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    So this story would take place in a alternate but parallel reality where anthros are the main source of intelligence on Earth and would like to involve a love triangle (MxFxM) in the middle of a city where order had crumbled to pieces. A gang that originated in the downtown area called "The 13th Street Bloodhounds" have become the main source of spread fear and violence. Essentials like food and water have become scarce and the gang is often willing to recruit to provide its fellow members with rations of these supply. But initiation is a brutal...brutal thing and they are often the demise of innocent, non-allegianced lives as well as small up and rising gangs.

    The MxFxM love triangle will start off as friends surviving the political fallout and in desperation end up trying to join the Bloodhounds.
  2. I'm interested!
  3. Daaaaang, I nearly forgot about this o.o... well cool, lets see if we get one more

    -stares at ghost readers- O__O
  4. Ahahaha, I do that with threads a lot, forget about them and then suddenly someone replies. And if you're not interested anymore, that's fine, too.
  5. I would still wanna do something with this
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