1895: Heroes and Villains

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  1. Plot
    Robert Hyet; his brother Darious Hyet had been slain by Red, the worst outlaw in America. Red, who was responsible for genocides, has been failed to be stopped by Darious and Clover. In answer to Darious's mission, he slew his entire family and enslaved his youngest brother Robbie to torture and torment. Finally, Robert was able to get out of Red's grasp.
    However, Red and the Order, which has become corrupted, must be stopped at any cost.
    Robbie is much, much older now. He runs with the outlaw band called 'The Uglies'. While they pillage, plunder and steal, they are a gang hell bent to taking down Red, and then the Order. All have super abilities; will that be enough to take down one of the world's most dangerous men?
    They soon get another addition to their outlaw gang; a girl. And not just any girl, but a very a very...mysterious one. She is Red's daughter, but she hates her father with every fiber of her being. And she too, has powers. The gang find that they cannot defeat Red without her, but even with her, it might not be enough.
    The whole world depends on this mission succeeding. The world's last chance of survival, otherwise humanity faces complete annihilation.

    It can be arranged where it is brothers and not romance!

    Here is my previous roleplay concerning related characters (Darious, Clover, Robbie (as a 12 year old):


    Just message me or reply here if you are interested in this. Robbie's Character Sheet is right here:


    I really want a partner for this.​
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