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  2. I kinda have an idea. Dunno what to qualify it as, but kinda drama slice of life type thing. I only do MxF for romance however I'm fine with other types of characters being in the rp.
    (My females tend to be more androgynous and masculine, but still indentify as female)
  3. Hi! I am supremely interested in your Golden Compass-like idea?
  4. What kind of drama?
  5. Did you get an idea for a plot? Because I don't really have one.
  6. Two rich boys are forced to volunteer at a homeless shelter. They hate it. They're stuck up and rude at first and then they meet two girls at the shelter. Two homeless girls. The girls slowly start to change the boys and soon the boys are romantically interested in the girl. The parents disapprove suddenly because they want their sons marrying someone with money and 'class'

    It's what I got for now. We'd double up, I have CSes for both characters too...
  7. Sorry, that's kinda all the things I mentioned that I didn't like. Will probably be better if you find someone else for that.
  8. Ok. Sorry. :-P

    What about an apocalypse rp? I think those are cool. No plots in mind thigh sorry.
  9. Hmm, I rather like the sound of the post apocalyptic roleplay. PM me if you want to give roleplaying a shot.
  10. Added a new plot :)
  11. I think I would be interested in a roleplay of the super space one. How do you like the idea of two scientists attempting to discover or help terraform a new planet for their perspective alien species, perhaps they have a nice fight over the same planet or something like that. Given that they're aliens (or one of them can be people, or they can both be people from different nations, etc.) it could allow for nonbinary characters as you desire. Please let me know via PM if interested. If not that's alright too, I wish you best of luck in your search.
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