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  1. T E D D Y


    It was a warm morning of Saturday and Teddy was on his way to the bleachers to watch some friends play some baseball. He never really used to be interested in watching some men swing bats about, but James was playing today for fun. And Teddy recently found himself living to impress James.

    James was this unbelievably tall, fit boy with the blackest hair possible, which was always combed to perfection. Plus, he was the only person who ever managed to get Teddy anything but confident. James had the ability to turn Teddy's legs to jelly, sometimes Teddy wondered if James knew that. God, the things Teddy wanted from James was a huge list. But, Teddy was pretty sure James wasn't gay. Hell, he wasn't even sure if he was either, and Bunny didn't help.

    Teddy lit a cigarette as he walked down the roads, making his way to the pitch. As he thought about it, Bunny only lived a couple of streets down, he should detour to go say hey. On deciding to see his best friend, Teddy switched routes, passing a couple of shops. He swung into one to pick up some flowers, to have a reason to see her. Somehow, it felt like it was out of guilt. Teddy thought Bunny was beautiful, but he didn't see her like he saw James. He had no idea how to handle it.

    Yellow flowers in his hand, Teddy put out the cigarette and messed with his gelled hair as he knocked on Bunny's door, hoping her parents wouldn't answer.

    K A T H Y


    In the pinkest pink she could find, Kathy waltzed down the street. Her hair was freshly bleached and put up, her lips a bold pink. A lot of the older generation gave Kathy disapproving looks, but got a lot more approving ones from boys. But boys attention wasn't what she really went for. Her skirt floated about her legs, showing off her cute heels. What Kathy wanted, was the attention from the cute girl she keeps meeting at the diner.

    Kathy knew that flirting with females is a dangerous game, but she plays it still. Especially if she thinks shes in on a chance. Well, she had mentioned a boyfriend, but Kathy could see the transparency. She put on her sunglasses as she walked down the road, deciding to drop into the diner anyway to get a breakfast shake.

    She walked in, taking off her sunglasses as she gazed around the room. She could hear the whispers of disapproval and the obnoxious whistling from some greasers. "Hey doll, could I get a strawberry shake?" Kathy asked, reaching into her purse for some change. As she put the money on the table and began to wait, Kathy spotted the familiar face.

    Olive. She was such a beautiful young lady, Kathy couldn't help but smile as she walked over to her, "Hello again doll, do you like to live in this diner?" She asked with a grin.​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Bonnie had woken up only about half an hour ago, even though it was well past noon.
    Last night, she'd been out late, at a party, and hadn't really gotten to sleep until five in the morning.
    But then again, that was just how Bonnie, or Bunny as most called her- liked to do things.
    Bunny wasn't the type of girl to sit at home and watch TV or read the bible.
    She wanted to live her life, whether her parents approved or not.

    Yawning, Bunny took a seat in front of her vanity and began to do her hair and makeup, having already picked an outfit out for the day.
    Once she was satisfied with her look, she changed, making sure she had at least one item of pink on.
    Pink was her color.

    Hearing the doorbell, Bunny jumped up and skipped down the stairs, already sure it was Teddy.
    He was her best friend, and, she was a little bit in love with him.

    Opening the door, she grinned, seeing the bright yellow flowers in his hand.
    "Aw, Teddy, you didn't have to!" She called out, heart fluttering happily in her chest.


    Olivia had been working at the diner since she'd turned fourteen. She actually loved the job, despite the hard work and long hours.
    She was saving up, even though she had no need to. Just because.
    Olive enjoyed having money of her own, so that she didn't have to constantly ask her parents for things.
    It grew tiring after a while, and, sometimes, she didn't want her parents to know what she was buying.
    Even though she was usually a very good Christian girl, she sometimes like to listen to unapproved music, or buy makeup.

    And that just wasn't acceptable in her family.

    Olive had just taken an order when she heard someone speaking to her.
    Turning, she saw that it was the girl from the past few days. She'd been in quite a bit, and had been speaking to Olive a lot.
    It made her a little uncomfortable, just because the girl was so outgoing and... Rebellious.
    So much the opposite of Olive.

    "Well, they have fantastic food, so I'm never hungry." She answered, smiling shyly.
    Putting the order in, Olive leaned on the counter and sighed.
    "You seem to like it here." She said, eyeing the girl curiously. "What's your name?"

  3. [​IMG]
    A grin appeared on Teddy's face as he handed Bunny her flowers, "No problem doll-face, I thought you might need some more." He smiled. There were a few occasions where he bought her flowers, especially when he'd done something to piss her off. Plus, her smile made him smile. He pulled off his sunglasses and looked up to her, "So anyway, I'm going to the baseball game..." He said, knowing how uncharacteristic it sounded, scratching the back of his head, "But I thought that we need to hang out tonight, it's been a while." He smiled before looking around.

    "I'll come around about 5? We can go out for some food? See you." He gave her a smile and a wave before hopping off.

    The game was dull. Duller than ever. But everytime Teddy found himself falling asleep, he'd see James wave at him. And Teddy couldn't help but wave back. When the game ended, Teddy practically ran down the steps to the pitch to James, "Damn, that was an amazing game! I didn't know how good you were!" Teddy said with enthusiasm, before realizing he was smiling a little too much. He coughed and nodded, James thanked him for coming along and then patted his back, "Hey, do you wanna go for a drive in my new hotrod tomorrow, Ted?" Teddy felt his face go red, "Uh, yeah!" He said, unable to rid the red on his face. "See you then..." Teddy said, waving James off before walking away, a giant grin on his face.

    Now to top off the evening, time with Bunny. Teddy jogged down to her front door and chucked a stone up to her window.

    The woman she just ordered from slid her pink shake down the table, which Kathy caught quickly. She took a sip and nodded, "More so, I like something here." She gave Olive a smile, "Kathy. Kathy Kayle." She sipped at her milkshake, "They really do. I can't get enough of your shakes!" She had to stop herself from going crazy and gulping down like a glutton.

    "So, I know your name is Olivia." Kathy said, leaning over and poking her name tag before sitting down on a red chair. She looked around a bit before turning back, "I don't think us having to communicate via diner is very fun at all... When do you come off work?" Kathy asked with a smile, sipping at her milkshake. She thought maybe she could invite Olive out for a meal somewhere to keep it classy, because they had spoken a few times already, and Kathy hated to beat around the bush.

    "If soon, how does going out with me sound to you?"​
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