12 Months of the Year .

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  1. Sign-Ups thread :
    OPEN SIGNUPS - 12 Months of the Year - Signups

    In Character thread :

    12 Months of the Year - In Character


    RP Genre : Modern / Fantasy / Futuristic / Drama / Slice of Life / Possible Romance

    GM : Myself , @Katsumi Y.

    Co-Gm : Message me for more details .



    a dwelling place for mortal beings known as Earth has become the very definition of corruption and destruction - war broke loose in almost every corner of the Earth , starvation had become a common practice and crime was almost always the only source of survival . Is Earth really worth saving ? Can 12 individuals , who represents each month of the year , actually save these mortals from the clutches of the Seven Deadly Sins ?

    As foretold in the bibles of most religions , the world was created by God . What they did not mention was that



    have seen no legitimate or valid reason to keep Earth and its dwellings alive any longer . As such , it was decided that the Gods would go forward with the plan of disintegrating the one place they thought was paradise other than the Heavens .

    But ,

    despite all the disgust and disappointment they felt for these mortal beings , the Gods still loved and treasured them with every fibre of their reverant being - at least , most of them did . The minority only saw humans as livestock - feeding off their prayers , hopes and faith . As such , the Gods gifted these mortals with one last gift - twelve individuals who were brought together as one and were seen as signifying one matter that would remain constant throughout the Universe and unchanged - time itself .

    The task laid ahead for these hopeful 12 individuals is not a light one , for they will have to overcome the barrier that separated the Gods and men themselves - The Seven Deadly Sins .

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Lust - the intense and uncontrolled desire ; the lack of self-control to earthly life or desires
    Gluttony - the overindulgence and over-consumption to the point of waste
    Greed - very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions
    Sloth - the failure of development even with capability
    Wrath - inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger
    Envy - insatiable desire with the need to entity and covet it
    Pride - excessive admiration of the personal self , failing to acknowledge the accomplisment of others

    This role play will start off with each character traveling off to Tokyo , Japan . There , they will have to follow a set of instructions they have received from an unknown source to a living quarters in the heart of the bustling city , where all of them would need to live under the same roof .

    Living Quarters (open)

    How to join ?

    Choose an available month to represent your character

    January - The month of doorways (opportunity)
    February - The month of purification

    March - The month of war
    April - The month of love and beauty
    May - The month of fertility
    June - The month of commitment , vows and promises

    July - The month of independence
    August - The month of victory
    September - The month of sports

    October - The month of feasts
    November - The month of tranquility and peace
    December - The month of remembrance
    Fill in Character Sheet

    Character Sheet
    Basic information

    [A picture of your character ; animated picture]
    [Character's quote]

    Name :
    "What is your character's full name ?"

    Nickname(s) :
    "What nickname(s) have your character been given ?"

    Month :
    "Which month do you represent and on which date of given month was your character born on ?"

    Age :
    "How old is your character in the year 2020 ?"

    Place of birth :
    "Where was he/she born ?"

    Ethnicity :
    "What are their parents' races ?"

    Sexuality :
    "Are they heterosexual , homosexual , bisexual or etc. ?"

    Hobbies :
    "What does your character enjoy doing ?"

    Personality :
    "What are their positive attributes and flaws ? Please name four for both ."

    History :
    "Tell us more about your character and make sure to include any significant details of the past ."

    Self Introduction :
    "In at least 5 lines , tell us more about yourself , character , or even complain about humanity or etc. ."

    Extra Information
    Name of parents :
    "Note that your character could be the offspring of a human and a God or even two Gods , whether Asian or Western ."
    Father -
    Mother -

    Inherited ability :
    "What ability has your character inherited from their Divine parent(s) ?"

    Weapon used :
    "During a hand-to-hand combat , what does your character use to defend or attack ?"

    Character's Deadliest Sin and reason :
    “What is your character's most deadly sin that might cause their downfall and why ? Please explain in at least two sentences .”

    Character's theme song :
    "What would you imagine your character's song might be ?"

    Opinions on the others
    "What does your character think of the other characters , monologue style ? You do not have to include your own month ."

    • 1. All IwakuRoleplay rules are applied .

      2. Godmodding is prohibited , unless absolutely necessary .
      "The act of controlling another's act against their will , directly or even indirectly ."

      3. No powerplaying .
      "Essentially making your character overly powerful , making it so that you have the upper hand every time ."

      4. Ensure that each posts you make at least consists of two paragraphs . Nobody is expecting a novel , but it certainly is rude to post one-liners . If you really have no idea on what to post , please ask the GM or even post in the OOC thread .

      5. Please ensure that you post at least twice a week . This is to allow the roleplay to move forward and not stay stagnant before eventually dying down .

      6. Each roleplayer is only allowed to roleplay at the most two characters .

      7. Romance is a definitely allowed , but not liberteen or libertine . If you wish to do so , please fade into the dark or at least , insert spoilers .

      8. Common courtesy is a huge importance in roleplaying . If you have a problem with a roleplayer , please inform the GM or handle it yourself through private messages as to not be a burden to others .

      9. Ensure that each thread – whether OOC , Signups or especially IC , is used according to its own function . For example , if you'd like to interact or ask a question , please post in the OOC .

      10. Please notify the GM or post in the OOC thread if you will be away for at least a week prior . This is to allow us to roleplay with a breeze without making too much of drastic developments in the absence your character .

      11. If you have decided to quit this roleplay , please inform the GM as to not be an inconvenience to others .

    • 1. When preparing the character sheet , you may write in first or third point view .

      2. If playing more than one character , ensure that both posts are posted at once , but cearly separated .

      3. Each character may inherit only one of your God'(s) parent(s) abilities .

      4. If your character is required to use its deviant ability , it must follow the following steps :-
      (a) Have the agreement of ALL the other characters .
      (b) Engage in a battle with your opponent (Using the 'Throw a dice' method .)
      i.e. Throwing a dice for .... BATTLE

      Faces 100

      The party with the higher number dice number wins the battle .

      5. If your character is interacting with any character(s) , please tag the username of the roleplayer who roleplays that character at the end of your post . Example , @Katsumi Y.

      6. There is no set format for your IC post , but ensure that your character's photo is present at the beginning of each post , alongside his/her name .

      Example (open)

      (Character's name)

      7. You may only start posting in the IC thread when your character is accepted .


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :


    Name :
    Appearance :

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  2. @Katsumi Y.
    Question 1: Can the gods be any god? Or does it have to be related to their month?
    Question 2: Do the powers they have relate to the month they are borns in?
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  3. Yeap , any God . Preferably related to their month , but it doesn't have to be .

    And as mentioned , it doesn't have to be but if possible , yes .
  4. Erelius Augustine Accardi is accepted ! Love that he's telepathic .

    Maybe Aika'd make him read her palm or something~
  5. Thank you :P

    I will work on an IC post as soon as possible (probably tomorrow)
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  6. So I posted in the IC after all. And now I should really go to bed.

    Also I wanted to change his theme song, something to show more the craze in his head and such :P
  7. I'll wait a bit for the others , as well to post their characters and starters .

    Yeah , I have no problem with it XD I can't imagine hearing voices in my head all the time , especially when they're talking about me . I want to hug Augustine . X3
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  8. Yeah I understand xD I hope they will put up their people soon^^

    Indeed. Erelius has become quite immune to it. So much that at times he actually ignores people talking to him, since he thinks it are just their thoughts. Plus finishing others people sentences at times or reacting to things that aren't even said out loud. He doesn't have an easy life.
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  9. My char will be up tomorrow^^
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  10. Mine will be too more than likely. ^^
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  11. More is almost never frowned upon . :)
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  12. Ah,can I reserve the month December?
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  13. Finding the right pictures for my character has never been so difficult
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  14. Sure thing !

    I kmow the feeling....
  15. Going to be worst for me since I usually only use real life pics lol
  16. Sorry about that ^^ I actually don't mind real lfe , but I wanted it to be uniformed XD
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  17. Oh its cool lol just going to be a tough decision lol. Going for a beautiful guy for April and since i cant use myself lol looking up some good pics.
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  18. Haha XD I bet there are some anime pictures of yourself .
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  19. If there are I would fall in love with whoever made them xD
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