INTEREST CHECK 1800s mystery/horror?

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  1. I don't know if anyone is interested in this kind of thing, but I have a huge obsession with the 1800s, specifically London in the 1800s. The grey atmosphere and rainy days... really inspires me to do a mystery story.
    I am not sure if I should make this supernatural (as in things where more than just humans are involved) because that could create a good story.
    Mysterious murders and disappearances... they don't know how the murder did it.. stuff like that.
    I was thinking that if I start the rp in a forum, characters could be those who investigate the murders perhaps, or normal people who get involved, some of these "supernatural" creatures who knows maybe more about the murderer, and of course someone who can play the murderer.
    I don't really know how this sounds and it's my first post away from the introductions.... but I'm trying.
    Soeh... yeah, feedback, occasional changes, anything.

    - MiNaGi
  2. Hmm… Sounds interesting! I’ve never done a murder mystery before, and London would be a great place to start.
    Personally, I’d like to try a realistic situation – the paranormal is often an easy out on a lot of the details. (How’d the murderer get into a locked room? Oh, he teleported.)
    However, superstition and the unexplained could add some real flavor and uniqueness to the tale.
    Maybe Jack the Ripper was a werewolf; maybe there really was an Invisible Man…
    The possibilities are endless, as long as things don’t get ridiculous.
  3. That's, like, my favorite time period in history! Victorian London is the best, heh. I'd certainly be interested in something like this. I'm not sure about supernaturals though... Like Koene said, they could be used for cheap solutions. Guess it'd have to be handled carefully. But yeah, if this happens, I'm definitely in.
  4. I'd be interested :)
  5. I'd be interested too.^^
  6. So, are we doing this or not?
  7. Okay okay okay okay okay I am SO sorry about this.
    I didn't get replies on it for a week so I just thought "Well fuckit" and then I see this >.<
    And to Koene, about the whole paranormal thing, I was actually not thinking about it in that way-- I like them being complicated more than that. But yeah, keeping it realistic would be more interesting. Anyways, sorry this is so short but I have to eat dinner, will write again when I get back. xD
  8. You take very long meals, sir.

    /grumpy face
  9. It's not good to eat such a big dinner, you know. :3
  10. I would like to play the murder.

    Is every one going to create the character first or build them in the story?
  11. That depends if we put them in the jump in roleplays or what we do. And yes, I take very long meals, and I am a Miss, not a Sir xD And besides I didn't know what else to write after this, but yeah we could have someone play the murderer, though it would be funnier if the murderer stayed a secret character for a while. I dunno really, this is getting complicated :I
  12. That can still be an option. If you need me you know how to find me.
  13. I will. If I get any ideas I'll write it down and if I remember, I'll post in this forum once I get home and have a computer.
  14. I'm sorry I didn't post orz I got busy and then it was just homework all week and only logging on when I wasn't in the mood to write longer messages... I'll just throw something out and then we might/might not start an OOC thread and then of course the actual roleplay.
    The setting is fall in London, 1868. At August 4th (two days before the actual start of the storyline, meaning we start August 6th, 1868) a woman had been killed under mysterious circumstances. She had been practically... blown up from the inside, so to speak. They only found a pool of blood and the occasional still intact body parts (which limited to eyes, fingers, toes and other small limbs) but other than that just one big amount of.. well guts. The townspeople aren't informed about this killing and everything is "quieted down". So far the government seems to be involved and a group of people from all kinds of parts of London end up joining together in what seems like just a bit more than they can handle on their own..

    I'm a drama kind of person, and this is just like a summary and preview. I put in "all kinds of people from all parts of London" in so that we have place for kids, teenagers, adults, parents, deviants, criminals, rich people, poor people, clever people.... everyone. xD
  15. I can't wait to see the OOC. :D
  16. Was that interesting?! Thank god! I will create the OOC now then... Should it be a sign up thread too ? > < I will create the OOC including the summary of the story (slightly longer than the one I've written here, with more details and blah blah blah, and I will create it now xD )
  17. But.... what should we call the roleplay? Murders in London is kinda lame, you see. xD Okay I'll include that for discussion in the OOC xD
  18. And apparently I can't post an OOC thread o:
  19. Okay I was thinking of doing a sign up thread but that requires posting it in a forum. I just don't see this fitting into either the fantasy, modern or Sci-fi categories and there's nothing in between. Do we start it in jump in roleplays or not? I have no idea what to do anymore really.
  20. It would fit into Fantasy, because Fantasy also covers RPs in the past. :)