1st RP

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Hey Guys i want to try my 1st Rp 1x1 in kinda Fighting with little gore style. Its mostly to check if i can handle making any rp but it would be good if anyone would be interested. So far I got only 2 ideas

Urban Rumble [gender dosent matter]= the heroes of that story are led by a thirst for challenge and victory, as well as a great money prize. They are signing up to street fight tournament where every fighter posses unnatural abilities and is the best user of his martial art. Story mostly up about Street fights and dirty tricks to win.

Soul Conquesting [gender dosent matter (F/M M/F if u want also romance in it)]= story happens in actual times and just near the time of the apocalypse and end of the world. Heaven and Hell are choosing thier human representatives (called champions) to fight for souls and fight against champions of other sides. Story is based on fighting and happens in high shool. I play as Hell chamion, but you can pick a side too
I got an Idea. Let me swing it by you. I like the soul conquesting one, but with a little romantic twist. Your character (champion of Hell) and my character (champion of Heaven) fall in love with each other with out realizing that they are both very different from each other. If your down with it, I'm willing to give it a shot! Wanna give it a go?
Yes I like that idea very much. I will PM you with some more details if you like