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  1. Iwaku says post to forum.

  2. Erm...

    Hello there O.o
  3. Hi! I'm Rubix :) You should try telling us a bit more about yourself :o Well, no matter what you do, I hope you enjoy your stay at Iwaku ^_^ if you want to meet some cool people and just chat, I'd recommend going to the cbox.
  4. Hi there... well this is awkward...
  5. ∪・ω・∪

    Posting in the forum. Again.

    Hi! I'm Hobo! I am a newbie! Um.. Now that I've covered the basics.. What to say, what to say..

    Okay, I'm 16, I'm a girl (*ノ・ω・)I haven't roleplayed much so I don't really know what I like or dislike, but I've done anime roleplays before, like a Mirai Nikki roleplay where I was Yuno.. And that was fun (=^・^=)

    I've also done yuri before.. With my friend.. So I can do that haha.. o(◡‿◡✿)

    So basically: hi ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ I hope we can be friends, like this:( ^^)人(^^ )
  6. Re: ∪・ω・∪

    I do remember you posting in the forum earlier.

    It also feels like I've seen your name before..-shrugs.- Oh well.

    Welcome to Iwaku. You haven't role-played much?
    It's alright, there's a variety of genres, surely you'll find some you like.

    If you're looking for some friends or just to hang out, stop by the
    CBox. That's where most our members reside.

    Any other questions or such, don't be a stranger..Ask away!

    See you around.
  7. Re: ∪・ω・∪

    Hi, Hobo Ma'am.

    Welcome to Iwaku, the forum will be glad to have you.

    My name is Tenchi-Roku and once again, welcome. I'm the local ninja and I'm here to assisst with anything if you need it.
  8. Hey and welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope that info Juku gave you helps!

    Enjoy your time here! =D
  9. Daww cute text faces~

    Welcome, Lady Hobo. I am Iliana. Glad to see you here!

    Stop by the
    Academy since you havent role played much! These exercises help you get down basics with no pressure! :D
  10. Hi newbie Hobo! No worries, we'll get you up and roleplaying in no time. Have fun!