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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Romdeaux, Feb 14, 2016.

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    a roleplay created by // Romdeaux & J.W.

    genre // sci-fi, fantasy, action, thriller

    status // accepting


    This roleplay will exist in a world only slightly different from our own. On in which God and his Angels are not ideas, but figureheads and leaders.

    The world is not a planet. Instead, it is an infinitely long, infinitely wide, flat surface of land and water.

    - As of now, the world population is 4.5 million.

    - Days and Nights work all the same as they do here, and with 365 day-long year intervals of time.

    - The average life-span in this world is 120 years, but some people live to 150 -- and even 200 in very rare cases.

    Parents do not name children at birth; children are born with their own names. Their names will always be located on a barcode on their collarbone, right above their chest. Everyone in a family has the same last three numbers in their barcode numbers It is possible for two people to have the same name, but not the same barcode number. Barcode numbers are 12-digits long. This was designed by Genesis and the Architects.

    There is no outer-space and no stars, there is no sun. Instead, there is a light that appears during the day that illuminates the whole world. This light does not come from a single source. The nights are pitch black, as there is no moon. There are plenty of lights poles on the streets and roads of nearly every town.

    - There are unlimited natural resources in this world, naturally, but these are limited over distance. While you can theoretically harvest an infinite amount of something in an infinite world, you would have to harvest it over an infinite amount of space.

    - There are no different time zones. If it's day-time and the sun is out, then that's how it is everywhere.

    - There are different seasons, just like here.

    There is no outer-space; there is just limitless sky. There are clouds because there is rain. There are dark-blue pulses and streaks that zip across the sky. These are called "sky-streaks". They are usually only visible during the night.

    - Landmasses are divided by oceans and seas, just like in our world.

    - There are no police in this world, but there are jails. Guardians act as police and security in this world.

    - There is also no disease and no sickness in this world.

    - There is one currency in this world: credits. Credits can only be accessed and used via credit or debit cards.


    Imagine! -- a world where life as you know it is nothing more than a virtual reality, a mere video game. Imagine living in a world that has tricked you into believing it to be authentic. Imagine living in a world where the truth has been concealed and you are expected to simply accept life as it is. Everyone around you is naive to the truth! -- they do not see what you see. They are unbeknownst to the fact that the very world they live in is not even real. They are unaware of the fact that they are not even real.

    But what if they discovered the truth?

    What if someone unearthed what has been kept hidden for centuries?


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    The year was 2185. World War 3 had been going on for 15 years straight. By this time, more than half of earth's population had died as a result of the world-wide war. The world was in shambles. Governments were being overthrown in various countries and nations were falling apart one by one. There was widespread fear, destruction, and chaos all throughout the world and it seemed as though there was nothing that could be done to stop it.

    Realizing that humanity was on the brink of extinction, the President of the United States secretly called for a meeting to draw up a plan to preserve humanity. Prior to this, he had attempted to restore order and peace in the world through a one-world government, but his attempt was unsuccessful. Those present in the meeting were members of the President's administration, specifically members from the presidential cabinet and the executive office. The meeting took place on February 15, 2185.

    The original plan formulated in this meeting was to create a virtual world that simulated real-life aspects, features, and qualities. After creating this world, they would have it programmed onto a server in a wireless piece of technology. Next, they would have programmers wirelessly connect the virtual world server to the brain-chips of everyone in America. Then the programmers would wirelessly reconfigure the brain-chips of everyone in America so that once they died, their consciousnesses would instantly enter the virtual world. Lastly, the wireless piece of technology containing the programmed virtual world server would be transported to a secure location on the moon via teleportation technology. The wireless piece of technology would be encased in an indestructible case of material.

    The plan was initially brushed off by many people in the meeting as "foolish" and "absurd", but after hours of debating, everyone came to the same agreement that this was the best choice. It would be impossible for life to continue to thrive on earth given the current conditions of the planet. When the war was over, earth would be a desolate plain of destruction, inhabitable for humans -- everyone in the meeting understood this. The extinction of humanity was thus imminent.

    However, creating a virtual world that replicated all of life's features and qualities would take years. And they certainly did not have that much time on their hands. Thus, instead of creating a virtual world, they resorted to using the virtual world in a certain fantasy virtual reality game designed by Japanese game-makers. To play the game, players wirelessly connected their brain-chips to the game device. Within minutes of doing this, the player would enter into an unconscious state. Then, the player would "wake up" in the game world. The virtual world in this game was extremely elaborate and highly-complex. Because of this game's virtual world, the game itself was widely considered as the greatest game of all time. People all across the world were addicted to this game; in fact, after playing this game, people were so immersed in the virtual world that they could not tell the difference between reality and the game's virtual reality. They no longer knew what was real and what was not.

    The only problem with this idea was that the game was a fantasy game, therefore the virtual world in this game was a fantasy world; however, at the time, it was the only thing that would work with their plan. Therefore, everyone in the meeting agreed to using this virtual world for their plan. They decided that they would just have programmers re-configure the virtual world of this game so that all of its fantasy features would be gone, which was a possible feat. It was certainly not their intention to preserve humanity by having a population live in a fantasy world. If anything, they wanted this new world to be as close to real as possible.

    With all of the plan's details ready, the meeting was dismissed and the plan immediately went into action. The meeting was 15 hours long. The time-frame was quite short: the plan was expected to be accomplished in the next two days. This was due to recent reports concerning nuclear attacks that were expected to take place on American soil five days from then. At the time, America's military was severely undermanned and the government had lost control of the nation. The attacks were expected to result in millions of deaths and they were not prepared to properly defend against these oncoming attacks. Therefore, time was of the essence.

    It was a rushed job, but the programmers managed to get the job done within the allotted time. They complained to the President and the others that they wanted more time to ensure that the virtual world was just right, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. As requested by the President, the programmers reconfigured the game so that everyone that was in the meeting would be "gods" in this new world. They would have the ability to do nearly anything they wished. They would be able to live forever and be the rulers of the new world, which they planned to establish a one-world government in. The President also requested that the programmers adjusted things in the virtual world so that the memories of everyone except himself and those that were in the meeting would be erased. No one except the President and the others that were in the meeting would be able to recall anything upon entering the new world. The memories of the entire American population would be completely erased as soon as they entered the virtual world. Only the President and those that were in the meeting would retain their memories. They would be the only ones to know the truth.

    Once it was ensured that the virtual world was wirelessly linked to the brain-chips of everyone in America, including the President and everyone that was in the meeting, the wireless piece of technology containing the programmed virtual world server was transported to a secure location on the moon via teleportation technology. A few more tests were ran to ensure the virtual world's stability. After these tests proved that the world was indeed stable, there was one last thing left to do.

    On February 20, 2185, the President as well as everyone who was in the meeting committed suicide. Their bodies were found in an underground bunker near Virginia, bullet-holes in each of their heads.

    They became the firsts to enter the new world, the firsts to gaze upon the splendor and beauty of the world that life would restart in. It was a new beginning -- a new start. This world solved all of their problems and allowed them to continue with life. It gave them the opportunity to establish a perfect utopian society.

    It gave them the opportunity to rule an entire world.


    The standard rules you see in most roleplays apply to this roleplay, such as no god-modding, auto-hitting, etc. No meta-gaming, either, which is basically the act of using information that is impossible to attain at the moment to your advantage. Trinity is not allowed here either, which is when you suddenly obtain something that is unobtainable at the moment on the spur of the moment. No cybering. Romance is fine with me. Please use third-person point of view when roleplaying; first-person point of view is not allowed. If you wish to leave, please PM me beforehand. Don't just drop out and not let anyone know. And that's about it.

    I am very open to suggestions and ideas; furthermore, if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to let me know.

    Moderators are as follows: Romdeaux.


    First of all, if you know you're going to be occupied 24/7 and you'll have no time to really participate in this roleplay, do not bother joining. However, if you join, suddenly get real busy, and no longer have anytime for the roleplay, while I can understand it, it'd still be best for you to go ahead and dismiss yourself from the roleplay so that you're not holding up a spot that an active roleplayer can fill in. That would do us all a favor and I'd appreciate it very much. Now, if you are going to be away for awhile, please PM me and let me know ahead of time. I personally dislike having to boot people from my roleplays, regardless of the reason. But if you're inactive for a super long time without letting me know beforehand, I'll have to do so. Please don't force my hand. And please don't join and then don't post at all. I NEED DEDICATED, ACTIVE ROLEPLAYERS.Oh, and let's keep the OOC active! Roleplays usually last longer when the members of the roleplay are keeping the OOC alive and fun! Lastly, please be aware of your activity in this roleplay and try to keep the inactivity as low as possible.


    The joining process is quite simple. All you have to do is fill out an application form and send it to me in a message titled "RESERVE". If you are accepted, then you will proceed to filling out your profile. Send it to me along with three of your character's most dominant personality traits in a message titled "PROFILE". That's all. However, I ask that you send me your profile as soon as possible after being accepted. In other words, don't send me your profile like two weeks after I've accepted your application and reserved your spot. Please don't do that. It's frustrating. The profile form is extremely short -- in fact, it should only take you a few minutes to fill it out.


    I do not want dull, trite characters. Cliche characters are not allowed here. I want characters with intriguing personalities and background stories. Basically, each character should be unique in their own special way. EVERY CHARACTER MUST HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONAL AGENDA. No one does anything for no reason; therefore, your character has to have a reason behind their role in this roleplay. Please note that there is no "personality" or "biography" in the profile. The reason why it's like that is because your character's personality and background is to be revealed throughout the story in this roleplay. This will add a unique dynamic to this roleplay that will spice up the overall experience. It'll make things more interesting and fun. It will also make character development far more engaging. As far as character pics go, anything but real-life pics are acceptable. If you don't want to use pics, then you may write a description of your character in the profile. If you are having trouble finding anime pics, I recommend this website called zerochan.net; they have a bunch of good quality anime pics. Please use pictures that will fit this roleplay's genre. With that said, I do not want to see werewolves and vampires. No.

    By the way, all characters in this roleplay will be knights.


    If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to contact me.

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    Defects are abnormalities that occur in the world. The people in this world refer to "defects" as supernatural phenomena that they have been taught are impossible, such as the spawning of "demons" and the powers of "knights". The "Architects" call these happenings defects because they know what they really are: imperfections and ghosts in the machine. The reason that these things happen in this world is because"Genesis" is a conscious being just like anyone else, and through any design, mistakes happen and flaws appear. Due to these errors, defects have occurred and have caused certain occurrences to take place in the world. Because defects are basically impossible to fix, the Architects usually do nothing about them. Since they don't have any power over things not directly created by Genesis, the Architects can't control or destroy anything or anyone produced by defects.


    Due to defects, certain people in the world are born with special powers and abilities. Defected births were at one point extremely rare, but for some reason they have become more common. Defected people were regarded as outcasts at one point, but due to the rising number of defected births and the usefulness of knights, they are treated very well -- in fact, people consider them to be heroes. Every now and then there are cases of discrimination, however. A defected person's powers and abilities don't activate until they hit puberty and experience "knighthood". If a child is defected at birth, their barcode will be slightly distorted -- sometimes instead of black there will be shades of blue or yellow, or the lines of the barcode will be slanted or squiggly.


    Knights are defected individuals who have experienced knighthood and have activated their powers. Their powers come from the aura, which they are born with. Their composure and natural disposition is different from regular humans. They mostly rely on rationality and logic. Some show very little to no emotion. Their inhuman physical skills and attributes make them formidable fighters. They have inhumanly heightened senses and reflexes. Knights make up 10% of the world population. Because of their ability to use aura, knights are the only people in the world that can harm demons. Since they are the only ones capable of destroying demons, many knights work as mercenaries and get paid for getting rid of threat-imposing demons. Because of their combat prowess, some work for the Guard, which tends to pay much better than working as a mercenary.


    Demons are monsters that spawn due to defects. There is a wide variety of different demons that roam the world. All types of demons are extremely aggressive and pose serious threats to human life. They are only affected by aura; therefore, knights are the only ones capable of destroying them. Demons are ranked according to their strength and power. They are ranked as follows, from weakest to strongest: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5. Level 5 demons are not only extremely powerful and large in size, but they are also incredibly crafty and intelligent. They are burly, tall, and possess strong bodies. Some stand at over fifteen feet tall. One level 5 demon is capable of defeating a dozen knights all at once. Level 1 demons are weak and small in stature -- they often run away when facing stronger knights.

    Spawn-points: Areas where demons spawn. They literally appear out of nowhere in these areas. Demons cannot reproduce so they just continually spawn at different locations all across the world. Some spawn-points spawn demons rapidly, while others spawn demons very slowly. Some spawn-points only spawn the same kind of demons, while others spawn a wide variety. There is said to be a spawn-point in Hell's Desert that only spawns one kind of demon: the deadly Behemoth, a level 5 thirty-feet tall demon that is nigh invincible. Because of this, that spawn-point is called the "Behemoth Spawn". It spawns this demon once every year.


    Aura is a visible, tangible manipulative energy that knights possess. It is typically visualized by most as a white or silver color. The existence of aura is one of the major defects in Genesis's design.

    Offensive aura: Knights can use aura in the form of blasts and energy waves. It can also be used to create weapons, such as a sword or a bow with arrows. These weapons are created entirely out of aura energy. It can be used to strengthen punches and kicks and it can be used to propel the user into the air for flight. It can also be used as a "speed-boost". Skilled knights are able to use aura offensively in many different ways and techniques.

    Defensive aura: Knights can use aura to heal both external and internal injuries. It can also be used to strengthen parts of the body and create shields out of aura energy. Aura can be used to revive dead knights, but this requires an incredible amount of skill and experience -- only the best of knights are capable of reviving other knights. Knights often have to "overclock" in order to revive a dead knight because reviving requires an insane amount of aura. Using aura defensively is very basic for knights.

    Aura channeling: In order to effectively use aura, knights must properly channel it throughout their body. There is no danger in incorrectly channeling aura; however, doing this will result in an extremely weak output of aura energy that will deal almost no damage to the target. Properly channeling aura results in solid energy outputs. As knights get more in-tune with their aura, they become capable of quickly and effectively channeling their aura.

    Aura control: Controlling aura is instrumental in learning how to effectively use aura in combat situations. Properly controlling aura is what allows a knight to use his aura to its fullest extent. Once a knight has transmitted his aura outside of his body through proper aura channeling, he must control and manipulate it. This requires focus. As knights get more in-tune with their aura, they no longer need to spend much time focusing on the aura and are able to speedily and efficiently manipulate aura.

    Overclocking: "Overclocking" is the act of a knight unleashing all of his aura. Overclocking for more than ten minutes is extremely dangerous and can cause the knight to pass out or even die. Inexperienced knights usually are incapable of controlling and channeling their aura in this state.

    Burning out: After overclocking, a knight becomes extremely exhausted and is unable to use his aura for a period of time. Generally, it takes a knight around five to ten days to regain the ability to use his aura.

    Building up aura: New knights start off with a small amount of aura. In order to build up aura flow, knights must spend time training with their aura. As they become more in-tune with their aura through training, their aura flow will automatically increase. First Class Guardians are said to have ridiculously large aura flows.

    Aura flow: The amount of aura that a knight possesses.


    During the onset of puberty, a defected person will experience what is called knighthood. This only occurs when a defected person is asleep -- it happens in a dream. In that dream, the defected person will be faced with a question. A voice will ask the individual the question "Are you prepared to become a knight?". The person must respond with either a "yes" or a "no". If the person responds with a "no" he or she will fall into a coma, in which they will not wake up until they say "yes" to the question. Basically, the individual has no choice but to become a knight. There are some cases where defected individuals, not wanting to be forced into a life of fighting and killing, decide to remain in their coma for long periods of time. Once the person says "yes" to the question, he will wake up as a knight. Their composure and natural disposition will be different and they will begin to think and see things differently. Their physical skills and attributes will be improved instantly, such as their endurance, strength, agility, speed, etc. Their senses will immediately be heightened to abnormally high levels -- their reflexes and senses will become inhuman. This entire experience is a flaw in the design of the world.


    The Architects are known as the "gods" of the world. They are the leaders of the world and they work under Genesis, who is the ultimate ruler "god" of the world. Genesis granted them immortality and certain abilities and powers once they became a part of the world. One of the powers that they relish is their mind-controlling ability. They can control the minds of whomever they please. Another one of their powers that they use is their "deletion" ability, which allows them to make anyone they wish cease to exist. No one knows that they have these specific powers, however. It is known that they possess other powers, but not these two specific powers. The Architects are hundreds of years-old, but because of their powers they can regenerate their bodies so that they appear to never age. They are incapable of fixing defects so they just leave them be. The Architects dislike knights because they are the only ones that they can't control or "delete", since they are produced by defects. But, because knights are capable of destroying demons, the Architects don't display their hatred towards them. If the Architects could get rid of all knights as well as demons, they would. The Architects cannot delete demons, either, since they are defects. They keep this a secret, however. No one knows that they have no control or power over defects.


    Genesis is the ruler of the new world. He has established a one-world government in the world, led by the Architects and himself. Genesis claims that when people die they will live for eternity in a place called Paradise, as long as they obey him. If you don't obey him, he claims that you will go to a place called Darkness. He describes Darkness as a place of eternal solitude in complete, utter darkness. He also claims to be the ultimate creator of everything. The Architects are considered to be his fellow "gods", with him being the supreme god. Genesis possesses powers just like the Architects, among many more, supreme abilities.


    The Guard is the military established by the Architects to maintain order in the world and protect civilians from danger, whether it be human threats or demon threats. Members of the Guard are called Guardians. There has never been a war in this world's history, nor have there been any significant human threats, so Guardians generally work on getting rid of demon threats and taking care of crime in cities. Guardians are made up of aura-infused humans and knights. Guardians are usually always stationed in Citadels. No regular humans are allowed to enlist. You must be an aura-user to enlist. The Guard was created and began in the 200th year of the world when crime began to surface. Since defects did not begin appearing until the year 800, the Guard was originally entirely made up of humans and it's only objective was to handle crime.


    Guardians are member of the Guard. They consist of aura-infused humans and knights. Usually, knights enlist in the Guard because it pays better than being a mercenary. Some of the higher-ups in the Guard are knights, but most of them are aura-infused humans. Knights that enlist in the Guard are generally regarded as superiors because of their prowess. Knights make up 30% of the Guard and aura-infused humans make up 70%. Members of the Guard are divided into 20-man groups called "Platoons".


    Citadels are cities that are set up for the use of the Guard to train, teach, and cultivate Guardians. They function just like regular cities -- the only difference is that almost everyone there is a Guardian and the city is military-oriented. Many Guardians claim that life in Citadels is fun and exciting. Things are always lively in those cities, it seems.


    In the year 1378, the government began working on technology that would allow aura energy to be transferred into the bodies of regular humans. The goal of this project was to provide humans with the means to be valuable assets in the Guard. Aura was an absolute necessity if an individual wished to work in the Guard. At the time, regular humans did work in the Guard, but they were no match compared to the knights that worked in the Guard. These humans were not capable of dealing with demon threats; therefore, regular human Guardians were used mainly to take care of crime, while knight Guardians took care of more serious threats: demons. The Architects did not like the idea of having knights in high positions in the Guard so they sought out a way to level the playing field between regular humans and knights. They wanted humans to dominate in the Guard, not knights. That was how this project came about.

    In the year 1400, this goal was accomplished. Technology was created that would allow regular humans to be infused with aura. Immediately, regular humans lined up by the thousands to be infused with aura so that they could have the opportunity to be on the same level as knights in the Guard. However, one could only be infused with aura if he or she was enlisting in the Guard.


    Thanks to recent technology advancements, it is possible for regular humans to be infused with aura. It is a completely painless process that only lasts a few minutes. However, the Architects only allow humans to be infused with aura if they decide to enlist in the Guard. Aura-infused humans have the ability to manipulate aura, but they do not possess the inhuman physical skills and attributes that knights do.


    In order to keep track of the most skilled Guardians in the Guard, the Architects designed a ranking system. This ranking system also makes it easy to identify skilled Guardians. Rankings can be found online. All Guardians are required to wear a golden badge on their torso that identifies their rank.

    From most skilled to least skilled: First Class, Second Class, Third Class, Fourth Class, Fifth Class.

    First Class Guardians are extremely powerful, incredibly skilled Guardians that have mastered their art -- they have mastered their aura. These are usually always knights. Very rarely will you see an aura-infused human in this rank.

    Second Class Guardians are exceptionally talented Guardians that have superb skill and possess power that is nearly unparalleled. In this rank you have a good mixture of knights and aura-infused humans.

    Third Class Guardians are Guardians that have displayed a great, solid foundation of their skill and have progressed greatly in their manipulation of aura. They are decent, relatively skilled Guardians. Usually only aura-infused humans are in this rank. There are a few knights in this rank.

    Fourth Class Guardians are shaky Guardians that have shown small progress in their skill and manipulation of aura. Only aura-infused humans are in this rank.

    Fifth Class Guardians have displayed absolutely poor skill and manipulation of aura. They are regarded as rubbish and treated badly by their superiors. Only aura-infused humans are in this rank.


    The Illuminati is a mysterious group of four knights that have discovered truths about the world that were hidden for centuries. They have not made any appearances yet; therefore, no one knows that the Illuminati exists or is a group. Their goal is to uncover all of the hidden truths of the world that have been hidden from the public. All four of the knights would easily be ranked First Class Guardians if they were Guardians. Their combined combat prowess is nearly unparalleled and their skills are at levels that few knights ever achieve. The leader and founder of the Illuminati recruited the rest of the group, convincing each of them to join. Some may have joined because they were interested in the idea, while others may have had their own personal agendas. The leader of this group is a female and has a brother who is a Guardian. She has not seen or heard from her brother in years. Her initial reason for starting the Illuminati is unknown to the rest of the group.


    A group of around 150 knights that oppose Genesis and the Architects. The group started around year 1400 when the government finished the aura-infusing project. After aura-infusing technology was successfully created, a few knights who worked in the Guard, curious about how the government managed to retrieve aura energy in the first place, began a secret investigation. Their discoveries were awfully shocking: the government was deriving the aura energy from defected children, without their consent. Because the Architects had power to control the minds of the world population, they could easily get defected children to go through with this. The process was painful and many children died shortly after the procedure. Enraged, the knights began spreading the word about their discovery to other fellow knights. Slowly, they began to grow in numbers. Their objective is to stop aura-infusing. Of course, doing this means opposing the government, and opposing the government means opposing Genesis and the Architects. During missions, Black Knights do not use their real names and they wear masks to conceal their identities. Their missions consist of destroying aura-infusing clinics and factories/companies that produce aura-infusing technology. They've tried revealing the truth behind aura-infusing to the world many times, but all of their attempts have failed due to government intervention. They often clash with Guardians during their missions. They do not harm innocent civilians. The government has labeled this group as a group of criminals. The Architects dubbed them the "Black Knights". Some work covertly as Guardians. The members of the Black Knights are divided into separate fifteen-man squadrons called "Chapters". Most of the Black Knights would be ranked as Third Class Guardians if they were Guardians. Very few Black Knights would be ranked as Second Class and only a handful would be ranked as First Class.
  3. ROLES

    The Illuminati
    // All spots available
    - Three members of the Illuminati. All members must be between the ages of 23-30.

    Two male spots available
    Two female spots available


    Leader of the Illuminati // SPOT OPEN
    - The leader of the Illuminati must be a female. She has a brother who is a Guardian. They have not seen or heard from each other in years.

    One female spots available


    Genesis // SPOT OPEN
    - The god of the world. No gender specification.


    The Black Knights // All spots available
    - Members of the Black Knights. Must be between ages of 18 and 30.


    Guardians // All spots available
    - Guardians who all live in the Citadel of Taurus. Must be between ages of 18-30.



    Availability: (How often do you get online and how many times do you think you will be able to post per week.)
    Role: (Black Knight / Guardian / Human / Genesis)
    Character Sex: ( Male or Female)
    Your Character's 3 most Dominant personality Traits: [1], [2], [3]
    Samples: (Links displaying roleplaying/writing ability.)


    [align=center]::590x310 Photo Here::
    [align=center][color=COLOR3](FIRST NAME, NICKNAME, OR TITLE)[/color][/align]
    [color=COLOR1][[/color][color=COLOR2][ [color=COLOR3]BASICS ][/color][color=COLOR1]][/color]
    [size=10.8][color=COLOR1]N A M E:[/color]
    (Insert full name here)
    [color=COLOR2]B A R C O D E:[/color]
    (Insert 12 digit code here)
    [color=COLOR1]A G E: [/color]
    (Insert age here)
    [color=COLOR2]S E X:[/color]
    (Insert gender here)
    [color=COLOR1]A F F I L I A T I O N:[/color]
    (Black Knights, Guardians, Human.)
    [color=COLOR2]A L I A S:[/color]
    (Delete if not a Black Knight)
    [color=COLOR2]R A N K:[/color]
    (Delete if not a guardian)
    [color=COLOR1][[/color][color=COLOR2][ [color=COLOR3]PHYSICAL ][/color][color=COLOR1]][/color]
    [size=10.8][color=COLOR1]H E I G H T:[/color]
    (Insert height here)
    [color=COLOR2]W E I G H T:[/color]
    (Insert weight here)
    [color=COLOR1]E Y E C O L O R:[/color]
    (Insert eye color here)
    [color=COLOR2]H A I R C O L O R:[/color]
    (Insert eye color here)
    [color=COLOR1]M A R K I N G S:[/color]
    (Distinguishing features such as scars, tattoos, or birth marks.
    [color=COLOR1][[/color][color=COLOR2][[/color] [color=COLOR3]PERSONAL [/color][color=COLOR2]][/color][color=COLOR1]][/color]
    [color=COLOR2]L I K E S:[/color]
    (Five likes here. Optional.)
    [color=COLOR1]D I S L I K E S:[/color]
    (Five likes here. Optional.)
    [color=COLOR1]R E L A T I O N S H I P S:[/color]
    (Who ur bae is? Optional.)
    [color=COLOR2]T H E M E S O N G:[/color]
    (Link theme song here. Optional.)
    [color=COLOR1]F A V O R I T E Q U O T E:[/color]
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    Architects //
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    ________________E D E N


    A R C H I T E C T

    [[ BASICS ]]

    N A M E:
    E D E N

    B A R C O D E:

    A G E:

    S E X:
    F E M A L E

    [[ PHYSICAL ]]

    H E I G H T:
    178 cm

    W E I G H T:

    E Y E C O L O R:
    Opalescent gray-blue

    H A I R C O L O R:
    Jet Black

    M A R K I N G S:
    Characteristic white Archtitect barcode on the back of her neck.

    [[ PERSONAL ]]

    T H E M E S O N G:
    "She Sees The Future"

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  4. T H E__N A T I O N__O F__A R C A D I A



                • L E O

                • ___________________________________

    Leo is Arcadia's capital. It roars with life; in fact, Leo is considered as the liveliest, most bustling city in all of Arcadia. Leo is not only the capital of Arcadia, but it is also the capital of the world. Genesis and a few Architects live in this city. The Holy Palace, a huge, luxurious complex where Genesis resides, is located in this city. The city is hugely populated -- around 500,000 people live in this city. Crime level is remarkably low in this city, which people believe is due to the fact that Genesis lives there. They call it "God's Blessing".


    T A U R U S

    Taurus is the most well-known Citadel in all of Arcadia and it is widely considered as the best. It produces the best Guardians and harbors state-of-the-art training facilities as well as top-notch Guardian education programs. The famous 34th Platoon resides here. Taurus floats high in the sky above the outskirts of Leo. It is thousands of feet high -- more specifically, it is about 9 miles above sea level. The only way to get back down to ground level is by teleportation devices or air vehicles.


    C H R O M E

    Chrome, otherwise known as the "Mobile City", is a Citadel known for its spectacular defensive systems and ability to move from place to place. It is completely surrounded by a transparent dome, which has the power to disintegrate any demons that attempt to enter in. The city is propped on mechanical legs that allows it to move from destination to destination. It was strategically placed in Hell's Desert for the purpose of killing off hordes of demons that pose significant threats to nearby cities. There are plenty of nearby cities that are constantly attacked by demons spawning in this desert. It is the only Citadel of its kind. Platoons are deployed from this Citadel and sent out into the desert on missions to eradicate demons and protect cities from being overrun by demons. Many other "mobile-Citadels" are in the process of being created.

    H E L L ' S__D E S E R T

    This desert makes up a quarter of midwest Arcadia. Thousands of demons spawn in this desert, hence it's name "Hell's Desert". Towns located on this desert's outer borders are frequently attacked and sometimes decimated by hordes of demons spawning in this desert. Even though these towns are covered by steel domes for protection, demons still manage to break through the domes and lay waste to entire cities. Some, however, aren't protected by domes and have to rely on Guardian Platoons stationed nearby. Only a few cities are protected by newer, more advanced domes that disintegrate demons that attempt to break through. There is a spawn-point in Hell's Desert that only spawns one kind of demon: the deadly Behemoth, a level 5 thirty-feet tall demon that is nigh invincible. Because of this, that spawn-point is called the "Behemoth Spawn". It spawns this demon once every year.

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