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Helloooo people!! x33
I was thinking and this one game I played really inspired me, so I decided to write up this plot. I thought about making it a group rp first, but I can't handle group rps, and I want it to be focused mostly on the romance, so a onexone seems better here. x3
(liberteen is not a necessity, as this will be a heavily story-focused roleplay.)

This is a sci-fi themed roleplay, but it will be mainly focused on the story of Yoshi and the people around him. The roleplay will be focused towards a friendship angle, with the mystery-solving and such in the background, and could also be steered towards a romance. If a romance is desired, I would prefer (as said in the title) a male character.

It is the year of 2230 in the large society of the White Moon Nation. Almost 10 years prior, a young programmer developed the Master Program. This program served to maintain the human brainwaves within a system so complex that it is almost impossible to comprehend. It stores data from people's memories, to apps, messages and other data. When the Master Program was developed, devices called BitPhones served as a means of controlling all of this data, in form of headwear for the users. Using their BitPhones, citizens can chat, call, make plans, store data and much much more. The devices that vary in size and style function almost like small computers or phones, and are extremely convenient with built-in maps.

Trouble stirred not long after the Master Program's creation. With the Master Program having direct contact with human brainwaves, hackers trying to control others spread around. A particularly strange incident happened in the year of 2222, where a young man, Yoshi Nanase, only 14 years of age, was involved in these hacking incidents, taking place around his town, centering near his home, on Blue Sun Street, where the Control Room for the Master Program is located.

The hackers were hijacking people's minds, trying to control them. Yoshi and his companions managed to somehow avert the disaster of this dangerous, brainwashing virus spreading to more than just a few, and the mastermind behind it all was located. With the complexity of the Master Program, it would be close to impossible for an outside person to hack it like that, and the culprit was none other than the creator of the program himself.

The creator of the Master Program, Mikado Aisaka, had the vision of uniting all of humanity into one, harmonious mind. Mikado Aisaka is from the year of 2230, in the future, and originally, the Master Program was supposed ot have been created only three years prior, in 2227. But he came back in order to change this, as the Master Program had caused many people grief and suffering in his future. He came back to meet the only 14-year old Yoshi Nanase, posing as his cousin.

What Yoshi did not know was that Mikado Aisaka was but a cover name. Mikado Aisaka was Yoshi Nanase from eight years in the future, and in the end, gave up his plan to change the world. He felt that his past self had changed - and thus his painful future would be erased to be replaced with another, better one. Yoshi went back to his normal life at Blue Sun Street, having gained knowledge of other people through the hacking incidents. The reason for Yoshi's ability to thwart the hackers' attempts and his incredible feat of creating the Master Program is something he has been born with. As the Master Program is indeed a program, Yoshi can process the information from human brainwaves as numbers. These numbers can be converted into language, and Yoshi is able to read people, even their minds. He can even go as far as plant thoughts in their head. This made him lack the understanding of how to get to know another human normally.

From childhood, Yoshi had been quite pessimistic, thinking lowly of himself and highly of others. He was completely fine with this fact, though, gladly putting himself last and everyone else first. But to Yoshi, this did not help him become more human. But he kept thinking, thinking that if people found him creepy and gross, then that must be true, because their opinion was valued more than his own.

But the hacking incidents caused him to realize that he should also try to care about himself a little - even if just a little bit. Working on that could always come later.

Now, the Master Program already existed in his world, and he grew up quite different, forgetting all about his meeting with the future. Though, just as things had seemed to calm down, the hacking incidents began once again. As Yoshi was one of the few directly involved with preventing the world from getting brainwashed eight years prior, he was involved in the case, functioning as a guide and sometimes even private investigator, cooperating with the police.

Now, as he is once again faced with the same things as he was eight years prior, Yoshi is starting to get flashbacks from his past, thinking about where he would've been if it hadn't been for that, and he realizes that he needs to do it once more. He needs to thwart the hackers... and learn even more about humanity, friendship, and himself.

Extra stuff after reading the plot:
Your character can either be involved with the hackers or the police. Another option is that they're somehow affiliated with the Master Program (note that there are not many employees as Yoshi takes care of most of this himself, but perhaps he has a few employees) in order to create a relation to Yoshi and a reasonable ground for their first meeting.
Anything is fine really. x3
Whereas the direction of the story goes, I'm fine with either a light-hearted story or a heavier, darker one. With the stuff I have no I feel like it could go anywhere.