with the sight of an Oracle. Of course, her power wasn't discovered at birth, it was discovered half a decade later when the teachings of the missing history commenced. The child assured her teacher that the lightning marshal wasn't truly dead, that he had simply been reincarnated and born into this era. Not only did the child correct her teacher, something people of this village never did, but she also possessed what they hated most; power. Much discussion, harsh debates and wonderful ideas were thrown around for months, as the village struggled on what their action toward the child should be. They had finally concluded that they wouldn't banish the child from the village, but prepare her to be the assassin that would rid the awful creature for the world.

    For years she trained, both her strength and her weaponry. Every day she would relay to the whole village what she saw of the hated lightning marshal the day before, assuring them that he hasn't realized his powers and that they still had time. It wasn't until recently that she has started to see the lightning marshal's coming of age, the age of which his powers have matured. The Huntress was sent off immediately to kill the lightning marshal before his powers could be recognized.

    The Protector (open)

    The village he grew up in wasn't different from the other villages that knew the truth; it was small, isolated and had their own beliefs. The Protector's village believed that the lightning marshals were the victims and the gods and goddesses were the ones who should be shunned and put to shame, for they only used the marshals for their powers. His village worshiped the marshals and prayed for their return. The village was very peaceful and strong. There were no disputes and they worked together and not individually, like the Huntress's village. They believed in harmony and fairness, the motto "whats mine is yours" comes into play in this small village.
    All of their praying paid off, for when the young Protector was born and as soon as he was able to talk he relayed the messages and visions he saw through his eyes. The village rejoiced and put the child into training as soon as possible, telling him that he was to be the young Lightning Marshal's protector. The trained the Protector in weaponry and strength, just as the Huntress was, and was told that when he foresaw danger in the young Lightning Marshal's future, he was to leave as quickly as he could to protect the chosen one. No one knew why or how the lightning marshal was reincarnated, but they strongly believed that it was their right to let no harm reach the lightning marshal. So, when it was time and the Protector foresaw the future, he left his village with the support of all the people in it.

    The Queen (open)

    The village that the Queen was born into was one that worshiped power. Good or bad, power was what they strive for. In the teachings of the missing parts of history, the teachers would stress the topic of how powerful each god and goddess were and how the marshals had pure power coursing through their veins. Since the villagers possessed no power themselves, they came upon the idea that beauty was power. The one who ruled the village was one with a handsome face, wit and intelligence was not a factor. The villagers didn't only worship the gods, goddesses and marshals; they also worshiped the one whom they deemed their superior. It was a dictatorship though, with only a small village to rule, power was limited. The King or Queen of the village was always treated with the utmost respect and never talked about in an ill manner. They were given everything they wanted and were allowed to do whatever they pleased.
    However, the last King was overthrown when the child with eyes of an oracle was born. Like the Huntress and the Protector, her powers weren't discovered until years after her birth, and when it was, she was named Queen. The village worshiped her and the Olympians and after half a decade passed with the village under her rule, her advisers suggested that become trained so that one day she could obtain the greatest power of all; the lightning marshal. So, from that day forward, the villagers had trained their Queen, preparing her for the journey she would one day begin. And when the Queen finally foresaw the opportune moment, she left her village and her worshipers.

    The Journey Begins Here (open)

    The lightning marshal still goes about his day normally, oblivious to the power he holds and unaware of the three humans he will soon run into. He is currently a high school student and since it is the beginning of fall, school has recently come into session. As for the humans, well they have already left there village and is either in the town that the lightning marshal resides in, on their way, or has already spotted the boy and is keeping their distance. They don't know that others have the eyes of the oracle as well and are only in the foreign town to conduct their mission. Soon they will all meet and they will have to come to the understanding that they have to help each other and the lightning marshal on his journey to the a land that holds the greatest oracle of all. The path that lies ahead is not foreseen yet, and the truth behind the reincarnation is kept with the True Eye of the Oracle.

    Other Information (open)

    -I feel as if there is something missing to this RP and I am assuming that it lies with in "The Journey Begins Here" section. I am torn on how the three characters are going to interact with the Lightning Marshal and if they should attend school with him and try to enact their missions there, or if they should just ambush him and somehow all run into each other. You see, I wanted this to be an adventure/fantasy type of rp but I am not even sure which direction I should take.

    -The Huntress, the Queen and the Protector have the sight of an oracle, meaning that they are able to see the path that lies ahead for our young lightning marshal. However, the sight isn't limitless and controllable. The Huntress, the Queen and the Protector are unable to master the sight of an oracle, so visions come at unexpected time and they can only see things related to the lightning marshal; this is based on their personality and position. For example the Huntress might see things that cause the lightning marshal pain, see his weaknesses and traps that lay in his path. The Protector might see, but isn't tethered to, the lightning marshals enemies, those who hate him, his strengths and his location. The Queen might see, but isn't limited to, his power, his allies with power and his enemies with power.

    -The only powers that the huntress, the protector and the queen have is the sight of an oracle, other than that they defend themselves on the strength they have acquired over the years and a choice of weapon. The lightning marshal has the power of lighting, of course, and the sky, however, he doesn't know how to use his powers so it will take time for him to control it and exert it correctly. He will start off with his powers being uncontrollable and not very strong. He doesn't have to be skilled with a weapon, hence the protector, however if you want him to be that is fine.

    -The huntress will be a tough character to win over and I plan to play her out. The reason for her to put away her numb hatred and scorn would probably be because she has foreseen events that would benifit her or has caused her to change her view on the marshal. Another possibility is that she could get captured by the group (the lightning marshal, the queen and the protector) and forced to help. The reason for them to capture her would most likely be because the Protector has seen a glimpse of the path that lies ahead and knows that the lightning marshal would need everyones Oracle powers.

    I understand that my plots may need some work to them and I am certainly not against tweaking or completely changing them. If we are going to be partners then both parties will have to be satisfied!

    Anyway, feel free to offer up some ideas if you have them :) You aren't limited to mine!

    Oh! And I currently have two twin alchemist girls I am working on so if you have a world they could fit it, I am definitely not opposed to hearing it!
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