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  1. Ignore the bottom. I want to do a Persona RP and willing to take some extra baggage to do it.

    I'm not a huge Persona fan, but I'm quite a bit into Persona 4 and love the story and characterization! I just freaking love all the characters and quite honestly the fact they don't let you date anyone male just saddens me. (Yes I am happy about Kanji but still think you should have equal rights to date who you want.) I figured this place would be the greatest place to remedy that!

    I'm keeping a lot of the options open on things like where in story it takes place, which characters we play with and all that stuff. Do note I am not fully done with Persona 4 yet so no spoilers! Ill tell you in private where I am so no spoilers happen. I'd probably be the protagonist so I can be more free with characterization. Down below all the males I like to do a romance with. Anyone you see catches your eye let me know. Also if you want to do a Persona 3 rp with me then just let me know. I will probubly play 3 after 4 (and I do actually own 3 so that isnt a problem in the slightest) and such. So ya! here is my guys!

    Kanji (of course
    Teddie (If you have not played very long in the game and this seems weird for a pairing ignore it)
    Junpei (I know he is in 3 not 4 but dear god I love him!)
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