1950s Themed Sleepover Ideas?

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  1. I know this is a little early, but I might want to have a sleepover for my Sweet 16. The (possible) theme, The 1950s! Something about the music and the poodle skirts made this time period magical. I am clueless on how to do this though, leave advice for 1950s sleepover related stuff here.
  2. Distribute radon pills and make sure you do your part to fight the red menace.
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  3. Mini Gourmet Burgers
  4. Make sure to avoid any unclean thoughts. Fear your menstrual cycle. Know that if you think you like a boy that it's the devil. Those colored people aren't really people.


    I don't know, shit. That's such an odd theme I'm at a complete loss.

    Find some cheesy PSAs from the era and go from there?
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  5. Just remember that you clean everything, and you women gotta do all the cooking (assuming that there would be guys there, but I could be wrong). And all of this has to be done in dresses and heels. Oh, and you women could all get together and obsess over the latest cleaning products and irons that the door-to-door salesmen tried to pitch earlier in the week.

    (Sarcasm. Look at all the ads they had back then. Sexism for daaaays.)

    I'm with @Windsong on this, though. It's an unusual theme to me, anyway. Creative and probably not done often, though, which is cool.
  6. Something I did some digging on after I got home.

    • American sexuality was coming into bloom, Elvis was a big part of this... Ya'll are 16. Stay Abstinent.
    • The american culture was becoming a 'thing'.
    • TV was suddenly here
    • Malt shops with your boyfriend
    • Where I'm beginning to feel all the 'nerd/jock/preppygirl stereotypes originated'
    Just watch Grease.
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  7. You could all find old cars and drive them around the neighborhood.

    May I suggest the '56 Chevy Bel Air? It's my favorite kind of car ever.

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  8. The old rocket design was the best.
  9. Racism. Lots and lots of racism.
  10. The main point here is to be as paranoid about Armageddon as possible while still maintaining that everything is grand.
  11. have girly pillow fights.

    ohhh yesss....

    ....what? girls don't do that?

    the world is lame!
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