15 flavors of Kit Kat bars

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  1. 15 Flavors of Japanese Kit Kats

    This article was very interesting and fun to read. Some of these flavors I really want to try, like the citrus and the cheesecake, some of them make me go, "Ew..."

    What about you Iwaku? Would you like to try all of them or just a few?
  2. Most of those sound disgusting. I feel ordinary for wanting to sample only the strawberry one.
  3. Americans are such picky eaters. If there's anything the Japanese tend to do well, it's food. Having a consumer basis so open to flavors really opens up potential for a huge variety of goods and services to be produced in their market.

    So yes. I'd eat the hell out of all of those. ESPECIALLY the green tea. For some reason that flavor just translates amazing to sweets.

    Try it once, twice if I like it.
  4. I'll admit a few of them do call out to me, but some of them just sound awful. I don't like spicy things, so wasabi and chili are out...But I know for myself, I'm very interested in the green tea, cheesecake (mostly strawberry, since I'm not a major blueberry fan), regular strawberry, citrus, brown sugar syrup, and actually I'm also interested in the red bean (despite its description) and the sweet potato...Because I like those types of things o.o; Might try most of the others too, but those are the ones I'd like most to try if I could~
  5. I would try all those, EXCEPT for the nasty sweet potato one. Worst idea ever.
  6. Green tea obsession. Agh. Want.
    I'd try most of them, though I don't think wasabi and edamame seem like my sort of thing. I also don't like blueberry much, so maybe not that one.

    Here's one not on there that I don't think I'd try:
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  7. i LOVE this thread xD fun arctical to read cha!
  8. I don't... Why apple vinegar? That is... *shudders*
  9. I've personally had three flavors -- the sparkling strawberry, the milk tea, and the passionfruit. Artificial fruity stuff is gross to me (I didn't like the dark chocolate passion fruit), except the strawberry happiness was creamy and delicious. And the Milk Tea was the best, hands down. Seriously buy some off of J-List and try it. I first tried the three flavors from a friend of a friend, who apparently got them from a business trip in Japan. I wanted to track down some of the weirder stuff after hearing about them, like the soy sauce flavor and the apple cider vinegar flavor, but to no avail. I would try almost everything food wise. Except bird's nest soup, because it's basically made of bird spit (several species of "cave swift" or swiftlet from the genus Aerodramus, who build gross saliva nests). I hate spit. Plus baby birds poop in nests too. I'm sure the people who collect them clean it, but still. Ew. Anyways, I am a bit of an Andrew Zimmern; you'd be hard pressed to find something I wouldn't try once. I've had rat meat cooked in a traditional Cambodian style (apparently in that style, anyways), bobcat, wasp larva sauteed with spices, scorpion, tarantulas...among other "weird" things. I regularly eat weird organ meats and try new things. Everyone loves to invite me to dinner, I'm an American who digs all the weird ethnic dishes. :)
  10. Green Tea one is really good in my opinon. So is the white chocolate one.
  11. I might have actually tried the green tea one too. I don't really remember...I thought about that when I posted last night. Or it might have been another chocolate-like candy with green tea flavor -- the Japanese have a lot of creamy green tea candies (as well as milk tea, milk, creamy strawberry...) and I am very well just thinking of some of those I've had and picturing what the Kit Kat would taste like. It just seems familiar. Whatever it was, it was very good. But I stand by milk tea, man. So good. I had those three flavors I previously mentioned that once, and went on to order milk tea and sparkling strawberry from J List for myself. There seemed to be two strawberry flavors -- strawberry and sparkling strawberry. I ordered the latter because it sounds more magical.
  12. I volunteer and go to anime conventions a lot, and I've been seeing stacks of green tea Kit Kat on sale. They sell it like drugs -- but I never thought of buying them all these years, now I want to try. I have to agree that the sweet potato one might be just as horrible as it sounds (huge sweet potato fan, but not keen on seeing it in a Kit Kat), and I'm not sold on the ones that the writer said was "too sweet". "Too sweet" for me is a deal breaker, my throat cannot handle them.