13 Dragon Tribes

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  1. The concept is that there were 13 dragon tribes, and 13 human tribes. The Queen of each dragon tribe all granted one of the human tribes a form of magic. Pyrokinesis, Geokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Electrokinesis, Chlorokinesis, Umbrakinesis, Photokinesis, Glaciokinesis, Toxikinesis, Vitakinesis and the last two are mere legends. They are Chronokinesis and Spatiokinesis, and vanished many decades ago.
    I have a few ideas for a plot, including a war between the tribes, return of the Time and Space tribes, and the discovery of a new kind of dragon. I am open to suggestions, including a substitute for Vitakinesis because I don't really like that one. It doesn't go with the rest of them...
  2. Boo! I'm here! I'm VERY interested.
  3. Glad to hear it!
  4. I am very interested in joining this count me in
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  5. Oh wow, another person!! O.O
  6. Certainly sounds like an interesting concept. You can count me as interested my friend.
  7. This sounds like a fun rp to join. I am interested. If there is still time of course.
  8. Oh there's plenty of time! I'm waiting for like 5 people to express their interest before actually creating the roleplay. A problem is that we will need at least 13 roleplayers including me for the rp to actually begin. So I'll probably wait until there are more like 8 people interested.
  9. Ah. Alright. ^^
  10. Okay.

    By the way, when do you think we can get the CS template?
  11. I will like to join
  12. Don't judge me when I say this but... Whats a CS template?
  13. Don't worry, we all had to learn it at some point. "CS" stands for Character Sheet, the template for making a character.
  14. Okay, thanks. I've already made it!

    Full Name:
    What S/he Would Like to be Called:
    Appearance(picture preferred but not required):
    Tribe Rank:
    Strengths(at most 4):
    Weaknesses(at least 2):
  15. Hello, I am interested if there is still room. Also, what are the writing limits?
  16. @fantasy Thanks, and I found a power that you could use in place of Vitakinesis. Naturakinesis, the manipulation of nature.

    @Alis_Audāx There's still plenty of room for more characters, in fact, we're still in need of new characters. I'm not quite sure on the writing limits, you'll have to check with @fantasy on that one.
  17. @I.S. Zero: That's what Chlorokinesis is, actually.

    @Alis_Audāx: Please, join! For writing, I'd like you to have complete sentences and correct grammar, of course. For post length, 3 sentences to a few paragraphs.
  18. @fantasy Great! I wanted to make sure it wasn't like a 6 paragraph limit. hehe. Will you assign who gets which magic? or can we pick and choose ourselves?
  19. Choose whatever tribe you want. But you can only have one tribe leader and only one character in the Time and Space tribes, as they are more powerful than others.
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