18+ question. Is this OK?

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  1. I hate to ask this question out in the open, but I rather be safe then sorry and do something I am not suppose to do. I suggest if you are easy to gross out stop reading this now. I've warned you. Ok. Here is my question. Is bestiality OK on Iwaku? Like roleplays where bestiality takes place? Or is that a no? I've looked for rules and see if that was a thing, but could not find it. So I am not sure. Again I was not sure and don't want to do it if its against the rules. I'm sure furries (anthro) is fine because I've seen them around, but bestiality (feral) I never found anything on.
  2. Yes, bestiality is allowed. I don't see it often, but it's not against our rules.
  3. Sweetness! Thanks Ozzie! Your awesome! By the way hows things going?
  4. I will have an update for you soon. Got some work done today and I'd like you to take a look. I'll PM you as soon as I get it scanned. :]