15 Things you should GIVE UP to be happy!

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  1. Today on my feed I cam across this article of 15 things you should give up to be happy. For me, a lot of that stuff was a no-brainer, but some of them are things we're all guilty of on a daily basis.

    What are some of the 15 things you DO put in to practice?

    What are some of the listed things you have a hard time with?
  2. The first, I have a very bad habit of it...I have this need to be correct..Much too much of a brainy(is that a word?) personality, and as such, it comes out. I have a tendency to be a nerd..

    mainly the "2. Let go of having to always be right. "

  4. I find it easier to list the things I do wrong and talk about them. Mostly because I find it arrogant to discuss anything I do right, because i'm doing it RIGHT!

    Self Defeating Ideas: yeah look bellow... it all makes sense.

    Fears: Does this really need to be stated? Look bellow for the inhibitions and fears.

    Attachment: I feel like without certain modifying things, magnifiers and so on, that I couldn't be an awesome person because i couldn't see well enough to function in life.

    Blaming: Yeah I glame myself for everything. It is ALWAYS something that I did, thus putting myself to blame for it.

    The past: The mistakes or things people have called me int he past stick to me like glue. Especailly the 'bad names' people call me.

    Living life to others expectations : I want to be what my friends and family see in me, because I envy that person!

    Excuses: I find recuses for why these things plague me, or why specific bad things happen to me.

    Criticism: I look at everything, especailly myself, with a judging eye. Perhaps because I do not understand myself?

    Impress others: I am so low on myself I seek the approval of others

    For what it's worth i feel that things i do WELL. i do not complain a lot, in my opinion, i am good at 'toughing it out."
  5. "Let go of excuses" is probably my favorite.
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tips in this article! But then, I had that same rage issue about IT as she had about tips for happiness articles. XD As someone who has to battle depression I 100% agree with how annoying it is when people say you just have to follow the checklist to happiness and everything will be okay. Cause some people's depression is medical, and some people's go much deeper than a checklist can fill. And when you are nose deep in depression, you are in it BAD. But I also hate it when people negate happy-checklists and discount them completely "Those won't work for me at all." because of their depression. The condition is often used as an excuse or a shield. Because... well... you're depressed! You just can muster up the will or energy anymore. @__@

    Obviously, check lists like that are not a rule book to happiness. Everyone has to choose what works for them. D: So just like happy people should not go around saying "THIS IS HOW YOU CURE YOURSELVES YOU DUMB DEPRESSED PEOPLE" , the depressed people shouldn't go around saying "NO THIS LIST IS DUMB AND NONE OF THESE THINGS WILL WORK FOR DEPRESSION"
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  7. my fears. they're the worst. i want to shake out from underneath them so badly.

    i'm always trying to impress other people instead of myself. that's something i would really like to work on. as much as i hate to admit it, sometimes i have to put myself first instead of other people.
  8. I too have problems with almost all of these, but really just the the more self defeating ones. I don't always have to be right and I don't think I complain too much.

    Also, maybe I'm misunderstanding something but I don't really agree that attachments are a bad thing. I think that's too general and almost Spartan in a way, saying you can't be happy with attachments.