13 days

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  1. Day 1- the city sits through a freezing spring, the coldest March in years. people continue their daily routine unaware of the hell that will spill from the heavens. some note an increase in air traffic, largely military.
    Day 2- major roads are blocked off buy unmarked vehicles, the Tamar bridge is closed, buses run on Sunday service times despite it being a Wednesday. The local news is flooded with bomb scares.
    Day 3- shops are told to use Sunday service hours until further notice. Nothing makes sense. The public are ready to riot, police stations and the city bus stations are torched.
    Day 4- news spreads. This is happening all over the country. Cirfues are put into place, failure to complie will result in arrest.
    Day 5- EMP
    Day 6- borders in and out of the county are closed, word is that this happened internationally, people are scared. The streets are empty.
    Day 7- the bombs fall. London. Bristol. Manchester. Leeds. Cardiff, Hereford. Plymouth. The United kingdom is decimated by a nuclear storm.
    Day 13- it is brutally cold, rumour is that only 1 in 50 survived but no one knows, the fallout is still to fall properly, it hasn't rained yet.

    Ryu sits up, it's 8 am but what does it matter in a broken world. his sister, curled up like a cat, fast asleep.
  2. sav confused about the current events wakes up and makes breakfast .. Being the person who is obsessed with government consprices he ignored the outside world until today..

    Mecca stayed slepp cause she knew sav was going to goo find out whats going on "tell your mom I said hi...

    Sav leaves his room heading to the kitchen he grabs a bat and looks around and gets close to the ground "thud " he stands back up and makes a bowl of cereal.. Waiting for anything a phone call email text doorbell ring... He grubs.. "slup ckhch g ur"