1920's Gangs of London (Peaky Blinders Inspired) M/F needed


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Howdy! I've posted this in General as well as in here, to attract all the attention I need!

I recently started watching the Netflix series "Peaky Blinders" and am so hooked. I really want to do something similar, something inspired by that sort of genre. Rival gangs, prostitutes, police and spies, men suffering PTSD, all of that gory goodness. We could create our own juicy mashup, complete with suits and tommy guns! I want there to be romance and betrayal, blood and biscuits! Perhaps not at the same time, of course.

I have a few disclaimers though, before we get started in on the wonderful mix that is the 1920's of London.

1. I am looking for ONE person to do this with, so I'll be picky. Like any RP, I want it to work out fabulously, and so we need to be able to work well together. I consider myself an advanced writer, and expect my partner to be on/near my level in terms of writing ability, creativity, and in the character development realm. I am passive or aggressive as a writer, it depends on the plot and my mood, but I expect us to each try and pull our weight.

2. This is adult themed, and will be posted in the Libertine section to be safe. That being said, it is PLOT BEFORE PORN. I love romance. I do. Romance will be a central theme of this story, but this story will not revolve around sex scenes. They are a blast to write but have their time, place, and purpose.

3. You must be willing to double up on characters. I intend to play a female main, but I enjoy doing multiple couples or having several important characters and if you want, my secondary character can be male so you can play a female. Your character's genders are really up to you, as long as you are alright with playing a male as your primary. If we really can't agree and I end up playing a male main, you better be prepared to play a male secondary so I can get my female character action in! :)

4. My social calendar is very sporadic. I can generally post 3+ times a week, sometimes daily. Other times, I may only post once a week. I try and warn you if I think I'm overwhelmed. I require you to post a minimum of once a week. 3x is preferred, since that seems to be my average as well.

5. Communication. You MUST be willing to talk to me! Daily, if need be! Chat about the characters, about the plot, warn me if you're bored, be willing to negotiate, warn me if my post was too scant, or work with me if I said you took yours too far. We. Must. Communicate. Chat about stupid little things if we have to. But having a little bit of a friendly relationship has proven, to me at least, to be a necessity to a successful RP.

I think that's about it. I don't have any concrete plans - I want us to figure that out together, so we're both equally invested and excited about the story! I really enjoy the idea of playing a prostitute. Or a rival gang member. Or a police investigator. Oh! It all sounds so fun! PM me, please, and let me know if there is any example writing you have that you would prefer I read. Again, I'm only taking one person up on this, so I hate to be that dick that interviews, but I'm that dick that interviews.