[18+ MxM. Slice-of-life. Always Open!!!] Snowing in New York.


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Hi there! I'm just going to start by telling you a little bit about me. I'm female, 21, and from England - I've been role-playing since I was about 13, and I love doing it :-)

Now these are the general rules (don't worry, there aren't too many):

- Please be 18 or over, but I'm 21 so I'd like someone to be aged around that age too. This is definitely a comfort thing and I feel betrayed when I'm lied to. Also, this roleplay will probably have mature themes so there's another reason for this rule right there.

- Please be active. I'm on quite a lot, so 4 or more replies a day would be great. Anything less, and my dumb brain gets distracted.

- I only roleplay with females.

- Length. I'm looking for short, detailed, but quick responses. Something I can reply to on the move.

- Mediums. I don't roleplay through threads, but I do use pm and email :-)

That's basically it!

Plot: I'd very much like to do an RP where our male characters have been in a relationship for ten years or so, but they're not terribly affectionate with each other. They're in love, but it's just not their style; and MC won't really seek out attention unless he's feeling particularly vulnerable, which sometimes does happen when he gets home from work.

Their friends often pressure them to be more lovey dovey, but they're just not having it. They appreciate each other in their own private way, and that's fine. I really appreciate that kind of relationship, where they really would do anything for each other, but they're not afraid to argue either. Perhaps that's better than bottling everything up, at least for the purpose of this RP.

I'd just like to RP their normal lives, so this would mostly be a slice-of-life kind of thing. Simple and longterm ^^

I do have a few prompts that might be fun
+The couple are forced to attend a friend's engagement party, and struggle not to roll their eyes during the first dance.
+One of them finds an abandoned baby, and they have to take care of it until suitable arrangements are made.
+They're going on a journey somewhere and their car breaks down because SOMEBODY forgot to fill up on petrol.

This would be my character -

Name: Jack Abbey

Paramedic & Nurse
- Can whistle with a cracker in his mouth
- Intelligent, holding a degree at University and training
- Decent dancer
- Can't cook at all
- Can't sing
- Struggles to smoke a cigarette without throwing up
- Being the cause of somebody's death
- Losing the people he cares about
- Spiders
General Personality:
- Trustworthy
- Loyal
- Kind
- Sweet
- Brave
- Goofy
- Comical
- Determined
Inner Personality:
- Naive
- Unable to give up
- Somewhat innocent
- Guilty

I've only got YC's appearance in mind (sorry, because I tend to think of the character's appearance's first):

Your character's appearance:



I look forward to hearing from you xxx
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