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  1. Basic information


    “I can bear any pain as long as it has meaning.”
    - Haruki Murakami

    Name :
    "Aika Natasha Mizushima .

    Nickname(s) :
    "Ai-chan , Aika , Natasha , Mizushima-san and the list goes on .”

    Month :
    "October and which date ? The 15th , one day before mid-Octo .”

    Age :
    "20 years old , if we past my birth date this year ."

    Place of birth :
    "Moscow , Russia , during the winter season ."

    Ethnicity :
    "If you can't tell already , it's Russian and Japanese . Papa being Russian ."

    Sexuality :
    "My only interest lie in men . So , I guess it's heterosexual ."

    Hobbies :
    "If I had to choose one , I'd say reading . But I don't have to , so I'll say swimming , tennis and baking ."

    Personality :
    "Well , I was told many a times that I can get sarcastic at times . I'm also quite stubborn ,according to Mama . Let's see....you could say I am clumsy , to the point of sometimes tripping over thin air . And the last one I would say is hot-tempered . Once I even exploded at someone by accident in a crowded place as the result of being annoyed . Let's just say that person tend to keep her distance from me .

    Finally , what makes me a decent person ! Despite my demeanor , I'm quite friendly towards many , unless you're cynical or something . Also , caring is my middle name , or more like second middle name . I know , I may not seem like it , but I really do care about those who I'm close to . Optimistism is a trait I learnt from Papa . So , if you need someone to allow you to see the brighter side of any given negative situation , I'm the person to call . Lastly , I am street-wise despite my clumsiness ."

    History :
    "My personal history ? Well , I was born on 15th October in the year 2002 . Papa was a sound engineer working for some label company while Mama was a humble housewife . We didn't live in absolute luxury , but we were happy with being well-to do . I know what you will be wondering – how was I in Moscow , Russia if my father was a Japanese . The answer to that is simple really . I wasn't . I was merely born in Moscow as the result of my mother going into labor when she was packing her things to move to Japan . So , I actually have dual citizenship . Other than that , my life is as normal and boring , as ever . But I did forget to mention something – Papa wasn't my real Papa . My real Papa was a God . Mama was already a month pregnant when she met Papa . Don't ask me how come they were married very soon after , but yeah , I was born of a human and a God ."

    Self Introduction :
    "Everything I wanted to say was pretty much mentioned before this , but I guess I can indulge you in something . Hmm , well , I do have a pet dog , a St.Bernard to be precise . His name is Winston , courtesy of Britain's prime minister . I got him when he was only two months old last year , and now , he's already quite large for a one year old . He's almost the size of a fully-matured Doberman . Other than that ? I like Korean food , except for Kimchi . I know , a disgrace aren't I ? But I can't help what I like and what I dislike now , can I ?"

    Extra Information
    Name of parents :
    "Note that your character could be the offspring of a human and a God or even two Gods , whether Asian or Western ."
    Father – (Real) God of thunder and lightning , Perun .
    (Adopted / human figure) Kazuki Mizushima
    Mother – Albina Yezhov

    Inherited ability :
    "There's only one deviant ability I could possibly possess , and that is the control of thunder and lightning . I'm not as powerful as my literal God father , but I do consider myself quite good with this ability of mine ."

    Weapon used :
    "Only a pair of twin rifles – Kuro and Shiro , when translated , it means Black and White respectively . I normally use Shiro , but a dangerous situation really called for it , Kuro will be in my hand ."

    Character's Deadliest Sin and reason :
    "Wrath . I am the type of person that doesn't really bottle up their emotions , or at least my emotion of anger . Hatred ? Not so much . If I really cross my limit , I will become merciless , no matter who was to get involved and where .”

    Character's theme song :
    "How fitting ."

    Theme Song . (open)

    Opinions on the others :
    January -

    February -

    March -

    April -

    May -

    June -

    July -

    August -

    September -

    November - Erelius Augustine Accardi
    "How should I put this ? Hmm , Augustine (Augy) reminds me of an old man . No , no , I didn't mean it in a bad way ! I meant , he's strict on not only others but himself , straight as an arrow in his thinking and very honest . But I guess that's what I like about him . To me , he's the 'Walk the talk' type of man and although he can be cold , I don't really mind , because he's not ill-intentioned ."

    December -

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  2. [​IMG]

    "Don't make a promise you cannot keep and don't say something unless you mean it"
    "Honor is simply the morality of superior men"

    Basic information
    "What is your character's full name?"
    "Erelius Augustine Accardi"

    "What nickname(s) have your character been given?"
    "Nicknames? I have caught some people call me Erel and Augy. I am not really fan of nicknames. Though I do like the nickname Ace, based from my surname"

    "Which month do you represent and on which date of given month was your character born on?"
    "I am born on the 5 of November."

    "How old is your character in the year 2020?"
    "I assume the end of the year is not near, so that would make me 25 years old"

    Place of birth:
    "Where was he/she born?"
    "I am born in Venice, Italy. At least that is what my birth certificate says"

    "What are their parents' races?"
    "I am born and raised in Italy, so I guess my ethnicy would be Italian."

    "Are they heterosexual , homosexual , bisexual or etc.?"
    "I don't really look at once gender. I find ones personality far more important, so I guess that makes me Demisexual"

    "What does your character enjoy doing?"
    "I enjoy playing chess, due to the strategic insight someone needs to have. I like being outside and surrounded by nature, it calms me and helps me clear my head. Mostly I will do so by running. I like other forms of working out as well, after all I need to keep this body in check right? I am also a fan of reading or simply watching people go by. Oh I also like art and you can see me often drawing or painting. The tattoo on my back is a simple early design. I got it when I became a member of the Quota."

    "What are their positive attributes and flaws ? Please name four for both."
    Good traits: Honorable // Honest // Helpful // Patient // Strategic // Respectful // Loyal
    Bad traits: Closed off // Apathic // Harsh // Unforgiving // Prideful
    "Hmmm I guess I can be a really hard person to get close to. I am quite an introvert, that takes a long time to actually trust someone. On the other side I am very open-minded. Though once you have betrayed me, there is no way back. I don't do second chances, no matter how important or unimportant you have been to me before. I am brutally honest and will not sugarcoat things, which sometimes makes me harsh and cold according to others. This also makes me a very strategic and analystic person, that doesn't let feelings get in the way of problems. I am very patient and can be very helpful. But most of all I am very honorable, I always keep my word and will treat everyone with equal respect, unless they have betrayed my trust. However this does not stand in the way that I will only grow close with a selected few people. I will not disrespect others, but I don't deem everyone worthy of my time. Though I might be hard to approach, once I fall, I fall hard and nothing will keep me from you. I will be loyal till the end of time. So keep that in mind, I will not be someone to play with, or something temporarily. I will be there by your side, untill we decide to part ways or you betray my trust."

    "Tell us more about your character and make sure to include any significant details of the past ."
    "Well my past? That is a long story. Let's just keep it to the fact that I grew up in an orphanage thinking I was nothing special. I was quite an introvert and at the age of 12 I could lost during a trip in the woods with the children from the orphanage. This is when I found out I was a child born from the Goddess Veritas and the God Honos. At the age of 14 I was living on the streets, due to the wars and the famine and poverty. When I was 16 I witness the death of my best friend and figured out I was telepathic. Four years later I ran into the girl that had killed my friend, yet instead of hurting her, I saved her from getting raped. That is how I became part of the gang called 'Quota'. This is how I found my first love, a male named Remco, and when through my first heartbreak at the age of 24 by that same male. And now... now I feel like I can't trust anyone but myself anymore... People are selfish beasts..."

    Complete past (open)

    "I was the love child of two gods that made an endless commitment to each other. However they thought I should learn to be humble so they brought me to earth to life my life as a mere human. At this time I had no idea even that I was different from any of the other kids in the orphanage they places me in. However I started hearing things that were not there, I heard people talk to me when no one was speaking. At first I was told this was just my imagination as a child and I tried to ignore it. I was ashamed of it, and took my distance from others more and more. At the age of 12, I was lost during one of the trips and my mother appeared to me. A beautiful woman and she told me I could ask her one question. She probably thought I would ask her to show me the way, yet instead I asked who my parents were. She was bound to her own powers, unable to lie and not wanting to lie so she told me about my heritage, before one of the supervisors found me.

    After this I figured that it was not my imagination that I could hear these voices that weren't there and I started to listen better to them once more. I became more open to them, and I started to hear more and more. It was frightening, overwhelming even, as I called for my mothers help. Yet she never came to me, as I found myself unable to close down for these voices I heard. Some of them friendly, others so malice. My grades dropped quickly and it even came to such a low point that teachers were giving up on me. I was desperate for an explanation, for an answer to why I was so different. Yet there was no answer from my parents as I started to close off again. At least my grades went up again, yet it was no easy to ignore the voices. So many voices...

    On top of that the wars started, the crime rate went up and of everything, the orphanage was the first thing to fall to famine. After all, who cared to keep kids alive that were not theirs? At the age of 14 I was living on the streets, among with some of the other kids, among drugdealers and drugusers, among gangmembers and prostitutes. The voices had grown louder and louder, sometimes driving me crazy that I just wanted to scream at everyone. At other times they were silent, so silent that I felt utterly alone. It wasn't until I had turned 16 that I figured out what they were. I witnessed my first death. My friend was shot in front of my eyes, by a girl we had always seen as our friend. I should have seen it coming perhaps, that voices had warned me. I had often heard that same female voice telling me to get rid of him. To just shoot him and everything would be okay. It wasn't until that day that I realized that voice I heard, were her thoughts. And that the voices I heard constantly were unfiltered thoughts of others.

    What happened between me and the girl? Nothing. She ran away after she had shot my best friend. I had stayed, tried to do something about the blood, but nothing worked. Nothing helped. I called out to my parents once more and a male appeared in front of me. He told me death is a long lasting promise of life and that it was time to let go. This stranger, my father, held me as I cried over the body of my best friend. I vowed to get revenge in his name and I never understood that sad expression in my fathers eyes when I said that. It took me four years to find the girl that killed my best friend. Four years to be finally granted the revenge and when I did found her, back in the alley with two or three man gathering around her. I could hear their every though, how they were gonna rape her over and over again, butcher her like a pig... I could have walked away. I could have walked away perhaps, yet instead I went to protect her.

    Now you see, the big advantage of hearing someones taughts is being able to know what their next move will be. And after spending 14 years in an orphanage and 6 years on the streets, you know how to throw some punches and put up a fight. She treated the nasty cut I got to my leg and that was it. I never forgave her for what she had done, but this will be my revenge for her. To live with the fact that she killed my friend and I still protected her. After protecting her, she introduced me to her 'brother' and that is how I became part of a gang. No, no don't think we did anything bad, on the very conterary. We were the robin hoods of this age so to say. We robbed the rich and took their food to serve the homeless. However we never took everything, just enough to feed the hungry mouths. Or maybe I am romantizing my life? Well anyway, I became very close with Remco, one of our messengers. He and I had been rooming together from the start, he had shown me the ropes in the gang, introduced me, explained things. We became close, very close...

    My work for the gang became more serious, like Remco I worked my way up to a messenger. However I often saw mistakes, errors in plans and decided to brush them up. Remco had warned me to never ever do that, for a messenger had the great responsibility to carry over information. If any of that information was lost, it was the responsibility of the messengers. Yeah there was no such thing as 'don't kill me, I am just the messenger'. Of course people found out I had been changing messenges and I feared for my life. Remco told me we could run, that we would be save if we run, but I said I could not live as a coward. So it came to a big surprise when I was promoted as strategist, with Remco as my personal messenger. In the end I exchanged my carreer for my love, as things became troublesome. However we adapted, until I noticed that Remco became very nervous around me. Definitely when we were close, yes sexually close. When I asked about it, he would become angry and I was at the end of my wit. So I decided to tune in with the voices, oh yes I had learned to control that ability of mine. I knew that it was dangerous, that I might not want to hear it... and that was true. I recieved the worst message ever that night, as we were in bed. He was thinking of someone else. He was cheating on me and had no idea how to break things of with me as he was scared for hurting me. He still cared for me, yet he didn't love me anymore. The next day I told him I loved him and that I wished I wouldn't have made things so hard on him. I left at the age of 24, without any further message or explanation. I traveled from Venice to Rome when I received my message and I guess I am now going to Tokyo, Japan..."

    Self Introduction:
    "In at least 5 lines , tell us more about yourself , character , or even complain about humanity or etc. ."
    "You already know my name and my past. So I am not really sure what to tell you more. I have to say that my life has been a struggle, but it made me to the person I am today. I think the most important thing that you should know is, never lie to me. I will find out, one way or the other. And once you have lost my trust, there is no way to get it back. I will not look at you, nor speak to you. Betray me and you lose me, easy as that."

    Extra Information
    Name of parents:
    "Note that your character could be the offspring of a human and a God or even two Gods , whether Asian or Western."
    Father - "My father is Sancus, the Roman god of loyalty, honesty and oaths"
    Mother - "My mother is Veritas, the Roman goddess of virtue and trust"

    Inherited ability:]
    "What ability has your character inherited from their Divine parent(s)?"
    "As I mentioned before, I am telepathic. This means I can hear the thoughts of others in my head. In my younger years this used to be very overwhelming. However now I have learned to tune it out and concentrate on the thoughts I want to hear. I hardly ever try to use this power as it has hurt me badly in the past, sometimes even I like to life a white lie."

    Weapon used:
    "During a hand-to-hand combat , what does your character use to defend or attack?"
    "My dagger. I don't go anywhere without it. Though I am also trained in Mixed Martial Arts more professionaly when I was part of the gang."

    Character's Deadliest Sin and reason:
    “What is your character's most deadly sin that might cause their downfall and why? Please explain in at least two sentences.”
    "Pride I suppose. I don't view myself as a prideful person, but I do at times view myself to be above others. Especially those that break their words. I see my honesty as something that makes me better than others. I might as well be prideful in the way that I chose who I surround myself with, I don't give equal chances to everyone."

    Character's theme song:
    "What would you imagine your character's song might be?"

    Opinions on the others:
    "What does your character think of the other characters , monologue style? You do not have to include your own month."









    Aika Natasha Mizushima
    "She seems to be a very friendly girl. She is true to herself and towards others and I like that. She may have a bit of an explosive side, but haven't we all? I like the way she always sees a good side to everything and everyone, where I might be a bit of a pessimist. We might clash a lot, but I can see her as a valueable friend, I guess."

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  3. [​IMG]
    "It's okay if you hate me, I hate me too."

    Basic Information

    Name :
    Marcus Yvet Xanders

    Nickname(s) :
    Marc, Xanders

    Month :
    March 15th, 2016

    Age :
    14 years

    Place of birth :

    Ethnicity :
    German, Norwegian, Japanese

    Sexuality :

    Personality :
    + Sociopathic Tendencies

    Hobbies :
    Strategy Games, Brain Teasers, Traveling

    History :
    "Tell us more about your character and make sure to include any significant details of the past ."

    Extra Information

    Self Introduction :
    "Do I really have too?"

    Name of parents :
    Father - Odin
    Stepfather - Jared Xanders
    Mother - Clairette Xanders

    Inherited ability :
    "What ability has your character inherited from their Divine parent(s) ?"

    Weapon used :
    "During a hand-to-hand combat , what does your character use to defend or attack ?"

    Character's Deadliest Sin and reason :
    Pride, Wrath, or Greed?

    Opinions on the others
    "What does your character think of the other characters , monologue style ? You do not have to include your own month ."

    Character's theme song :

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  4. Basic information


    "I know I was supposed to do something today... Eh, couldn't have been too important"

    Name :
    "You don’t even know how many times people screw up saying my name… It’s Jocelyn Angelia Matthews in case you were wondering".

    Nickname(s) :
    "Joss, Jossy, Lynn, Mother Bimbo, Panda, I would rather not get into how I got those last two…"

    Month :
    I was born on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, I know, trust me… I know

    Age :
    "You should never ask a lady how old she is, but since this is mandatory I am turning 23 this upcoming May"

    Place of birth :
    "The True North Strong and Free, baby. I live in Canada, you know the place where we say “eh” after every sentence or how we ride Polar Bears to school, and other nonsense like that."

    Ethnicity :
    "Well my mother was born in India and my father’s family was originally from Holland, or the Netherlands, whatever floats your boat, so I guess I am a little Halfling."

    Sexuality :
    "I like men, but some days I wonder if it is worth it, putting up with them, so Heterosexual I guess"

    Hobbies :
    "What I love to do, well that’s the question of the day isn’t it? I guess I can say I love reading, you should be aware that there will always be some form of book on my at all times. I also enjoy singing, my mother says I sound like an angel, but I think most mother’s say that. I guess I can also honestly say I love acting, just the thought of becoming someone else, leaving my past behind for the moment, I don’t know, soothes my soul. Although I don’t do this as much, I love swimming, I practically grew up in the pool, at one point I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up, oh silly child."

    Personality :

    Good Traits: Compassionate, Kind, Protective, Family Oriented, Open, Listener, Observant
    Bad Traits: Stubborn, Sarcastic and Sassy, Lazy, Procrastinator, Slightly Sadistic

    My Rambling explanation of them

    "Well if we are going to psychoanalyze me, you might as well buy me a drink first, no? Ok. If you can’t tell already, I am extremely sarcastic, I guess it comes from growing up as the middle child to an over achiever of an older sister and babied little brother. Although I do complain about them, I love them dearly and if anyone even starts saying shit, well let’s just say that the claws come out to play. I am extremely over-protective of my younger brother, and those who cannot defend themselves, like children. I guess that is why I went to school to become a social worker, but soon found my calling as a Children’s hospital paramedic. I know shocker, those two jobs are pretty far apart, but I have always loved bandaging up people, my brother more often than not being my vict- I mean patient.
    One thing that most people don’t get is that I am an outgoing introvert, yes I can go out and be the life of the party, but I am more comfortable being at home, curled up with a book. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy going out, it’s just interacting without takes its toll after a little while.
    Now I have had many years to come to term with the fact that I am stubborn, I am a Taurus, who was born in the Year of the Ox, of course I am gonna be a total cow. Go ahead, take a few shots, I can handle it, the real question however is can you? What you sass out, you are going to get tenfold. Growing up with an overbearing mother who constantly criticized my every move, I learned to fight back with my words.
    However, I have been told I can be very compassionate, guess that comes from being raised in a Christian household. Treat others the way you wish to be treated and all that jazz that was shoved down my throat as a child. But the whole Christian values thing, when they aren’t persecuting everyone and everything, does have some strong morals that I like to think I follow. I mean family comes first, your career should come before the well-being of your children, you should know more about your child, than just their name and how they act around you, if they come near you at all.
    Now that’s not to say that my family were the crazy family that stood outside abortion clinics claiming that you’re killing humans and such, no, we were normal. We were the kind of family that was constantly late for church, since we slept in all the time, and didn’t get ready until the last minute. So I grew up as a procrastinator, and I learned to regret that once I started university and had to hand things in on time. I long for the days of high school when you could sit back and hand in that project a few days after the deadline.
    That’s all you really need to know about me, I like helping others, being lazy, and I guess I am family oriented, family always comes first. People have also told me I am a good listener and can help them “deal” with their problems, but I find that to be a load of bull. However, since I have been listening to people rant, I have gotten better at observing others and guessing their true emotions beyond what they say. I guess I am just good at reading the situation, or body language, but that could all be in my head if I am being honest. I have no problem listening to people rant about their life, I have two insane woman in my life, I think I can handle your BS just fine, thank you very much."

    "Where do you want me to begin? I was most likely the mistake of a drunken one night stand, and when I popped out left to fend for myself. I don’t know how exactly I ended up living with the Matthews family, but until my 19th birthday I thought I was their daughter. Imagine my surprise when my parents took me aside and told me the truth of my origin, and how I wasn't actually theirs. Sure my sister used to tease me when we were younger about how I was adopted, and that I didn’t look like the rest of the family, but I played it off as the regular sibling stuff. Turns out, she was right, my parents were not my real parents. Guess all of the reassurances about me being theirs was also a lie, the cover up of the fact there were no pictures of me when I was a baby, it finally made sense. The excuses that I looked like some distance relative that I had never even met, all the lies were revealed.

    "This was the day that they also told me I wasn't human, at least not completely... as far as they knew. Looking back on my childhood I could always tell I was different from everyone else, I just never expected this. For as long as I can remember I have always had this reoccurring dream where a woman is crying while holding me close to her. I thought that it was always mom, because I felt safe, now, well I know it was all a lie. One big fat lie to cover up the issue that I had been abandoned by my real parents, that they didn't love me enough to keep me.

    "Although I love my family very much, it is kind of hard to get past a betrayal of that size and magnitude. I am ashamed to say that I did rebel and treated my family trash after that. I got into fights and was a general pain to everyone around me, which up until that point, I was never like. My sister was the one who always acted out in anger, not me, I was the quiet middle child who occasionally made sassy remarks. It took me a good year before I could even hold a decent conversation with my parents, let alone ask for their forgiveness in the end. I had just made things right with them when I got the message asking me to go to Tokyo, Japan. At first I thought it was a joke, but my family convinced me to go, so I hope I am not making a mistake travelling half-way across the world, to a place where I don’t even speak the language."

    Self Introduction :
    "The name is Jaw-so-lin, not Joes-clynn, or Jossy-lyn, just Jocelyn, got it? I am a passive aggressive, little half Indian girl who likes long walks on the beach an- opps sorry, wrong sheet. I guess you can say that I get easily angered about the stereotypes associated with my people. Like how people come up to me and ask me how to say hello in Indian or something. I never even hear my mom speak any of the Indian languages she grew up with, she is so white-washed at this point there is no chance of me even bothering to learn about it. When would I even use it anyways, my mom’s family practically disowned her when she married my dad, so I stopped caring after that."

    Extra Information

    Name of parents :
    Jolly Matthews: Ah the woman that raised me, but isn’t my biological mother. I don’t care what people say, she is still my mom, the other one is just the incubator.
    Fredrick Matthew: Although he doesn’t say much, he is still my dad, and I do take after him a lot according to my mom.
    Alice Matthews: My dear older sister who made my life a living hell, but still somehow managed to worm her way into my heart, even though she owns that devil cat.
    Caleb Matthews: My favourite little squirt, I think my sister and I did quite a number on him, he actually respect females at his tender age of 14. I guess all the beatings did pay off in the end.

    Father- Dhatri- My wonderful Sperm donor, the Hindu God of Healing and domestic tranquility
    Mother – And the prize for the most neglectful fertility Goddess goes to the Hindu deity herself, Parvati.

    "If you haven’t guessed by now, I am extremely salty when it comes to my biological parents. I mean, how the hell did they even meet, or better yet even conceive me? She is all for devotion to her spouse, who clearly isn’t my father. Did they get drunk one night at a “All Powerful Beings Only” party and hook up? Was I just the result of a drunken mistake, I would kind of like some answers here."

    Inherited ability :
    "I do have this odd gift. I discovered it back when I was training to be a Social Worker and I found a child who had been beaten within an inch of her life on the streets. When I ran over to the poor child and touched her, she seemed to glow, and almost all of her injuries disappeared. The ability only seemed to manifest itself after I discovered that I was adopted."

    Weapon used :
    "Well normally I don’t fight, I would rather heal the injured, but if worse comes to worse I will use a bow and arrow to keep my attackers away from me, and if need be I have a hand pistol if they get too close."

    Character's Deadliest Sin and reason :
    "I find I am full of a mixture of sins, however my most prominent one that I have grown up with is probably sloth with wrath coming in at a close second. The fact I am usually unmotivated about most things until I feel the urge to get things done. The fact I can spend days not doing anything and leaving things to the last minute means I let things pass by me, important things."

    Character's theme song :

    Opinions on the others

    "What does your character think of the other characters , monologue style ? You do not have to include your own month ."

    January -TBA

    February - TBA

    March - TBA

    April - TBA

    June - TBA

    July - TBA

    August - TBA

    September – TBA

    October- Aika Natasha Mizushima

    Sarcastic? Well hello new sassy buddy. Join me in taking over the world on a pure sassy and sarcastic level, MWAHAHAHAHAHA... But in all honesty, she seems really nice, if a little too cheery, but there is nothing wrong with that... I really hope she isn't one of those "morning people" types.

    November - Erelius Augustine Accardi

    His eyes, that was the first thing I really noticed about him. They were closed off, but for some reason I could feel like he was in pain or something. He reminds me of the kids when I was a social worker, and that honestly is frightening, but it makes me want to try and help him, and get to know him better.

    December - TBA
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  5. [​IMG]

    " Ah? Did I say I cared? Well I don't. "

    "What is your full name ?"
    " Sophia Erik Astor. "

    Nickname(s) :
    "What nickname(s) have you been given ?"
    " Erik for my 'other' form, Star-Chan, and Cat-Chan. Don't ask me, ask my friends. " (Also known as the bitter ice princesses but... Ha maybe Iris isn't my parent but Khione is. Just kidding.)

    "Which month do you represent and on which date of given month were you born on ?"
    " December, I was born specifically on December 24th. Yes I'm well aware of Christmas. "

    "How old is your character in the year 2020 ?"
    " 22! Hahhhhhhhhh I wish. I'm 21. "

    "Where were you born ?"
    " The U.S. because English people and jobs. "

    "What are their parents' races ?"
    " Uh, my father is French and my real mom is Iris. So a BIT (not proud of being related.) of Greek. Weirdly I have brown eyes and black hair.... That's abnormal... I'm probably a tiny bit Japanese I suppose or something... My father never told me much before I left... "

    "What's your sexuality?"
    " Wowwww. I've never thought of this before. Uh. Demisexual is more likely than anything else, or maybe Asexual. Eh. I hate humanity somewhat. "

    "What do you enjoy doing ?"
    " Sleep. Eat snacks. Playing video games. Art. Writing. A) Don't you dare judge me. B) I get involved in sports also.

    "Like what?"
    " Uh, volleyball and soccer. I mostly play volleyball and soccer by myself. Hah. I'm a young adult. I don't need other people to please myself. "

    "What are your positive attributes and flaws ? Please name four for both ."
    " Oh. I have to? I guess so. To make this short and simple. Flaws I have, I'm sarcastic, being two-faced, being careless, and I have little trust or faith in most people. (Don't make me swim either. I swear...) My positive traits? I don't flip tables. Which means I keep my temper in check before I lose my mind. Honestly I can be caring when I want to. I just most of the time don't care to. Hoooo I'm stuck. All my life I've been told I'm a failure and a train wreck. Hum... I'm very focused and I never procrastinate. Pretty good baker. Also cooking if you consider scrambled eggs and cereal. (Yeah in my 'mode'? I'm worse. Believe me.)

    "Tell us more about you and make sure to include any significant details of the past ."

    " I've been cursed to look like a little boy when the new moon comes into the country or state I'd currently in. Since I've been a little girl this appearance of the boy in my curse hasn't changed at all. It was something I was born with my dad told me, or something I gained as I turned the nice age of seven. I enjoyed it at the age of seven being able to looking like a thirteen year old, but when I became fourteen it became a burden. It kind of looked like me but at the same time... Whatever. What's worse is that when in this form I don't turn back until the full moon! Kind of like a period. During these two weeks I usually demands snacks and never go outside. It's been always very irritating by the fact that this happens and sometimes I wonder why the heck it does. On these days my little sister wouldn't mind running errands for her (wise) older sister. I've often yelled at my little sister though out of concern and affection. Though my step mother became concerned that I was bullying her actual blood related daughter and soon hit me everyday repeatedly calling me a freak and a defect. I'd always have bruises so I soon switched to online school, still hanging out with my public school friends until the point of graduating college. (Which was about the age of 18, surprising huh? I couldn't wait to get out of that hell home. If you do the math, yes I graduated when I was 17. What's the surprise? There's younger geniuses than I.) Then they had jobs and husbands (They're only 21/22!?) to attend to. For goodness sakes there's so much war and yet they can live happily. Then again I tried to convince my father to bring my sister over to my old apartment whenever he could until my step mother ceased it from happening anymore. We still remain in contact and she's still the same but sometimes I can't help but envy her. Especially when my own birth father loves me but can't afford to protect me either. "

    She takes a deep breath.

    " Happy now? But hey at least I'm working as a writer. Yes I get money even in this time of age. "

    Self Introduction - By Sophia Astor
    Hello, my name is Sophia. I guess you could say I have a ragdoll cat named Chatte. Ironic I know. Haha, I just wanted something to remind me of my father... Let's just say I have a habit of going back into the past, and it's not very... I'M SORRY I KEEP TRAILING OFF! Um. Not that I care what you think. Um watch out for me? Also if you read my books isn't Derrick and Rina OTP? Oh woops! You should never touch me with water or your hands. EVER. Haha. I'm just going to leave...

    Extra Information - Typed on Form

    Name of family :
    Father - Isaac Astor
    Mother - Iris (Greek God)
    Little Sister - Susie (Susan) Astor
    Step Mother - Opal Astor

    "What ability have you inherited from your Divine parent?"
    " Strangely the power of illusion. Also sometimes... You know what forget it. That means I can project any image in my head and if I try enough I can (by touching.) show a picture of what's on their mind. I guess Iris? Again, my dad's at fault. I also can dig up memories and also project that image also. Isn't that grand? "

    "During a hand-to-hand combat , what do you use to defend or attack ?"
    " Ugh, talking about ruining all the tricks up my sleeve. Uh, dagger in my shoe, dagger in my sleeve. You get the point. Dagger heaven. Unfortunately I also have to take a... bottle of water.... Then I have my bow which I NEVER ever NEVER EVER EVER take. I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU FIND IT I WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. It uses water... Gah. "

    “What is your character's most deadly sin that might cause their downfall and why ? Please explain in at least two sentences .”
    " Envy. Let's just say I've had a rough childhood. I've always envied two things, happy families, and happy endings for other people. I just can't deal with that. I simply walk away and feel like the third wheel, they yell and it just... I guess? Happy endings seem impossible for freaks like me. So ha. "

    "What would you imagine your theme song might be ?"
    " Oh. "


    Opinions on the others
    "What does your character think of the other characters , monologue style ? You do not have to include your own month ."

    " Can I just say I hate all of humanity? Will that work!??! "
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