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  1. Hey there! Before I say anything else, I'll just put here that while I am new to this site, I'm not new at all to roleplaying- I just needed a new setting, so here I am (:

    Anyway! I mostly play female characters, as I am complete rubbish at attempting to look in the mind of a guy. And I will typically respond with anywhere between 1-3 paragraphs, depending on what I've got to work with, and how nice my muse decides to be to me at that point in time, but I'd prefer if you could post around the same. That said, I won't turn down a good roleplay just because you don't post very much- all I ask for is effort, because effort makes it fun for everyone inloved :)

    I'm willing to roleplay just about anything you throw at me, and I'll give anything a shot- just no smut, please. It's just a personal preference, and not very enjoyable for me. I'm cool with romance- encourage it, in fact -but fading to black is necessary at a certain point.

    Anyways! ENough about what I don't want. Some things I really like are:
    Doctor Who
    Babylon 5
    Pixar movies (you never know)....
    And Supernatural

    However, I've also been dying to try an AngelXDemon roleplay, so... that'd be cool too.

    Anyway! If anyone would be interested... post here? (:
  2. Angel and Demon, eh? Hmm.. I RP as a half demon.
  3. I would be up for doing sherlock Rp with you as I have been wanting to one for ages