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168 hours...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Anglkate, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Soo here's my random thought...

    I'm curious to see who would be interested in a short lived jump-in RP set in a city watched over by Big Brother? It would probably be a sort of sci-fi/fantasy mixture genre. Anyways the idea is to set the tone for the RP in the first post (with setting a teeny bit of possible plot and all that jazz) then simply let you join in with your characters. What will happen is that I will keep the thread open for one week aka 168 hours and in that one week time frame we will try to have our mini-rp. Aka each day IRL = one day in the rp. sooo thoughts? questions? feelings? interest? I'm curious first off if there are takers I may start this little experiment and see how it goes >3
  2. okay...doesn't have to be a Big Brother sci-fi/fantasy setting...I'm willing to negotiate XD

    but this would certainly be like a flash RP or something or whatever you might want to think of it as...mini-rp? Spanning no more than 168 hours...be it RP time or real time