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    "Hello, it's the 11 o' clock express! This is Arisu," he paused, waiting to see if the there was someone at the other end. "How can I assist you today?"


    That's what Arisu had, after he bullied that boy who used to be his friend. Not because he was sorry, but because he had to serve many hours of community service. Before he was found out, he would get up early every morning and fix up his brown colored hair. He would get out his bag of makeup, and apply the eyeliner. He had the will to reapply it everyday, due to a quote he heard on television.

    "Aren't you tired of blacking your eye?"

    "Laziness cannot overcome self expression."

    He would bully the innocent, with his head held up high. One day, he got in trouble. One of the boys committed suicide, and he was found responsible. Arisu met with government officials, and they subjected him to community service until he was no longer a minor.

    Every single day, at 11:00 PM, he was to answer phone calls. The phone calls were random, and could be from anybody.


    To join, include character photo.
    Character can be someone who answers phone calls or someone who calls the phone line.

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    Sherlock woke up from another night terror his heart began to race as he looked around his fairly large room decorated with anything and everything Pokémon. He settled down once he realized he was safe and that he was in the burn section of the Hospital.

    He touched his hand to his face and flinched when the sensitive skin throbbed. Despite it happening back when his friend had killed himself his face and wounds never truely healed. He was told that the skin had been burned in a certain way were he would be forever sensitive there. And he had zero percent chance of healing.

    He looked at the mirror at the grotesque right half of his face making him look like a crazy bad guy in a superhero movie. His purple eye flicked to the small clock on his nightstand "Hmm...its 10:58....." he stood and limped towards his phone that sat against his wall near his door.

    Picking up the phone he dialed the number for the one responsible for his friends death.
  3. "Ring! Rinnng!" Arisu wondered why in novels, phones supposedly made that noise. The telephone in front of him obviously didn't do that. Ah, here's comes the first phone call for tonight. Another cocky brat to listen to, for hours among hours. "This is the 11' o clock express, and my name is Arisu," he said, clicking his tongue. "How may I help you today?"