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  1. That's what I have right now.

    What is wrong with your people????


    ftw gl hf gg no re epic win otp epic fail ot3 op RACKS and many other internet acronyms










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  2. You have serious issues. o.O
  3. always stating the obvious!

  4. #hashtag
  5. There. I helped as much as I could.
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  6. Yeah, I surpassed you in drunkeness for a little bit, but you pulled ahead on me.
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  7. Oh!

    I forgot one more catch phrase for the list!

    Sour about that
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  8. 0.o innocent Mind... broken
    Every time you post I feel the need to delete my Internet history
  9. My job

    Done it is
  10. Pfft, raw number of positive ratings isn't much to brag about. That's just plain old quantity, which anyone can get if they post a lot and make silly jokes.

    Ratio of positive ratings to post number is where it's at. That's the measure of quality.

    You've only got 1 positive rating per 3 posts. I have 1 positive rating per 1.6~ posts.

    Get on my level, scrub.

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  11. <applies aloe for burn>
  12. Can I roast marshmellows off that in tense burn
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  13. I need to stop setting my self up for terrible jokes
  14. Me ->:devilfire: <- You
    No, don't stop, terrible jokes are great (even though that's kind of an oxymoron).
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  15. Your a oxymoron :)
    :frogface:<--doesnt know what oxymoron means
  16. it means conflicting terms

    like Final Fantasy 6

    or Smart Blode (ba ZING!)

    or Jumbo Shrimp
  17. Now I want shrimp....Guess I'll have to settle for shrimp ramen for now. @_@
  18. What's ramen
  19. Poor people's food. lol

    Cheap noodles in broth. Thank goodness payday is only 2 days away!
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