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    [[ ❝welcome to the world... where the moon only shines.❞ ]]
    a b o u t m e.
    hello! my name is Bawri (bawh-ree) and i have
    just started RPing! i started out mostly w/
    my friends but now i want to branch out! : o

    i have skype if you're into RPing on there, but i
    do very much enjoy this site so far! i am looking for a
    partner who shares my interest and morbid and
    dark topics here in this thread. ALSO. if you
    are /not/ into darker things, i will
    be making a "solar" version as well.

    pls note that i do not
    want any replies in this thread. thnak u.

    please tolerate me OOC, usually my typing is waaay out
    of wack, i misspell almost everything but that's just my
    personal style : o

    i'm basically very interested in a long term partner to
    RP with!! if we get rlly into it i will probably be more
    active than if not : ooo

    yes, i do type in proper sentences in RPs if you were wondering :3c

    g u i d l i n e s.
    01 :
    respect me and yourself ! you're awesome (& so am i) !!
    02 : please talk to me OOC at one point or another! i love new friends o/v/o
    03 : please tell me before you drop the RP! i won't be too offended : o
    i'll add more as i see fit...

    currently i am running low on ideas, but anything dark/mysterious/thriller is fine by me! shoot me a PM ! : 3c
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.