1950´s Zombie survival

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This is mostly a female survival however should people be able to play men not touched by the Serum

  1. I think that some of the men should NOT be affected and ABLE to be a Player Character

  2. I think that all of the men should be affected and UNABLE to be a Player Chararacter

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    • Welcome to the 50´s ... The 1950´s.

      Woman. Make good house wives

      Men. Make good money.

      Scientists. Have created a super kind of steroid.

    • Men, want to get stronger. They want to be body builders.
      They demand a product that allows this.

      Scientists give into this request and create several
      different types of steroids.
      Each steroid enhancing agility, strength, speed and brain power.
      This steroid could only become active in the presence of a
      Y chromosome.

    • Sales skyrocketed! seriously almost every man on this planet took these
      steroids They sold them on the name

      Aggrandize worked for years. Society became beautiful.
      It was really a lovely time to be alive.
      However, Aggrandize began to mutate. Instead of working
      in the presents of a Y chromosome it attached to the Y chromosome,
      because what the creators did not anticipate was that the body could not
      handle extensive use of Aggrandize.

      Once the mutations started it began eating away at the brain, leaving basic survival
      needs, and the enhanced skills.
      As the men began narrowing down to basic survival needs, anything that could be considered
      food was game.

      As humans tried to flee from these mutant men they began
      to bite people, other men and boys who did not use
      the serum that were bitten have siliva in the bite and giving them rouge
      serum. This lead to decaying of the body and the mind.

    • The real question is who is safe in a world with mutant men?
      The answer? Women. Women don´t have a y Chromosome, so if their
      bitten they can fall dreadfully ill. So ill that it could possibly kill them, however their is
      no chance that woman could become zombies.

    • Most of the Woman like their chances of survival, and
      have decided to suit up.

      In their dresses
      and redest of their lipsticks

      Woman are ready to take on the zombie apocalypse and restart a better
      civilization for women.
  1. I like this, it's a different take on the zombie apocalypse. :)
    But there should be a few guys that didn't (or couldn't) take the drug for whatever reason. Like having diabetes or something so they can't die from the serum, but they would die later from that disease. There is always someone who doesn't fit the mold after all, lol.

    Or possibly just the 'geeks' who cared more about mind over body image *shrugs*

    Anyway, I hope this catches on
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  2. Sorry, I didn't see your reply till now nothing showed for me notification wise! I am so sorry!
    I really hope others like this idea too.
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  3. I hope so too. :)
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  4. Interested!
  5. I've seen this idea before as a game, the trailer for it looked awesome, sadly as far as I know its still in production.

    Either way I'd like to take part in the rp
  6. I dig it.
  7. More interest, awesome :)
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