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12 Months of the Year .

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Makomin, Feb 23, 2016.

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  1. [BCOLOR=#ccffcc]According to Russian mythology , the 12 months of the year represented 12 beings - human or not , was not mentioned .[/BCOLOR]

    January - The month of doorways (opportunity)
    February - The month of purification
    March - The month of war (/)

    April - The month of love and beauty (/)
    May - The month of fertility (/)
    June - The month of commitment , vows and promises (/)

    July - The month of independence
    August - The month of victory

    September - The month of sports
    October - The month of feasts (/)

    November - The month of tranquility and peace (/)
    December - The month of remembrance

    Hello , everyone ! As you can see , the significance of each month is quite based on Roman mythology , with a few tweaks here and there from yours truly . Each month is represented by a human being . These 12 human beings are to live under the same roof , and their personalities are based on the month in which they represent respectively .

    The plot of this hopeful role play :
    In the year 2020 , the Gods of the Universal Realm have decided that the world was more corrupt than it should be - war broke out , starvation was an epitome and crime was ever on the rise . Having seen no reason as to keep Earth and its dwellings alive , the Gods were to disintegrate the problem now known as the human race . But despite all the disgust and disappointment they felt for these mortal beings , the Gods still loved them with all their hearts - at least , most of them do . The others merely needed mortals alive to feed off their prayers , hope and faith . As such , the Gods decided to gift the world with 12 individuals who seems to be brought together as one and seen as something that is irreplaceable and unchanged - time itself . The task laid ahead for these 12 individuals wasn't a light one , for the sole purpose of their living was to eradicate the sins of men - The Seven Deadly Sins .

    Lust - the intense and uncontrolled desire ; the lack of self-control to earthly life (Earthly desires only as this RP is intended for those below 18 , as well)
    Gluttony - the overindulgence and over-consumption to the point of waste
    Greed -
    very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions
    Sloth - the failure of development even with capability
    Wrath - inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger
    Envy - insatiable desire with the need to entity and covet it
    Pride - excessive admiration of the personal self , failing to acknowledge the accomplisment of others

    Basically , there will be scenarios that are related to the Seven Deadly Sins and these representatives of the 12 months have to work at it , solving them , while ensuring that the relationships between one another doesn't deteriorate .

    *Each role player is allowed to have a maximum of two characters (two months) only . Do tell me which month(s) you'd be interested in . First come , first serve basis .

    October shall be played by yours truly . I hope at least someone is interested ! Thanks for reading !
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  2. Gotta take April (MY Bday Month) I like this, and if you want I can tag a few friends^^
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  3. Sure thing ! And that would be a great help . I could hug you right now . *^*
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  4. I'm taking march. War. Mine. :0
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  5. Alrighty ! Love your signature , by the way . :)
  6. Now should I take August (my birth month) June, or janurary?
  7. Will take either February, June or november. Depending on interest of others xD
  8. Thank you. It was a message for my babes due to an inside joke.
  9. It's up to you guys , really . I have no qualms whatsoever .
  10. I think I'll just stick with march :)
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  11. I will still let it depend on others xD
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  12. Of course I want in! I will snag November for myself. ^^
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  13. Yay ! November is all yours :)
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  14. I finally made a decision. So I will take June!
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  15. Alright then !
  16. I am interested in this, as it seems cool, but I do wonder if you meant to not include May from your Months?
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  17. Oh , I just realized . Thank you ! May has been added .
  18. I forgot to ask which month you'd like XD , sorry about that .
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