1x1/ 1x1x1/ 2x2 RP partener/s request!

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  1. Hey there~! Okay I am looking for long term RP partner/s that may be interested in any one of the ideas that I have written down below.

    Once Upon A Time (**)
    Disney (**Anything Disney~ ANYTHING~!!! >////<)
    Shugo Chara
    Fairy Tail (**)
    Sherlock Holmes (^)
    Pokemon (^)

    Settings (Non-Fandom):
    High School setting
    ~ Student Council (**)
    ~ Club (^)

    ~ Romance (**)
    ~ Fantasy (**)
    ~ Modern
    ~ Slice of Life

    (I will add more later~ ^^)

    Okay for a key:
    ** = personal favourite
    ^ = I have never tried this.
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  2. Yo, I'd totally be down for a pokemon rp. I have never done one either so we can be lost together.
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  3. That was fast! And yeah that would be awesome~ So I am going to assume that we want to have a 1x1 unless someone else is interested in doing a pokemon RP with us ^^
  4. That's a fair assumption.
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  5. I would be up to do any of them mins Shugo Chara and Sherlock Holmes.
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  6. OMG CAN WE DO A SHUGO CHARA ONE~!! *coughs* also shamless promotion I am making a group RP called Shugo Chara Academy~ If you are intersted I can show you it~ ^^
  7. haha~ Well would you like to shoot me a PM then ^^
  8. I want to RP with you more, Muse! What kind of romance genres are you into? ouo
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  9. hehe why thank you~

    Well, I tend to go modern fantasy for romance genres. Normally a school situation, but I can work whatever you would like ^^)
  10. Oh, you're interested in romance sub-genres, not the romance genres themselves. I can do that! So, contemporary (modern) romance with fantasy elements? Or are you meaning to do an urban/contemporary (modern) fantasy with romantic elements? :3
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  11. Well I can work either way~ Just depends on what story we end up doing~ ^^
    Also, shall we take this to PM~?
  12. Whatever fits your boat. I can discuss it here or through private messaging. Personally, I like romance to be the main focus of the story rather than everything else around romance (so contemporary romance with fantasy elements for me).
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  13. yep that sounds good~ Shoot me a PM and we can work on that~ ^^
  14. Fairy Tail would be cool.
  15. Shhh Eternal this is not what it looks like I'm totally not lurking. @EternalMusic (I just happened to find this.)
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  16. I'd also be very interested in doing a Fairy Tail rp.
  17. Sure~! Send me a PM~! ^^

    haha! Lol Justin~! XD

    Awesome shoot me a PM~!
  18. Hi! I would be interested in a Fairy Tail roleplay. I was thinking romance, maybe a NatsuxOC? I would be open to doubling as well. ^^
  19. I think it'd be interesting to do a 1x1x1 Pokemon RP... I've never exactly done a Pokemon RP before, so. :I
  20. I'd be willing to be the third person in that Pokemon 1x1x1
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