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  1. IC Thread

    A group of teenagers need some fast cash. They all have their own needs for it, some of them want to go to college, some of them need to get away from their parents. Either way, these kids decide to break into the house of the richest and oldest person in their town.

    Cordelia Hilliard is a 96 year old woman with a massive Victorian styled house and over five thousand dollars worth of jewelry and antiques in her house.

    The teens decide to break into the house at 6 P.M on a Friday evening. They would get in through the garden entrance in the back. It should have been a quick in, quick out, with each kid grabbing at least three things and getting the hell out. One of the kids had done some extensive research, Cordelia Hilliard's great grand nephew was supposed to be taking her out for dinner at 4 P.M and they were supposed to return a little after 9 P.M.

    But Cordelia's nephew had canceled and she had stayed at home. The teens didn't know that and soon after they broke into the house they found themselves in a hostage situation with police surrounding Ms. Hilliard's property.

    They have 12 hours. Will they surrender? Will they break under the pressure and go insane? Anything can happen, it's up to them.

    Rules and Regulations

    1. Five Spots Available
    2. Do not attempt to control NPCs. NPC reactions are made by me, the GM. (See Hostage spoiler for more details)
    3. Do not attempt to control the characters of other players unless permission is given by them and the idea is presented to me.
    4. Sexual Abuse backgrounds are not allowed. Emotional, Physical and Mental Abuse backgrounds are allowed.
    5. Post Requirements: Third person, past tense, and at least five sentences per post. You must be able to type complete sentences at an adept level.
    6. This role play is fast paced and will probably last three to five real life days.
    7. Posts that break the posting rules will be Disliked.
    8. At 6 AM in game, the cops will storm the building. (See Cop spoiler for more details)
    9. If you can't be consistently active, this role play is not for you.
    10. If you read the rules put 'Breaking and Entering" in your character sheet post, not in your 'I'm interested!' post.
    11. Characters should be age 13-18.

    Hostage Information (open)

    The Hostage is Ms. Cordelia Hilliard, a 96 year old woman with a large amount of wealth. She has 100 Health points, but 5 points will be deducted every 2 hours due to her old age.
    Some characters might wish to harm this character, but in order to do that a six faced die must be rolled. Follow these instructions;
    1. In the post where you wish to harm this character, click on More options
    2. Click 'Throw a dice'
    3. In 'Throwing a dice for' enter 'Hostage'
    4. In 'Faces' it should usually say 6, but if it doesn't put 6.
    5. The possible resulting number are 1-5, with 1 being the weakest given injury and five being the strongest. Whatever number is rolled with subtracted from the Hostage's health points.
    So...Tammy screams "Shut up!" at Cordelia and shakes her. A 3 is rolled. 3 points are subtracted from Cordelia's health points so now she has 97 health points.
    After every injury, I will post an update of Cordelia's health points.

    Cop Information (open)

    Cops will be called an hour after the teens break in. How they are called doesn't matter really, but if you really want to know, a neighbor spotted the teens.
    After the third hour of the teens being in the house, a cop will call and try to negotiate with the teens. If the teens can be negotiated out of the house, they'll simply be arrested and the game will end.
    If the teens cannot be negotiated or if the hostage's health reaches 10 points, the cops will storm the house and take out the teens. At this point everyone will need to roll a six faced die.
    If you roll a;
    1 = Arrested
    2 = Tackled by cop, receives minor injury, and arrested
    3 = Escaped and is on the run
    4 = Grazed by bullet and arrested
    5 = Shot in non fatal area and arrested
    6 = Shot in fatal area and killed

    Character Sheet - Use tabs format. Instructions for use are below.

    • *img* (Real Pictures Only) *img*

    • Personality -

      Reason: (For robbing house)

    • Brief Bio: (At least seven sentences)
      Family: (Age/Status/Role Ex: Greg, 40/Alive/Father)

    Instructions for tab format
    (Omit asterisks)
    [tabs*][*tab=General Information]
    [img*][*/img] (Real Pictures Only)
    Personality -

    Reason: (For robbing house)[*/tab]
    [*tab=History and Family]
    Brief Bio: (At least seven sentences)
    Family: (Age/Status/Role Ex: Greg, 40/Alive/Father)[*/tab][*/tabs]

    Alex Tomlinson
    Tori Rosenwood
    Vince Minnow
    Celeste Resin
    Archibald Huin-Zong
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    • Name: Alexis "Alex" Tomlinson
      Age: 18
      Gender: Female

      Aki REAL.png

    • Personality -
      Inner: Very caring for everyone, wants everyone to have a happy ending.
      Outer: Tomboyish and very cocky, pretty much a smartass. She does this to protect herself, her reasoning is that if you can't handle that then you're not good enough to be her friend.
      Fears: Getting hurt, emotionally or physically, never finding someone to be her Paramour
      Reason: To better the living situation for her and her brother.

    • Breaking and Entering
      Brief Bio: Alex's mother and father never married but still know each other to this day. Ever since she can remember Alex's mother and stepfather had always smoked pot. While she wasn't against this because they smoked it for medicinal purposes, she wanted them to start smoking less because they live where (I would assume) it's illegal. Her mother was out getting from her usual dealer, who had been discovered and made a deal with the cops, when she was arrested and jailed for possession/buying pot. Then her stepfather denided knowing anything so as to take care of Alex and his newborn son Chance.

      As time progressed, Alex's father became the father figure for both of them as Chad gradually spiralled downward into the lifestyle of a deadbeat drunk going from living in a decent sized single family home to a double wide trailer (hey at least it double wide). As for herself, Alex is an aspiring graphic artist slowly making her way into the industry with her works being used for advertising, but because she is under 21 the money goes to Chad, and he uses it to indulge himself. Alex then got herself a few part-time jobs which makes enough to pay the bills, and for food, but not much else. In her spare time she takes care of her little brother and together they watched survival shows in case they would end up homeless.

      Note: Alexis's nickname is Alex because when Chance started to speak he couldn't pronounce the extra syllable. So she suggested everyone call her that so she'd get used to it. Plus it fits her tomboy personality.

      Family: Chance-5/Alive-At her birth father's house/Little Brother; Cathleen 40/Alive-In Jail/Mother; Chad 37/Alive-Deadbeat Drunk/StepFather
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  2. @Akira
    Okay so everything looks good but do you mind calling the girl by her actual name? I find that having characters that have the same name as their creators, is a little creepy. Plus, there's no real explanation for her even having the name Akira.

    Edit: Also, maybe I didn't mention this in the first post and I apologize, but I'd like the characters to be highschool age so; between 13-18.
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    • [​IMG]
      Name: Tori Rosenwood
      Age: 16
      Gender: Intersex but identifies as female

    • Breaking and Entering
      Personality -
      Inner: Tori is filled with rage and disgust at the world. She thinks terribly of nearly everyone and prejudges people constantly. She has a sort of sadistic streak to her, as she likes seeing people in pain, whether it be emotional or physical. She wants to achieve her dreams so badly that she'll step on anyone who gets in her way and will never look back. She only wants to be a politician so she can gain enough power to reform the world to be safer for people like her and other people who are ostracized for being 'different'.
      Outer: Tori always manages to display a pleasant demeanor. She always seems to let insults and challenges roll off her back, as if she isn't bothered by anything. If she were interested in customer service she would be the ideal worker, as she never loses her temper in front of people. She makes herself out to be the good girl who never gets in trouble, always gets good grades, and never lets her anger do the talking.

      Fears: Never succeeding in life and achieving the lifestyle she desires. Being outed as Intersex.
      Reason: She needs start up money to get a foot in the door of the political world.

    • Brief Bio: Tori was born to Madison Rosenwood and Garrison Marks, she was the product of a one night stand but when her mother found out she was pregnant, Garrison decided to remain in her life to help raise Tori. The two never married but the family remained happy, until Tori turned seven and a trip to the doctors revealed that she was intersex. Her mother thought nothing of it, but her father was horrified that he had helped bring such an abomination to life. He was so disgusted and ashamed that he ran off during the night and never contacted Madison or Tori. Tori's mother was devastated and instead of blaming Garrison, she blamed Tori and from that day on she always kept her daughter at arms length.
      Tori grew up isolated from her mother and because there weren't many kids in her neighborhood, she had trouble making friends at school due to her lack of social skills. This characteristic made her a target for bullying and she was bullied up until high school, when everything changed. Suddenly people were more mature and accepting and she, the girl who had been called a loser for so long, suddenly became mildly popular.
      Tori embraced the change but she never forgot what she went through and who was the cause of it.
      In her sophomore year, Tori became interested in debating and politics, she wanted to make the world a better place for people like her who were ostracized and treated like crap. However, she didn't have much money and no one seemed to want to contribute to her cause.
      She began trying to accumulate money, but it was extremely hard for a girl with no work experience to get a job and finally she resigned herself to get rich quick scams. It was her who found out about Ms. Hilliard and arranged the robbery.
      Family: Madison Rosenwood; 46/Alive/Mother, Jake Rosenwood; 18/Alive/Adopted Brother, Garrison 'Gary' Marks; 52/Alive/Father (Lives in California)
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  3. I was 19 when I was in high school though .w. and it's still technically teenage age and alright, I'll take out the Akira thing. Or try to at least., I'm on my phone exchange until later tonight.
  4. Okay! Edited, let me know if I missed/need to change anything else. And I'll also be extending her personality later tonight.
  5. Are the changes I made fine? and are you going to put the banner in ad rotation or should i?
  6. @Akira
    Sorry for the late response and yes, please put the banner into rotation, Thanks for making it too!!
  7. You're welcome lol, and I was psychic for a minute there cause i just put in for rotation not even 5 min ago xD
  8. May i reserve a character!
    I'll have it up soon, I just don't want it to get filled up.

    • Breaking&Entering
      Name: Celeste Resin
      Age: 17
      Gender: Female

    • Personality -
      Inner: She's a huge masochist, though only in the sense of physical pain- not emotional. This is rooted from the disease she has that numbs her sensitivity. If you poked her leg with a pencil or stepped on her foot she probably wouldn't feel it. This highers her emotional sensitivity tenfold. She's emotionally unstable and can easily go from chill and laughing her ass off to simply... unraveled. The other downfall is that she sometimes simply tries to get hurt or puts herself in physically dangerous situations- not knowing she could get hurt since she rarely does.
      Outer: She's a crazy kid who does what she wants when she wants. From weed to getting wasted she's fine with it all. She doesn't identify as goth or emo despite her apperance. She loves to party and take risks and gambles. She's also a proud stoner who waves the fact she is around like a gay pride flag. She also loves art and music and is good at almost anything artistic.
      Fears: `Never Feeling Anything' Being Too Emotional'
      Reason: Because why not! It'd give her an exhileration high and maybe in this daze she'd run into something and feel pain. Besides, more money would fuel her extravagant clothing budget.

    • Brief Bio: She got hurt a lot as a kid. She'd do something and it wouldn't hurt so she'd keep doing it and eventually it'd backfire. Like the time she kept her hand on the stove burner for warmth and had to go to the hospital. She realized that her insensitivity to pain was weird around seventh grade and at tenth it began hitting harder than ever how different she was. But as a child she was vey danger prone but happy. Later on in her teen years was when she began expirementing with blades to see if she could feel pain. She was labeled as a emo for cutting and her dress. So she stopped doing that and began simply getting stoned in order to impair her judgement enough that she'd get hurt with reason so she could feel what everyone else felt.
      Family: Rayne Resin 41/Mother/Alive Ceaser Resin 45/Dad/Alive Sempiternal 13/Sister/Alive Kenny 2/Dog/Alive
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  9. I'd also like to reserve a character please! This looks really fun, and fast-paced is exactly the sort of contrast I need right now.

    It's late now, I'll get a guy up sometime tomorrow. Just thought I'd let you know I'm interested first!
  10. @Krimp
    Awesome, I'll reserve a spot for you. ^^

    • [​IMG]
      Name: Vince Minnow
      Age: 18
    • Breaking and entering
      Personality -

      Inner: A dangerous combination of carefree and thoughtless, Vince often finds himself in bad situations simply due to the fact that he does not think of the consequences until he's already in the middle of a bad situation. He's bright, and incredibly driven when it comes to his passion - the only thing stopping him from getting ahead in life is his inability to just think ahead.

      Outer: Vince's easy-going, 'go with the flow' demeanor makes him simple to get along with. He'll seldom get into arguments, and finds it easy to joke around with people, whether he knows them well or not. He's always up for anything, and will almost never question or criticize the actions of his friends; he finds it much easier to go along with things, making him a popular guy.

      Fears: Being stuck in his small town forever; he is desperate to achieve something with his life.
      Something happening to his hands.

      Reason: He heard a couple of kids from school were planning the robbery and thought 'What's the worst that could happen?' Needs cash for college next year.

    • Brief Bio:
      Vince's parents died in a car crash when he was three. He can hardly remember anything that happened in the months following: tear-blurred vision and an aching hole in his chest that just wouldn't go away are all he can recall now. With no family nearby and with no relatives close enough to the family that they'd actually want the small boy, Vince found himself moving through a string of orphanages and foster homes throughout his school years.

      It was at the age of 10 that he discovered his passion. The foster family he was staying with at the time had a piano, and as soon as he sat down on that polished wooden bench, he knew that he had found what he wanted to do in life. He soon moved on from this home, but saved for a cheap digital piano that he could move between homes. His lack of solid parental figures has led him to a high school life filled with drugs and parties, but he still remains fixated on his dream of being a concert pianist one day.

      Family: Erik, Father/Deceased. Lydia, Mother/Deceased.
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    Accepted. :3
  12. Oh! May I reserve one?
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  14. @Akira @Brøken_Serenity @Krimp @Dip

    Hey guys, so looks like we have five people now, but since this thread has been quiet for awhile, I'd like to do a little roll call. Like this post if you are still interested in rping, please.
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