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  1. 12th Harvest
    Inspired by Blood...
    "They say the world was formed by the dark thoughts of those above.That we're all just primal dreams of higher beings, dreams that end once they awake for The Harvest."

    The view shifts to show a large urban sprawl, with smoke stacks pouring black ashen clouds into the starry night sky...

    "Organs missing, eyes removed, heart being broiled on a spit, and the summoning symbols. Like the others..."

    Flying shot over the urban sprawl with it looking down towards the cobblestone streets that are illuminated by candle-light street poles and light pouring out from the buildings. You can see small 'creatures' scurrying into the street gutters, as a carriage pulled by decaying horses races down the street...

    "You think it's them again?"

    Shot changes to show a small wooden cottage in between two brick tenements. Shot slowly zooms into towards the wooden door. The door has the words, "Private Investigators' Office" painted in bright green...

    "Most likely, you want to keep this off the books chief?"

    Shot stays. With the sounds of a horse carriage stopping in the background...

    "Yeah. I know some people, clean up here and head home."

    Cloaked figure appears into view and knocks on the cottage's door.


    Welcome to the world of Nocturne, a place formed from the dreams of Elder Gods that have long passed. A macabre place that holds things we'd call monsters, demons, some strange fetish fantasy; I'm talking Vampires, Werewolves, Gatormen, and other such mythical beasts.

    This world much like ours (actually it's a carbon copy with some terrain and 'slight' changes), everything is where it should be. Although much of it has been renamed to reflect the culture of the world.

    The prefix is not shown in the title, mostly because this is a very hard genre to place in one specific category but throwing it into Misc. Roleplay could be suicide for it. So, here's the best we could come up with:

    "It takes place in another world much similar to ours. The technology borders on the Flash Gordon sci-fi, mixed with some steampunk and World of Tomorrow vibes. It'll be about classicism and it's divide, It'll be about those noir heroes we used to look up too, and it'll be about discovering a horrifying world that is much like our own. It'll be a new genre itself, it'll be called 12th Harvest" -AJ, 2014

    On to more about this RP, it is a free form RP. Meaning there is no GM, just us players driving the story through narrative and interaction. That's how most things pan out, so I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone.

    I, SLAM, run the OOC of the story and also actively post in the adventure which started in a small group of AJ and I's friends. However, it didn't quite get enough from there, so we decided to take a chance and move it out and into the Iwaku-verse.

    AJ happily keeps track of the IC and watches over everyone there. They too post actively and if you have any questions regarding lore, races, technology, etc, he's the person to talk to.

    This was an RP created originally by AJ, then revamped slightly by myself. We both act as the overseers, but generally have no say over what happens. Except that you have to obey the rules below and we have full right to kick anyone out who breaks them.

    Rules are as follow:
    1. No Mary Sues. Most of us have been on here to have seen one, or have been one.
    2. Remember this isn't a Romance focused RP, we're fine with romance but don't make that a main goal. Make it feel natural. Along with this, there is a boundary to what you engage with. Since most of our characters will be older and some people who join this RP are underage members, it would be wise of you to keep things at PG-13 lest the rules of the Forum slam down on you.
    3. Don't make your character overtly sexy unless you have a damn good reason. There is a fine line, I'm sure we all can spot it. You can have a flirtatious, busty character without making them overtly sexual, but you can just as easily make things uncomfortable for everyone else.
    4. Don't player kill unless approved (AJ or SLAM). Seriously, it's not cool. It just leads to bickering over OOC or plenty of distraught PMs when suddenly a character breaks and tries to kill everyone without any notice to the players or the creators.
    5. When describing gore, you can be as detailed as you want. However, there is also a line to this too. Rule of thumb: If the gore I'm describing is absolutely not necessary, I should A) Remove it B) Tone it down C) Rewrite it. Might I also add that you can portray horror elements without being graphic. Give it a try.
    6. Back to number 2, I want to highlight, underline, and bold that sexual elements that include: Rape, molestation, pedophilia, or anything like that being portrayed with another character even in the vaguest sense is not allowed. At all. Ever. The only time this element could be brought into the story is if it is apart of an investigation or crime, however, we do not want any descriptions of the act happening nor do we want to read graphic scenes about these sorts of things. If you bring it up, it has to come in by reading in between the lines. When in doubt, message AJ or SLAM if what you're about to post/do may break this rule.
    7. Ask questions about things you're confused about. AJ or SLAM will definitely clear anything up.
    8. This is a brutal thing to ask, but by far one of the most important rules of RP: Read each other's posts. All the way. It's agonizing, painstaking, and grueling, but each one of us spends time on a this craft and art to present to all of you. If you do not read it, what is the point? It's good courtesy to read everyone's post and learn something new about the character, writing style, or something. I promise you will.

    Let me quickly address some of the content ratings since some of you may have questions:
    Content Ratings And What They Mean To You. (Everyone Should Read This.) (open)

    Buckets of Tears: We like to think you'll create heart wrenching stories with characters that will leave us crying when they finally die/succeed/fall in "love", whatever it may be.

    Character Death: Good characters are character who die at some point. Usually, anyways. Having a character death at the right time can really pull some heart strings which may lead to Bucket Of Tears.

    Fluff: As mentioned prior, we ask to stray away from too much unnatural romance. With romance comes fluff, that's simply a given. So if you must get your romance fix, we ask that you do it in a nice, fluffy manor.

    Furry: Though this is not directly the theme or center of the story, some characters would imply furry anthropomorphic wonders, so this tag is just to be safe.

    Graphic Violence: Violence in this setting is possible, and reading some really bad ass, face exploding, bone crushing action is some what fun. Depending on how it's written. However, be careful with how extreme you get. See Rule 5.

    Gore: See Rule 5. Gore happens, keep it some what classy, though.

    Language Explicit: Character will most likely swear. Though we don't want every other word to be a cuss, some characters might have a leaky faucet or a loose filter. I would however restrain away from using real life derogatories. In fact, it would be in your best interest since you never know who you're going to offend. Creators included.

    LGBT: We don't discriminate here. Your characters can identify/have sexuality anywhere in the LGBTQIA spectrum. People who are easily offended by this should leave immediately and never ever return.

    Religious Themes: Themes like this can come up at any point. It may be in an investigation, lore created by players, or something else, a cult perhaps. I would refrain from bringing in real life religions, but similar ones in the 12th Harvest universe to ones in ours would be fine as long as the names are different and themes vary.

    Sexual Themes: It's bound to happen one way or another. A formality really because it's possible something can happen between to characters and it's better to have it now than later.


    It's 11H, Year: 1925. You belong to one of two classes, the Ritz, or the Shufflers. The Ritz, live above the electro-storm clouds in large airships having lavish surroundings and extravagant parties; only coming below the clouds to help with the 'relief' efforts. The Shufflers however is a slang term for "poor" which is pretty much everyone else, you go to work, deal with the grind, and shuffle on back to your hovel, hoping you don't get struck by lighting. Or worse.

    However this is just in the cities. Outside those tall-black walls that shelter it's citizens from the outside, is a dangerous and mysterious world... nah, not really. Outside everyone is an equal, working on farms or helping their small town communities. So it's tons more peaceful than inside.

    The City of Thurnoth:

    I will probably never add anything here, as I want the city to be a mysterious place that has no set structure or limits. That way the players can imagine the city's planning how they want it to be.

    While the city planning is up to the player's imagination, the city itself is heavily inspired by real-life, New York City (circa, 1920s). With glitz nightclubs, the bright-lights of Broadway, and the underground drug dens all being present.
    It is also the most technically advanced city in the world, as it is the first city to be powered electrically through a series of (underground) turbines that share a similar appearance with a Tesla-Coil. But at a cost, the man power and emissions from these machines have polluted the skies with electrified-ebony clouds that cover the skies of the city. Meaning it's always night, and rain/lightning storms are always in the forecast.

    Outside the walls is a much different story, as they take on a more humble "Salem" appearance. Cottages and small farm plots are speckled around the walls and hills of Thurnoth. It's also a ton more safer there than in the inner-city.

    Yep, crime is about as bad as the damn pollution. Stabbings, Cult Rituals, Unlawful Hangings, etc... The place is like the damn wild west, everyone that doesn't live in those nice high-rises gets to fight for survival in the streets and alleyways. The only place to find any peace is indoors.

    [Note: The city is named after the (in-lore) god, "Thurnoth, The Lord of The Harvest and Blood]

    Humans (open)
    They're fleshy meatbags that are considered the minority of Nocturne, as most humans have turned towards Vampirism or Lycanism to keep them safe and sane. Even if most of them are unimpressive and it seems like they're were stuck here because the gods found it funny, they're actually the most 'magically' inclined on a scale rivaling even the Gatormen. Making for perfect Holy Men, or Warlocks if you swing that way.

    Even the ones that don't focus on the Magics are still powerful, as they put more focus in the sciences which is bringing magic users to their knees.

    Vampires (open)
    Classic example of a vampire, they burn/melt in sunlight, need to drink blood or plasma, and are shunned by mostly everyone. Only becoming accepted in the recent era, however some are still hunted down. Unlike the usual brooding vampires that hate their powers, these vampires revel in the fact that they are the scourge of the night... mainly due to how feeding has become much harder than it used to. Most vampires are forced to become socialites in order to feed, using their status or "charm" to feed without repercussion.

    As such, most Vampires in this world are held in high regard, with many being politicians, actors, musicians, or artists.

    Lycans (open)
    Anthropomorphic beings that can turn into beasts at their own discretion. Some stay in this state forever, others permanently make the change which is a very popular path for most Lycan families. The beasts that they turn into it dependent on what they were bit by, where, how- (huge explanation with more holes than Swiss Cheese, basically you get to choose what you turn into), however all of them must be a animal variant (in case Ron Burgundy is your spirit animal or something). While they are expected to act like insane blood-lusting beasts... they normally don't. When in their 'beast-form' they gain increased intellect, become more 'tuned-in' with nature, and generally become more peaceful and focused. But don't put it past a Lycan to facilitate some of their feral side.

    Undead (open)
    You're a decaying corpse that has been revived by the power of technological or magical necromancy! You're mostly shunned by everyone except the vampires (who treat you like slaves or kin, depends on your 'living' status before reanimation), most of your kind is either enslaved, looked down on, or get to be the victim of discrimination. Even with all that hypocritical nonsense though, you have tons of perks. For starters, you aren't affected by Magic (Holy Magic is another story however) or paranormal things like possession. You can't die from physical trauma, that being said it still hurts and can still injure you. So you can't die, unless some divine intervention or holy somethings happen. If you manage to survive long enough, you simply decay far enough for your brain functions to cease.

    Gatormen (open)
    Large, hulking, aggressive, and mysterious voodoo lizard-like people that inhabit the frozen-melting swamps of Nocturne. Their hard skin makes them resistant to most physical damage or magical damage if their scales have the proper runes etched into the scales. They are also not socially inclined at all, most of them steer away from large population centers (like cities). They are however are naturally born with the talent to use voodoo magic, along with a very strong immune system.

    Even though Gatormen and Lycans are very similar if not nearly alike, they still hold ill will to each other and frequently fight one another. The dispute between the two races has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and any chance of it ending seems faint.

    Living Ectoplasm (open)
    Specters or ghosts that are 'attached' to something that held great significance in their living life. They're made of a strange ectoplasm that glows different colors that are dependent on unknown factors (choose your color basically). If their object is destroyed they pass onto the next life. Not much else is known about these creatures.


    The technology is slightly more advanced and bulky than the real 1920's. Tesla Coils, airships, sophisticated electronics (computers, TVs, etc...), being the most advanced things in Nocturne and are almost all exclusive to Thurnoth. All the electronics are styled in classic 20's art decor though, with a taste of class on the most basic of appliances.

    For weaponry I want to keep it around the days of WWI and the final days of the western frontier. Along with a mix of stuff you'd find in Van Helsing or something similar. However, I will allow things like or similar to Tommy guns; because Tommy guns are awesome.

    There will only have blimps/airships, trains, monorail systems, and animal transportation in the beginning of the RP. Cars will start to appear as time goes on however. The Ritz often travel using Blimp Gliders, and as the name would insinuate, these small to large ships use gliders attached to slowly float down to the city through the electric clouds, then when they're time in Shuffler poverty is done, they use the blimp extension to rise back up to the Ritz. Variations of flying machines like this exist and may be called by different things, though the idea remains the same.

    Magic is magic, It's random, half the time non-effective, and when used will normally be made up by everyone. Because I think writing a full manual on Magic use would make it lose it's well... "magic" if anything I'll allow magic-focused characters write a guide on it, as magic is a dying thing in the world of Nocturne as time goes ever on wards. However the magic must be somewhat 'grim' or 'unreliable', with the use of large runes, sacrifices (of ones self, unless it's cult related), or the use of a object to base it off of (yes, you can use a microwave or TV as a basis for your magic). Magic can also have dangerous side effects if not used properly, and the mistake for misusing magic can have its own set of ramifications. These of course are made up by you, the player, so enjoy what bad things can happen.

    Magic is passing, the world is actually becoming more tame and sane. So something as chaotic and unexplained as Magic should feel out of place.

    The Timeline

    As time passes in the RP and major/minor developments happen and characters make an impact, the timeline will be updated and refined with new information.
    The 12th Harvest:
    Is the end of the world event. What does this mean for the people, that the RP will shift into a GM'd event (unless other plans come to fruition).

    What does it even mean? Harvest(s) have happened before, 11 times to be exact. Which is why there is a 11H before the year, showing that the current plane of existence is the 11th Dream. Basically a Harvest is when the Elder Gods are awoken, the world begins to fade and the gods begin to bring their creations into their world. Literally wiping the world clean of life, only leaving a small few behind to rebuild and repopulate the next 'Dream' once they fall back into their slumber, to dream up a new world and universe.

    This is basically a never-ending cycle... that can be broken. However, all of this is Meta knowledge. The RP will start with a 'plot hook' post by me to kickstart the events, so if you begin the RP trying to figure out how to stop the Harvest. I'll gib you, or let you off with a warning. Technically no one knows what the event is, only a select few actually know what it is.

    Basically: No one knows what the "11H" stands for or means, it's been there since the beginning of time. Only a select few (mainly cultists or elders) know what it is.

    Name: [What name did you receive upon birth?]
    Gender: [What your character identify as?]
    Age: [How many times did your day of birth pass?]
    Race: [If Lycan, also put what beast you turn into.]
    Appearance: [What do you look like? Pictures are acceptable.]

    Wearing: [Anything on you that your description/picture didn't tell about?]
    Wielding: [What weapons do you have? If you don't want any, put nothing. Do restrain yourself and give yourself modest gear.]
    Inventory: [What are you carrying?]

    Inclination: [Technology or Magic. If Magic, put what you practice; this can be as wacky as you want]
    Traits: [Interesting things about your character that make for richer RP be it description or dialogue.]
    Skills: [Things that your character can do really well and is unquestionable that they could do it.]

    Personality: [What is your character like? If you prefer, do not fill this in and show off what your character is like through narrative.]
    Back story: [What has your character done in his life? Where he came from? Etc. If you prefer, do not fill this in and show off what your character's past is like through narrative.]

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  2. Damn, nice work there SLAM! Also I'd like to add onto the content ratings, I also listed Satire on the IC thread. As the RP does have a sense of humor, has references (even in the OOC, if you can guess what it is. I'll give you a cookie), and will poke fun at it's tropes. Also, it's basically a ton of Retrofuturism, Swing Revival, Steampunk, and something I call Teslapunk (take Tesla's designs and make them the main form of technology, although it does mix with Steampunk).

    And to start off the character list:

    The Chain Smoking Cliche': Mike Kilgrove (open)
    Name: Mike Kilgrove
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Race:Human, Caucasian
    Appearance: Average sized man with ebony black hair that shines brightly underneath the city lights. He is currently attempting to grow a full beard, with most of it being grown out and well groomed. His face is round, with eyes like jade, a small soft nose, thin lips, and a soft jawline. He has deep jagged scars like claw-marks, that run down his arms, he is missing his left ring finger, and has a few cigar burn scars on his gut.

    Wearing: Detectives suit, cigar-smoke stained coat made of brown cloth, black slacks with black (scuffed) dress shoes that need to be polished, black leather gloves.
    Wielding: [Standard-issue Police Model 32. Pistol] [Butterfly knife]
    Inventory: [A paper-wrapped package of Cigars] [Engraved Lighter] [3 Speed-loaders] [Notebook w/ pencil] [Old Medallion]

    Inclination: Technology
    Traits: [Eagle-Eyed] [Parkour] [Improvisational] [Great Liar] [Tough] [Socialite] [Criminal Past] [Terrible Temper] [Heavy Smoker (of the finest tobacco)] [Terrible Lungs] [Possibly 'Sick'] [Honor Code (RP Combat Thing)] [Easily Addicted] [Recovering Alcoholic] [Gambling Debts] [Lawful Neutral on a alignment tree]
    Skills: [Great Knife Fighter] [Great Cook] [Excellent Lockpick] [Excellent 'Scavenger'] [Terrible Shot] [Terrible Runner]

    Think of your standard hard-broiled detective, only he isn't cynical and is generally more 'happy' than them.
    Back story: Living on the streets of Thurnoth, shaped him into the man he is today. He grew up in a broken house, with a drunk for a dad and a missing (presumed dead) mother. Each day after school he'd come home to his father passed out on the couch, no beatings, no verbal abuse, just nothing. You could pretty much say that his dad was undead, shambling around doing nothing.

    So Mike fended for himself, taking the longer paper routes, learning how to cook from books that he 'legitimately' acquired from the library, and skipping school to beg for money. This was his life up until he teen years, within this time his father just up and disappeared once the booze money ran out, Mike left the his paperboy job in favor of becoming a thug for a local 'Family' running out of a butcher shop.

    During his career he stuck up a few banks, mugged people, killed people, and acted as 'encouragement' for people to pay their dues for protection. That was until he started acquiring debts from gambling, he promised he'd stop and pay them back once he won the jackpot. That never happened and the patience of the Don was pushed far enough; Mike was cornered and 'paid' half of his debts in some warehouse down at the docks.

    With him being tossed from the 'Family' and having no place to go, he decided to take up a badge and gun from a department not on the 'Family's' payroll. Becoming a Private Eye for the TPD, working a few minor cases he has made a small name for himself in the department. Armed with his cigars and skills that he's learned over his time on Nocturne, he makes for a pretty decent detective.

    EDIT: I need to stop writing things at 1-3AM in the morning.
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