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  1. Minor
    "If we want something, we should go after it, no matter what."


    In a split world, The Positives rule above all; people who claim that they are better than others. They live a rich lifestyle, wear fancy clothes, and treat others like the dirt beneath their feet, stepping on them.
    But what about The Negatives?
    Those who live in the more poverty-stricken areas, who work hard for what they want, who despise The Positives with all of their heart.
    You might ask: What caused this horrible feud?
    Well, the answer is simple: Extraordinary Powers.
    Yes, The Negatives were pushed away because of their abilities. Most may call it "jealousy", which was indeed the truth. They wanted nothing to do with the "Negas" and The Negatives wanted nothing to do with the "Posis".
    So what next?
    The Instability: A group of Negatives with the sole goal of causing havoc for The Positives and The Equilibrium until something is done about the injustice going on.


    The Positives (open)
    The Positives - High class, extravagant, people. They reside in the Adder-Zone: the richer side of the city. It is rare for Positives to obtain any powers and when they do, they are referred to as a Middle. This faction is led by Leader Zealand.

    The Negatives (open)
    The Negatives: Low class, thrifty, people. They reside in the Subtractor-Zone: the poverty-stricken side of the city. It is very common for Negatives to receive powers upon birth, ranging from mediocre to extremely powerful. This faction is currently leaderless.

    The Middles (open)
    The Middles: Less than a hand-full of Middles exist and they reside on the edge of the city, which many call The Lapse due to the fact that whoever comes close enough to the edge of the city, faint and lose their memory of ever being there. They have powers but are immediately thrown away as soon as they're discovered. The identity of this faction's leader is unknown.
    The Equilibrium (open)
    The Equilibrium: The authority of the city but mainly pledge their allegiance to The Positives. They show disrespect towards Negatives but still protect the city nonetheless. This faction is led by Leader Zealand.
    The Instability (open)
    The Instability: A shadowy group of Negatives who cause trouble for Positives and The Equilibrium alike. They plan to kidnap Zealand's son, Gareth, in order to make Zealand comply with their demands. This faction is led by Krei.

    Character Sheet
    Name -
    Age -
    Gender -
    Birthdate -
    Zone -
    Faction -
    Class -
    Power - (Blank if Positive)
    Appearance -
    Personality -
    Other -

  2. Name - Matthew Brett
    Age - 18
    Gender - Male
    Birthdate - 24/6
    Zone - Subtractor
    Faction - Instability
    Class - Negative
    Power - Matthew has the ability to make an aura of blue light surround his body that acts as heavy armour but as light as a feather. He his able to change the structure of it and make a limb grow to attack with it or create blades with it. It's only down side is it uses up a lot of energy so Matthew can only have it active for 30 minutes a every few hours or else he would faint
    Appearance -
    But with clothes that fit the time period.
    Personality - He's the guy who take a bullet for you but only because he knows he could survive, he is mostly a stubborn guy not listing to anyone once he's made his mind up. He will attack and possible kill anyone who either gets in his way of what he believes is just and that is currently what ever instability tells him what it.
    Other -
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  3. Just a few errors with your submission:

    1. Zone: There is the Adder-Zone, Subtractor-Zone, and The Lapse, but The Lapse is off limits for now.

    2. Class: The class refers to Negatives, Positives, Middles, and The Equilibrium. Your character is in The Instability so he'd be a Negative.

    3. Age: Lower the age to about 18 since there will be a time-skip.
  4. okay all done
  5. Great, accepted.
  6. Is this still active?
  7. I think so
  8. Actually, no.

    I'm shutting this RP down.
  9. Name - Alice Flake
    Age - 17
    Gender - Female
    Birthdate - February 14th
    Zone - Subtractor
    Faction - Negatives
    Class - Negatives/Negas

    Power - Alice has the power to manipulate and create ice and snow. Within her 17 years of living she has been able to become crafty with her powers, using them to create different objects for almost any purpose and situation (i.e., making a dome/wall of ice as a forcefield/shield; wrapping some sort of weaponry in ice for more endurance and impact; etc.)


    Personality - Quiet and reserved, Alice is not the one usually seen engaging with a lot of people. She is very friendly and cares about everyone in her surroundings, but she can be really shy and cautious. It takes a bit of time to gain Alice's trust, but when it comes down to danger she will not hesitate to jump in and help out.

    Other - Because of Alice's ice powers, she gets cold really easily. That's why she always wears her sweater even in warm weathers.


    This is my first time roleplaying again after forever. Really looking forward to this! (I hope this is still active cause it sounds really interesting)

    edit: oh, didnt see the post up there. whoops. well, it was a great RP idea that seemed like it would have a great direction (:
  10. I'm deciding to shut it down until further notice, it may still continue so don't get your hopes down. :dance:
  11. I'm actually working on another idea I have at the moment that may be weird, but I'm seriously liking the idea. It'll be up really soon. :angel:
  12. Ooh alrighty then, well I'm keeping that there in case. Hope to see that idea soon :DD
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