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  1. »barefooted

    base on orange by tanaka ichigo

    raise a glass to the


    and set them free.


    To the me who is in second year high school, have you been well?
    I am writing this to you from ten years in the future.
    If you are wondering why I am writing this to you at this time, it's because I have something, no matter what, that I need to ask of you.

    What if one day, you receive a letter written to yourself from ten years in the future. And as you read on, the letter recites the exact events of the day, including the new people you've met in your life. The you from ten years later repeatedly states that you have many regrets, and you want to fix these by making sure the you from the past can make the right decisions—especially regarding to a particular person. What's more shocking is that you discover that ten years later, this person will no longer be with you. Future you asks present you to watch over them closely.

    You may not know it but someone will always be there for you.


    Blu Isle
    The locals call it the Island of Fire for the glow caused by numerous fireflies at night. Blu Isle is known as a popular tourist destination due to the fact that the island has a pictursque flair to it, as well as many hidden (swimmable) lakes, streams, and waterfalls enclosed within the island. Of course, they also take pride of their white sand beaches and coral reefs. In more recent times Blu Isle has become popular among locals for folk healing. More notoriously, stories about witchcraft and sorcery have added to its mystique.


    In Blu Isle, a second year high school students, receives letters sent from themself 10 years into the future. Their future self asks themselves to prevent their "biggest regret", which has something to do with the new transfer student from the big city. At first skeptical, you then begin to believe the letters as they accurately predict events. When the letter asks you not to invite the transfer student to go out for the first day, you and your friends, decide to invite them anyway. The transfer student ends up not attending school for the next two weeks.

    To prevent another such mistake, you resolves to do what the letters order you to do. You then learn from the letters that in the future the transfer student is dead, around the same school year in which they enrolled.


    The Lost One | M | @Shayla
    He is the reason behind the letter you recieved from your future self of ten years. He is the new transfer student from the city. He instantly became apart of the group. But unfortunately he is gone after ten years.

    The Considerate One | F | @Roxaskun355
    She always considers everyone elses needs before her own. She is the "mother" of the group—always the one who makes sure everyone is well and has everything they need during trips or outings.

    The Cheerful One | M | @Justinaholic

    He is always the one with a cheerful smile on his face. He is also the one that makes sure the group participates in games or whatever fun antics he comes up with.

    The Model Student | M/F | open
    He/She is the smart and reliable one in the group. He/She helps everyone with their studying and homework. He/She is the one who is most likely to succeed and everyone in the group is quite proud to be friends with him/her.

    The Cool One| F | @Enchantress Cataleya
    He/She is the one who is always calm under pressure. Knows a thing or two about certain things that no one in the group knows a thing about. He/She is quite reliable whenever there is something they needed asap.

    The Happy-Go-Lucky One | M/F | open
    He/She is the moderator in the group making sure everyone gets along well with each other. He/She is the one to always remind everyone about each other.


    The Lost One
    Although he may have his reserves, he instantly became friends with everyone and became part of the gang. Has nothing bad to say about everyone and thinks they all are nice people. He has certain developed towards The Considerate One which the other shared mutual feelings with but due to some certain events they did not end up being together.

    After ten years:

    The Considerate One
    Has been friends with everyone since elementary school except with The Lost One. She best friend is with The Happy-Go-Lucky One. She fell in love with The Lost One which was returned by the latter but they didn't not put their feelings into action.

    After ten years:
    Is still good friends with everyone and is engage with The Happy-Go-Lucky One. Misses The Lost One terribly and has always felt guilty not being able to save him.

    The Cheerful One
    Is great friends with everyone and considers all of them as her best friends except for The Cool One. He doesn't understand why The Cool One thinks he is annoying. The two of them can get along well with the presence of the others but if you leave the two of them alone it'll just end up being awkward.

    After ten years:
    The Cheerful One and The Cool One has an on and off relationship with each other. Still hangs around with everyone.

    The Model Student
    He/She is good friends with everyone but he/she is especially close with The Cheerful One. He/She knows that The Cool One likes The Cheerful One which he/she would keep teasing The Cool One about.

    After ten years:
    She eventually became the moderator of The Cheerful One and The Cool One. Due to his/her busy schedule she sometimes is too busy to hang out with everyone but he/she is available to them whenever they call him/her.

    The Cool One
    Is good friends with everyone. She is best friends with The Happy-Go-Lucky One. Has feelings for The Cheerful One but refuses to acknowledge it as 'love'. Get's teased alot by everyone especially by The Model Student.

    After ten year:
    Finally being able to mature a bit in the romance department with The Cheerful One. Although she can't believe that the two of them are dating. Constantly gets love advice from The Happy-Go-Lucky One.

    The Happy-Go-Lucky One
    Gets along with everyone very well. Everyone knows about his/her feelings towards The Considerate One except for them. Is best friends with The Considerate One and helps both The Considerate One and The Lost One to be together.

    After ten year:
    Finally his/her feelings was returned by The Considerate One and is now engage to them. Still get's along with everyone well. He/She was the one who suggested The Considerate One to write a letter to their past self as well as everyone else.

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  2. This idea is cool, I am soo in for this XD.
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  3. Yay~ Glad to have someone interested in this. :)
  4. Me too!
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  5. STALKER xD. Since I am about to go to bed... you should tag peeps and do the honor XD
  6. First it was Joker then I got Harley Quinn.. xD

    Coincidence? I hope not.
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  7. I am totally not!! You and I like the same things :D I will tag away!

    We come as a deadly and mad duo :D


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  8. Well hello there! I am in as well!
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  9. Didn't really expect for a super speedy reply... (was expecting like an hour or so after I made this preview post)

    Welp, better work on making the positions needed for this roleplay.
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  10. Aha.. I see this idea is based on the anime Orange.. XDD

    Thanks for the tag.. But I'mma have to pass on this. GL with it tho.
  11. Somehow my post lured in the Suicide Squad.... Should I be worried?

    No worries Akashi.


    @Roxaskun355 gotta secure a position for you doll. ;)
  12. What kind of face claims will you be doing , RL or Anime?
  13. Digital Art or Semi realistic or something similar to this:

  14. FC (open)
  15. Lol no just beace yourself for pur crazyiness lol
  16. Well, I look forward to it.
  17. Oh this reminds me of the anime/manga orange *0*

    So in!
  18. It is, Roxy~ it is. XD
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