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    Title: 一期一会
    (def. one time, one meeting”, often translated
    as ”for this time only”, an encounter that only
    happens once in a lifetime, reminding us to
    treasure every moment, for it will never recur)
    Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Tragedy
    Rating: PG-13 | Warning: Not Historical Accurate ; Random Slaps ; Potatoes

    Members: s k u l l. & potouto
    Main Characters: Inoue Hisao & Ukiyoka Karin

    Meiji Period - the time when women in Japan finally have the chance to prove they are not completely useless without men. The moment when women begin to take up the roles that once were reserved only for the masculine side. This is also the moment when Geisha community becomes highly regarded as the people of art, turning it into one of many ways women used to climb the stairway of society rank.

    Life isn't full of glory and glamour. A War broke out shortly after, making men and women leave their home to defend what they find right. Seperating many families and couples, making many children become orphan and homeless, wasting many resources for a just cause. Like every tragic story, the war ends on a bright note. Life come back to normal as soldiers return to their home and family, or what's left of it.
    Inoue Hisao, once was a fresh face to the military, now a war soldier, returns to his hometown only to be pulled straight into celebrations by his friends and comrades. What he would not expect is to encounter the woman occupied his mind and heart during the earlier days, Ukiyoka Karin. Now they are nothing but strangers, if not a client and a geisha.

    Will old flames turn into ashes or burn brighter than before? May be it's a story that one need to read to know...

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  2. [Ukiyoka Karin - うきよか かりん]

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  3. [ Inoue Hisao - いのうえひさお ]
    Age: 24 Years Old
    Occupation: First Lieutenant​

    Personality: Disregard the general appearance -- eye-patch, narrow bright hazel eyes, and a tall muscular stature, Hisao is a clement man overall. His outer demeanor wards off civilians, secreting a venemous toxin, intimidation. His intimidating apparel is incompatible to the person he truly is, a benevolent man who is often described as a war teddy bear. The man is simply kind-hearted and overall sweetheart. He exhibits chivalry through his everyday life; helping the elderly with their daily chores and always puts a smile on a young woman's face. After the war, he held a strong tenacity on his sanity. He ventured away from the traumatic side affects that war induces. Most of the men he used to fight alongside grew dark and demented, the few that left in good terms held a good relations with Hisao.

    It's quite facile to conjure a strong bond with Hisao. The man is quite open to those who are willing to become closer. That bond will grow into something important, something unbreakable and will be taken seriously. Trust is a large factor in his life; one cannot simply break the chains of bonds with Hisao. To destroy the trust between themselves and Hisao will create problematic scenario's for themselve. In spite of his teddy bear personality, the war veteran bear no qualms with physical brawls. Though he would never put up his fists immediately. He has a brain that functions in positive vibes, he would be reluctant to hurt someone but would never back out once he had made a decision. He never backs out on everything, he'll put his heart and soul into it.

    Ambition! That is what Hisao kept his spirits up. Before the war began he was hesitant and a timid man, he was too scared to hold a weapon. The man he became later is an ambitious man. The war made him strive for victory, thirst for accomplishments, and work till his bone withered. The ambition spreads throughout everything he does. Once he accomplished his goal he'll move onto the next one, to get better each passing day.
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  4. EXTRA
    [Non-playable Characters]

    [Karin's Older Sister] Kimitomo
    Aside from your everyday seductress, Kimitomo's a doting older sister toward Karin, treats her like her own blood and kin. And being one of the very few people managed to get close to Karin, she's understanding and reasonable toward Karin, knowing her actions are not without a cause. Her intelligence and wit are what make her fascinating toward richer clients aside from her beauty. And all, Kimitomo is famous for many reasons, earning her respects in the geisha community and admirations from people of various classes of the society.
    [Teahouse's Mother] Tokiko

    [Hisao's Parents and Sister] The Inoue Family

    [Hisao's Friend] Hayashi Akio
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  5. [​IMG]
    “Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met.”

    And it all ended when the spring came
    Like the soft petals
    Fluttering away in the wind

    [There were whispers near and far that the soldiers had came back from the war, and now they were ready to celebrate their grand victory.]​

    At least, rumors were true and everyone could breathe easily now. At least, that was a good news to hear. With everything happened before, war and fight did nothing good, only the innocence were left to endure the scars and lost came from the battles. The thoughts have been running around her head ever since news was announced. Even until now, before another night of works, it still occupied her mind. "Meaningless." She sighed before putting on the next hair ornament on her hair.

    "To remember is the same as to forget..."

    The celebration was the bustling, at least, behind the scenes where no one would see beside those who lived here. Nothing was different, these soldiers - according to the mother, were treasured guests of the house and should be treated with earnest respect and care. For others, it was a day of joy, happiness and absolute glee, but Karin couldn't help but feel a bit anxious inside. Her eyes briefly focuses on the window, she quietly enjoys the little calming atmosphere before another long night.

    "Kikuyo?" - Faint voices of her big sister, Kimitomo, came from the other side of the door caught her to immediate stand up from her spot."Yes?" She immediately answered, blinking twice before she regained her composure. "Time to go, others are waiting." Karin found herself work up over nothing causing a sigh unconsciouly came out. "Coming." She straightened her attire, quickly checked to see if there was anything missing or misplaced. Once she was certain that nothing gone wrong, Karin took her way out of the room with the others. Quiet, as always. Nothing came out except the sounds of footsteps and faint music came out from each room.

    Though, there was little to no time to idle and observe the surroundings. She moved on with others to the front of the guest's tea room. Somehow, the moment she stepped on the wooden floor of the hall, a nauseous feel took over her. Rather than her well-being got affected, it was a gut feeling she sensed. Confused with the current state, but she knew that she musn't let it took over her so she brought her attention over the others. There are four people, including her and Kimitomo. The other two, she didn't know much about them or was she ever cared to know. She will perform her dances tonight, and her older sister will play the music.
    "You never know where fate could bring you..."

    Become a work of art like how geisha supposed to be, she reminded herself before receiving her fans from Kimitomo. Those were a pair of fans with golden texture of elegant flowers on it, resembled the very beauty each of them posessed. She spaced out the moment her eyes were on the fans, admiring their beauty for brief moment. Her older sister seemed to notice her strange behavior and made a comment about it. "Is something wrong? Are you nervous?", to which she quickly denied and shook her head. "No, it's nothing." Has this concerned her enough to appear on her face that easily? Or may be Kimitomo just knew her very well.

    "If that's the case then..." Kimimoto opened the slide door, letting two others get in first and looking back at her. "Time to work, Kikuyo." Karin glanced up at her once and nodded the proceeded to enter the room. A deep breath escaped her lips before the guests came into view, she didn't take a chance to look at them before she got on her knees while being introduced to the guests. Has she been observant, may be she wouldn't be as stunned when she lift her head up, facing the person she had hoped to forget.
    "Memories come back to life at the sight of a familiar..."
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  6. [​IMG]
    A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

    ostalgia coursed down his thoughts. An unforgettable memory replayed in his thoughts over and over again. His hand intertwined with another woman's hand, so soft and gentle. Her hand caressed his cheek, his heartbeat increased its speed, his cheeks had a pink pigment, yet it all vanished before his lips could make contact with her's. Disillusioned once more by a mere memory. Why must all good things end so quickly? A few more moments is all Hisao prayed for.

    The ship released a low pitch, which boomed loud enough to reach the docks. Hisao had his eyes on the harbor where minuscule citizens waited eagerly. His fingers curled around the railings of the ship, eager to return to Japan. From a distant memory, he remembered the day he was shipped off to a far away land where he fought. It was a heartbreaking moment, but all wounds heal with time. The corner of his lips turned upwards forming a big smile. Sudden physical contact made his smile vanish, he turned to his right to see a friendly face. A hand was placed on his shoulder by a man, Akio. "Ah, it's so good to be back home!" The man said loudly. Hisao chuckled softly, "Yeah, I'm excited to see my family." The large smile returned to his face.

    The two men engaged in a lengthy conversation pertaining old memoir's of their younger years in Japan before being deported. An hour long conversation came to an end shortly after the ship docked. Hisao felt his heartbeat increase, just like the memory. He followed the line of soldiers rushing to leave the ship. As his feet went flat on Japan's soil nostalgia hit him harder than expected. He remembered the docks, they never changed. The fishermen boats, the same elderlies scattered around speaking of the daily catch or gossip, and families that worked at the docks. Today there were crowds of people waiting for their sons, fathers, husbands, or siblings. Hisao's scanned the crowd with the only good eye he had left. His family was spotted in the back of the crowd. Without hesitation, he jogged towards his family member -- the first to greet him was his younger sister. A petite girl, with long obsidian hair that was always styled. His sister hugged him tightly, his hand stroked the back of her head. He looked up to see his father with a crooked smile, revealing his lack of teeth. "Welcome back Hisao." His sister's voice was muffled. "I'm back Kaiya."

    Her long slender arms released Hisao and she positioned herself back to her father. Before his lips could open Hisao was interrupted by Aiko's booming voice. "Hisao myself and a couple of men are-" Heretofore Akio finished his sentence Hisao canted his head implying his family was present. Akio bow low rose slowly from his bow, "Inoue-san, Inoue-chan."

    "Hayashi-kun." His father returned. "Well, Hisao I shall return home. Tomorrow we shall celebrate your return." He watched as his father and sister be lost in sight. "They left." Hisao looked over at Akio who bowed low once more. Quickly, the man's head popped up. "As I was saying, myself and a few other men are going to enjoy ourselves." His eyebrow raised up and down. Reluctantly, Hisao looked down at the ground, stared at his shoes for a moment. "I-I suppose..." He muttered softly. In spite of his inaudible answer, Akio pulled him into a small group of men. Being reacquainted with other men in different stations.

    There was an unsettling feeling in his stomach. The guilt inkling manifested in him. As he walked with the men into the city the tightness in his chest put his heart into a compact box. That uneasiness had him put on a strenuous countenance.

    "We're here!" A voice sang out from the small group. Hisao looked at the flourishing geisha establishment, beautiful flora and fauna prospered the structure, lights hung up illuminating the walkway. He watched as clients walked in and out with a goofy smile. The dubious events behind the beautiful structure left him nauseous. He followed the group into the establishment with an uneasy stomach and a stoic mien. Within the teahouse, the hostess quickly came to service to them. With only eye contact, the men have decided to split up into groups of three; Hisao stuck with Akio and another man who called himself, Kazue. "Follow me." Her voice was gentle yet clear cut, there was no mistaking her words. The three followed her, two eager, and one reluctant at each step.

    A sliding door opened, the hostess gesticulated towards the room. Hisao was hesitant to enter -- he was never the type of entering a teahouse, he was always anxious. In courtesy, he slipped off his shoes and entered slowly. His two comrades sat down impatient to see the geisha. The sound of the sliding doors opening once more had his heart panic, there was no going back nor could he conjure up an excuse. He had his head faced down on his lap unable to explain his rudeness. His comrades introduced themselves, their voice sounded excited, like a young boy exchanging words to the opposite gender for the first time. Hisao lifted his head up to show his courtesy to the geisha. It left him breathless when his bright hazel eyes looked into her's.
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  7. うんめいがわらう。
    Fate is laughing.


    "And when those eyes met once again...
    everything seemed to stop to admire the heartful reunion."

    The language she has been using for her whole life came out muted. May be she was dreaming or may be not, the only answer she heard was silent. What woud one say in a situation where they meet the person they once loved. Though surprised and scared of what he would say to her after she left him with no reply ever since that day, she put on her mask with gentle smile to help her overcome these emotions. Her line of works was more or less about acting and performing, forcing herself to betray her feelings was a daily routine. And tonight will be no different than any other day, she consumed that thought before returning to reality.

    Everyone else have moved toward the guests and began to pour the drinks. She hoped to avoid him but seeing others has chosen different clients to serve, Karin had no choice but to approach him and quietly did her job. Hisao — as much as she preferred to not look at him right now, a glimpse of him was caught by her eyes. He has changed, or at least, that was her judgement based on his appearance. Had she not known the person he was before, she would be intimidated by his look. Little thoughts confused her as she continued her works. He wore an eyepatch, he never had one before. What happened to him during those days fighting on the battlefield? If she hadn't cut off their relationship, may be she would know.

    Questions, wonders and many negativity mixed together inside her. Though, in conclusion, she brushed it away since this was something like a mere coincidence for her. "No need to stress, this is fine." Words spoke in her mind however quickly forgotten the moment she met his eyes. There was nothing in the world could manage to describe that moment. She simply knew that behind that changed man, the person she once cared deeply still remained. And that was enough for her to forget how to breath. She could have looked away, but instead she lingered for a sec or two. Only to ended up feeling regretful right afterward, such desire could not be granted for someone in her position.

    Once they finished settling up the food for everyone, Kimitomo and the girls made idle chatter with the guys while Karin quietly created her own conversation with a guy named Akio, and almost everyone else while avoiding Hisao. She was acting strange, and she acknowledged of that, may be it would be overlooked as his look made her feel intimidated. “In order to celebrate the fullest, we have planned for a little gift today.” Kimitomo announced, or at least, spoke with a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. At the sound of that, Karin knew that it was about time for her to perform her dances. “Today, one of our most prized flower, Kikuyo, will show our dearest guests her famed dance, Kyoka Suigetsu (鏡花水月)‘

    These words — flower in the mirror, moon on the water, like a reminder about geisha themselves, she thought to herself as the light dimmed. Only the fluttering candles's light brighten up the stage where she performed as she retreated toward it. The name of the dance itself reflected on the story behind it, the beginning was slow and graceful. So as her movements mimicked on the more peaceful days of her life during her childhood or the very first days of being a meiko. Happy memories flooded back, her eyes softened, directing a gentle gaze toward Hisao. The melodies of the shimasen Kimitomo took up to play once the performance started was as soothing and relaxed as Karin's gestures. But then it shrieked, and she stopped midtrack. Showing the actions of pain and lost of a person when knowing something — someone, they loved so much might be unreachable.

    It was heartbreaking, yet empty at the same time. Every captivating moves portrayed an events thorough the story. The process of enduring the sadness and depression, having to live with it when her position wasn't allowing that to happen. And the fall of the story, where everything came back to the melancholic silence again. Recovery was not easy but possible, and she has moved on. And the dance ended there as the music died down. Or so everyone thought.

    She danced once again, without music or any vocal to back her up. But her gestures alone sang more beautiful than any voice. It was a doubt that the story yet to end, the joy and sadness mixed about the reunion between those who once loved and cherished each other. And it was finally over, the room brightened again as she pulled herself out of the place as fast as possible. For she didn't know what would happen if she stayed any longer. She dared not to make a mistake this time, not letting herself to fall back once again.
    “それでも君は 悲しいほど 大事な人”​

    — still, you are so precious to me that it makes me sad
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  8. 過去 は 戻れない。
    The past will never come back.

    The name escaped his lips, left him breathless. He felt his heartbeat race erratically - unsteady hands and an eye that widened. It was as if time stopped for a brief second. Hisao spoke nothing, yet, the words dangled from his lips unable to formulate themselves into a proper sentence. This woman had taken more of an effect than he did on her. A hand was placed on his shoulder. With a swift turn of the head, Akio gave him a weak smile, almost abashed by his friends reaction. Gingerly, Hisao grew embarrassed and sat up straight reverted into his proper stance. A hazel orb studied how she's grown and matured. The memories enwrapped around his brain, brought back those warm and lovely memories. The youthful days that brought them together.

    The dazed look in his eyes snapped when Karin approached him pouring tea into a ceramic cup. His fingers twitched on his lap, an urge to caress her cheek. Before he could bring his arm up she quickly fled from him. Disillusioned, he bit his lower lip as he looked down at the cup of tea. The steam secreted from the surface blowing a gentle steam on his face. The tension grew palpable between himself and Karin. He pondered if anyone else noticed, possibly not. There was the difference today and the past; the romantic feelings were not reciprocated through the other end. The love emitted from his heart never traveled to her. Did they not reach? Were they forgotten? Hisao caught her eyes looking at him. His heart skipped a beat - his face had a pink pigment.

    His thoughts kept him occupied. To his surprise, the food was prepared for them. He looked down at the well-plated food though his stomach didn't yearn for food. He looked up to see another geisha. His heartbeat raced for a moment believing it was Karin, instead, it was another woman. Hisao worked up a smile. Forced both corners of his lips upward. She spoke softly, words came out fluidly, the geisha introduced herself with grace. He picked his words carefully - he responded kindly at the woman. From the right, he could hear Karin's voice through Akio's. It was arduous to not sneak a glance at the two. Disobeying himself he took a swift glance at Karin and Akio; the man had a goofy smile on his face as Karin spoke to him. The shred of jealousy began to expand in his heart. An ugly emotion that occupied his heart for the time.

    He avoided looking at Karin and Akio for the time being. He only exchanged words with the geisha accompanying him. They spoke very little, just simple chatter. She inquired about the war and his current state, he would respond with small answers. They kept a formal tongue not diverting into casual speak. Their conversation broke when one of the geisha's announced an event. The name Kikuyo held no significance to him. There was movement from the corner of his eye when he turned his body to the source he caught Karin rising. The stage was lit dimly for her, the instruments strings were plucked which emitted a beautiful sound. In wonderment, he watched as each movement she made was graceful. The music flowed beautifully with her movements, corresponding to each note. The tranquility was thwarted by a shriek. Everybody's eyes went toward the geisha who played the shamisen. Hisao kept his attention on Karin.

    The grace descended upon a darker story. The dance portrayed desolation; the emotions of jealousy uplifted from his heart to be replaced with despondency. Every ounce of confidence and happiness drained from his body. The pink pigment vanished from his cheeks. The music gradually picked back up in a soft tone. Hisao watched with a deadpan mien. With a heavy heart he watched her continue, the pain in his heart nearly brought him to leave the establishment. The man was not aware of dances and the story that was hidden behind it. The story that unfolded before him was their story.

    'Was it only me who thought of you? Was it I who saw you everywhere; In the stars? In the river? Was it only me that thought you were everything that existed?'

    The notion had his heart broken. When he actions came to a halt he heard the other soldiers complimenting her. The noise grew quiet, to muffled, to silence. There were no words spoken that could reach him. He could only observe Karin leaving before his eye. Her name hovered over his lips, he wanted to say it again, he wanted her to stop running, he wanted to be with her once more - just like the past.

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