18th Century Nautical Romances (Always Open)

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  1. Hello, Iwaku! Call me Jubs or Jumble; I've come to see if anyone would like to adopt any of these corny bunnies I've sort of been culturing for a while. They're fresh. Like fermented eggs. The least developed ones are towards the bottom.

    Navy Officer x Thief (atl. Pirate x Thief) (open)

    1.) 5 Days, As the Crow Flies (Navy Officer x Thief [alt. Pirate x Thief])
    BxB, BxG, GxB, or GxG

    A cargo ship docks on a poor, little harbor town as it's handler's take the night to enjoy themselves in the red light district in celebrate of their half-way mark. Blindly, they head into town, shadowed eyes following their every move. Driven by hunger or momentary lapse in judgement, a regular thief attempts a ship heist of the regular ship with a small group of others. Little did they know, that this was no regular ship! Neither was it's captain!​

    Something goes horribly wrong on the heist, and the ship's master finally shows himself, catching the lead thief and threatening his/her life and arrest to the group in the name of the Queen. The group disperses and abandon's their leader in fear, and the thief is left to haggle like s/he's never haggled before. The bright side? S/He proves to be quite useful for the ship, AND s/he would be released when they docked at another harbor. The downside? If s/he was sleeping any closer to the captain, s/he'd need earphones to muffle out the snoring.​

    The situation starts to confuse both parties as they grow closer together, their once volatile exchanges becoming flirtatious and casual, and all in the span of five days! The question is, will they part ways never to see each other again, or will they continue this journey called life together? And what of the consequences?​

    Pirate x Navy Officer (open)

    2.) Over the Barrel (Pirate x Navy Officer)
    BxB, BxG, GxB, or GxG

    Like two heads of a coin, they were of one, but not the same.​

    Two hardheaded captains face off when they cross paths, not only destroying their ships in the exchange, but losing their precious vessels (along with their crews) in a storm that they were too busy to avoid. They find themselves climbing into the same lifeboat—seeing as there aren't others in eyeshot—and, much to their distaste, having to share it all the way to shore. Ending up in a place neither of them were familiar with, they huddle closely together through the crowded streets and are forced to share a pity room at the brothel for a few nights before they could even hope to gain any word from friends or family.​

    Friendship seems impossible, especially after both parties were under the impression that the other was responsible for their loss, but the understanding between them is unbeatable, and they realize that the only people that they could hope to understand them lie in each other. Although annoyed and prickly in the beginning, the two slowly begin to accept each other—as well as responsibility for what happened.​

    Pirate x Noble (open)

    3.) Leeward Pining (Pirate x Noble)
    BxB, BxG, GxB, or GxG

    During a seizure performed under the cover of night, a group of pirates are discovered by a wandering soul who had been feeling suffocated by their life in the mansion. Using pirate stories told by the upper class for reference, the noble knows they've half-gotten themselves into a world of trouble and try to find a way out without rousing any of their suspicions.​

    Meanwhile, one of the deck-hands nearly wets himself, claiming he saw a ghost or alien type figure hiding behind something while he was loading a barrel on to the ship. Luckily (or not), the captain decides it might be fun to have a hostage on the ship. The noble, being the third child, pretends to be the heir to the family fortune in order to boost their value and possibly their chances of surviving.​

    Pirate x Pirate (open)

    4.) The Sweetest Duff (Pirate x Pirate)
    BxB, BxG, GxB, or GxG

    A casual little diddy about the son/daughter of a high ranking navy officer who one day decides that s/he wants to become a pirate. Discovering that they were naturally endowed with the talent of excepcional strategic planning and navigation, s/he easily overpowers The Siren's captain (pirate) and takes over the ship and the crew.​

    Love interest can either be another captain that had his eyes on the ship before that is shocked by the ship being under new management or the second hand that shows the new pirate the ropes, despite a few grunts and such.​

    Navy Officer x Gypsy (open)

    5.) Skeptical Readings (Navy Officer x Gypsy)
    BxG, GxB

    Another casual plot about a skeptical general who goes to a fortuneteller despite himself. He doesn't go back everyday, so it might cover a few months in the first few posts so that it skips to their meetings, or they could even be penpals a while. I didn't really think this one through, so we can develop it a bit more if you'd like.​

    What I'm looking for:

    • I tend to lean towards the roguish side. I'm really looking for someone that is willing to play the "proper" half of the pairing. I can also play said role, but there'll be somewhat of a learning curve. xD​

    • Someone who can write up at least a paragraph and up per post. I know some days can be slow, but I'm really not asking for a lot, here. (At least, I don't think I am o_o)​

    • Nautical slang stolen from here and here. (Shouldn't really be in this list, but it's staying.)​

    Give me a #, what gender, role, and type of pairing you prefer if you're interested!
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