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  1. * Sign-Ups are extended to Tuesday. *If you need additional information on groups such as skill-out, judgement, anti-skill or information on a magician character for a CS please refer to the links. Information about Academy City will be posted in OCC later on. *

    IC Roleplay: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/a-certain-magical-roleplay.104953/

    The World of Science
    The world of Science relies on logical thinking, evidence, and knowledge to function. It is concerned with explaining the phenomeon of Espers and nature altogether. Its crowning jewel is Academy City, with is know for its scientfic innovation and technology. It lies in direct conflict with the world of magic which is based on faith. Below are key terms and concepts to understand to world of science.

    Espers are those with powers. They are able to change reality into their own, which coins the term personal reality. Espers control a particular aspect or phenomenon of nature. For example an Esper who controls all electromagnetic phenomenon, can manupliate electricity and use it for a variety of purposes. However, the Esper cannot control any other aspects of nature besides the one they are assigned to. Their powers are also detrimined by their level, which ranges between 0-6 A level one Esper will be much weaker compared to a level three or four Esper in their abilities to control a aspect/phenonmeon of nature. The highest level an Esper can reach is six although there has been no one documented with this ability. Therfore, level five is the highest an Esper can realistically achieve. Espers also have a high capcity for mathematics and physics since they have to calculate many factors to use their powers.

    Espers Levels from 0-6

    Level Zero, "Those with no Powers" - As the title describes, a level zero esper has very little or no ability to manupliate an aspect or pheonmeon of nature. For example, a level zero Esper cannot move a paper cup substanially if their power is telekenisis. They are often bullied by other espers and refered as those who cannot catch up.

    Level One, "Those with Low Powers" - Unlike level zero Espers, level Ones can manupliate an aspect or phenonmeon of nature. They are able to use their abilities for convenience rather than combat. A level one Esper can move a paper cup or spoon freely, but cannot move heavier objects, if their power is telekensis.

    Level Two, "Those with Unusual Powers" - Similar to level ones, level two Espers have a small amount of control over their powers. However, they are stronger than level ones. For example, a level two esper can move a heavier object such as a chair or vase if their power is telekensis.

    Level Three, "Those with Strong Powers" - Unlike level one and two Espers, level threes can use their abilties sucessfully for combat. They possess a greater control over their powers. At this point Esper start to become respected as an elite. A level three Esper can move and propell a large table, television or bench if their power is telekensis.

    Level Four, "Those with Great Powers" - Like level three Espers, level fours can use thier powers for combat. However they have fewer restrictions and greater control over thier powers. A level four esper can float, move, and propell an object no large than a car if their power is telekensis.

    Level Five " Those with Super Powers" - The highest level that an Esper can realistically reach. Level five espers have little restrictions of their power. They can engage military formations with ease. Level Five Espers are highly regarded for their powers. A level five esper can float, move, propell, and acclerate objects no large than several cars if their powwer is telekensis.

    Level Six, " Those with Absolute Powers " - A level six Esper has no restrictions with their ability. Their powers are even greater than a level 5 esper. Since none exist, there is no example to proivde.

    * Do not use the examples listed as a guide for limitations. PM if you have any questions on your Esper's Abilities.

    Examples of Espers in Combat








    Personal Reality, allows the user to utterly ignore the Uncertainty Principle, and with regards to the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment, would allow them to choose the possibility they want. Personal Reality distorts the space around the user to a different set of laws. Espers completely depend on Personal Reality to use their abilites. Personal Reality also reflects the user since it ais based on their personality/powers. Its growth depends on the Esper's calculating ability. Thus, levels play an important part in Personal Reality. For example, a level one Esper's Personal Reality will be vastly weaker to a level five's.


    In order to gain their powers, almost all espers must go through a specific curriculum often integrated into the school curriculum called the power curriculum program. This program aims to unlock the potential to gain supernatural powers through attaining their own Personal Reality. Before the test is taken, a contract is signed that allows a student to make money. The higher level they are the more money they make and the more prestigious schools they are allowed to enroll in. However, this comes with having to participate in more experiments and research. Through a series of tests, studies, lectures, body stimulations, drugs injected directly into blood vessels or the brain, and hypnosis, a person's brain can be modified so that they can unlock their very own Personal Reality. Along with this students are taught quantum mechanics as well as various concepts concerning AIM as to educate possible future ability users. Going through the program changes the circuitry the body runs on, which is why espers are incompatible with magic.

    * Get it? *

    A Gemstone is a natural phenomenon where an esper has obtained their power without going through the power curriculum program and are naturally developed. Their powers tend to be much more difficult to describe than normal, and emit larger amounts of AIM than artificially produced espers. A common theory for their existence relates them to naturally produced diamonds. If something can be created artificially, then, under the same circumstances, it can be created without human intervention. Most residents of Academy City despise the idea of someone gaining powers without partaking in the power curriculum program. They are extremely rare, their rate being 50 in 7 billion, and thus are highly sought after by other countries hoping to develop their own espers.

    The World of Magic

    In direct contrast with science, magic refers to supernatural happenings that cannot be explained logically and defy the laws of reality. Magic is a complex system of arts, disciplines and traditions that are grounded in laws and knowledge that are beyond replication or explanation via technology. The roots of magic can be traced back thousands of years, where the main purpose was that people without powers wanted to be able to do what those who had powers could, these people with powers likely being Gemstone espers.

    Magic is based off what is called 'idol theory', where the magic is based off of another source such as mythologies, religions, folklore, fairy tales, or any other existing entity. This is done where an imitation of the desired object is imbued with magical properties and gain the some of the originals properties. The object does not need to be an exact replica, but the closer it is to the source the more powerful the magic. For example, one could create a spiritual item based on Mjolnir, the hammer of the norse god Thor, and that item would have some of its properties. However, it is also known that effects on the original can affect the replica and vice versa. An obvious downside to idol theory is that if one were to discover the source material of the magic being used, they could easily discover the weaknesses as well.

    Mana is the power source magic relies on and is present in all forms of life. Even non-magicians have mana, but without the knowledge of magic it is practically worthless. Mana is incompatible with the AIM that espers emit due to the inability of the body to process two different power systems, causing the body to become severely injured. Though a magician can easily channel mana through their bodies in order to perform spells, it is much more convenient to focus that energy into an object. When an object of some sort is imbued with mana through a ritual, it becomes what is called a 'spiritual item' and posses magical properties on their own. Spiritual items are often used as they can enhance the potency of a spell, and example being using a spear when using magic based on a story involving a legendary spear. The spear is not absolutely necessary, and certain items with the same shape and function can be used in its place (such as an umbrella), but details being closer to that of the intended item decrease the odds of the spell failing and makes it more effective.

    Having its roots in western religions angels are described as extremely powerful beings. Angels cannot be understood by the world of Science. They can deal immense damage and destroy entire cities. Angels can be created either divinely or artifically by conetrating AIM Fields in one locations. In order for an Angel to appear on earth they must have a medium to live through, if it's destroyed then the angel will disappear. Angels are said to be chosen by the Christian god, and their purpose in his will. The apperance of Angels are very rare, but when they do arrive they are extremely dangerous and difficult to manage.

    Saints parallel level five espers in power, within the world of magic. There a very few saints within the world of Magic, only twenty exist since a saint must be chosen by the Christian god. A saint uses Idol Theory for their powers but also possess superhuman strength and speed, channel large amounts of mana, and their replicas are stronger than a magician's replica. However these abilites have their limits, if a saint is careless with their physical strength, they ran the risk of destroying themselves. In addtion, Saints are prone to attacks that mirror how the Son of God was killed such as being stabbed or crucifixes. When one is born to become a saint they are said to follow a predetimined fate. They are more alligned to the Christian god than others and therefore enjoys these powers.

    A Grimoire is a book that contains esoteric knowledge and extremely powerful magic spells and are harmful to all who read its contents. What is written inside of a grimoire is of a different world, and contradicts common sense and of a knowledge that is far too alien to be safely comprehensible to any normal human. The contents are said to be too pure and can destroy the mind of any who read it which include saints. A grimoire doesn't necessarily need to be in the form of a book, and can be on stone tablets, scripts, or scrolls as well as other forms. Grimoires cannot be destroyed by any means and act as an auto powered magic array, being able to decode and automatically cast interception spells written in itself to protect against any attack. In order for a normal person to use the spells of a grimoire, a person would need to write down a watered down and simplified version of the magic present. Only those of considerable skill can read the contents of a grimoire, few people with such skill existing. Due to their status and power, grimoires carry considerable political pull in the magic world.

    Runes are used to cast spells and perform magical rituals. A rune is represented by the runic alphabet which has its roots in Germanic languages. Runes are used on rune cards, they can only perform magic related to its type and number. A magician most use multiple runes for their spells as a result. A magician most also supply mana to the rune to function and leaves a trace, an experienced magician can pick these traces up and locate others. Runes can also be used for communications and even tracking.

    The four elements are what is believed to be the basis or constitution of which all things are composed of. In both Eastern and Western Religion there are four elements each, and each element has a direction, color, and guardian. These are used to set up magic arrays-a design often drawn as a circle but can be created by arranging objects- that, in accordance with idol theory, allow the user to harness that specific element. Magic arrays can be printed on paper such as rune cards or on the ground and allow for the use of elemental magic easily. Using all four elements with specific symbols and set ups allows for various spells, such as spells that create an unconscious feeling of anxiety that ward people away from a certain area or one used for tracking. Being aligned to a specific element grants a magician greater power over that element, and changing your appearance to match the element helps gain favor through idol theory, such as dying your hair red for the element fire. Below is a table listing the elements for Western and Eastern Religion.
    {th}Guardian Archangel{/th}
    {td}Archangel Raphael{/td}
    {td}Archangel Michael{/td}
    {td}Archangel Gabriel{/td}
    {td}Archangel Uriel{/td}
    {th}Guardian Deity{/th}
    {td}Seiryuu the Azure Dragon{/td}
    {td}Suzaku the Vermillion Bird{/td}
    {td}Genbu the Black Turtle{/td}
    {td}Byakko the White Tiger{/td}


    Magicians are those who specialize in Idol Theory. They are capable of casting spells and teaching them to others. Magicians cannot also be Esper, since they rely on Mana as their power source and cannot use personal reality. Magicians are adept at using mana and suffer less when they fail to cast a spell compared to an Esper. Magicians are split between eastern and western religions, they use their spell from the religion that they are in. Magicians also have the advantage of using different powers than an Esper, which gives them a greater variety. However magicians relay on idols, if the idols are discovered and destroy they become powerless.
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  2. *WIP*


    Name: Setsuko Akiko

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Weight: 130lbs

    Height: 5'3 ft


    Setsuko is extremely withdrawn from others, she strays away from her classmates often sitting alone in class. She usually stays at in the back of the classroom, avoids conversations unless it's required, and remains quietly. Most get the impression that Setsuko is mean-spirited and anti-social from her behavior. Setsuko doesn't mind this reaction from her peers, and views it as even a benefit. Although Setsuko is a kind soul behind her behavior she does not allow anyone to come close to her. Setsuko closely guards the fact that she is a level four esper, since most of her classmates are level twos with a couple of level three espers. Setsuko limits herself and sucessfully tricked her classmates into believing that she is a level one esper.

    Setsuko's personality is deeply affected by the past events that lead to her becoming a level four esper. She was enrolled into the Power Curriculum Program, where Setsuko suffered greatly to become an esper. Due to the effects of the program her brain was permentally altered. Setsuko's cannot articulate her words since her brain is unable process the informatio,. If she tries to speak her words will be an incoherent jumble of words. In addition, Setsuko also suffers from sharp migraines. She takes painkillers daily which also makes her feel lethargic most of the time. However, her calculative abilities are extraordinary high, surpassing the processing power of even the most advance calculator.

    Setsuko relies on writing and sign-language to communicate towards others. Which places another barrier towards social interactions. Setsuko occupies her time with board games and studies. She has grown accustomed to being alone overtime. Setsuko also enjoys nature she usually goes to park in Academy City when she gets the chance. It provokes her curiosity about the natural world. She aspires to learn more of it, and sees science as a viable way of understanding this. Thus, Setsuko is alligned towards the science side although she holds no grudge against the world of magic.

    Overall, Setsuko remains damaged from her experienced of the program. She fears getting close to anyone, since Setsuko believes she will cause them great harm. Setsuko's sees her lonliness worth the cost of sparing others of her issues. She goes through great lengths to control her emotions and cope with the aftermath of the program. Setsuko's main strength is her calmness, deception, and restraint. While she is seen as anti-social, lonely, and a weak-willed ndividual by her classmates.


    +Board Games



    General Skills:

    Human Calculator- Setsuko is able to calculate complex equations, formulas, and functions easily. She can also measure any natural factors which includes heat, temperature, pressure, and wind speed. This allows Setsuko to distance herself between her and the opponent which is a vital skill.

    Strategist - Setsuko is well-aware of her physical weaknesses. To compensate she carefully plans out any senario mentally. Her calcuative abilities allow to assess any new information throughly and recognize the opponent's weaknesses.

    Self-Control - Setsuko's grasp over her emotions helps her cope with stressful situations and act rationally instead of panicking. This is also important consideration in combat since her ability requires great focus.

    Deception- Setsuko's is skilled at down playing her esper abilities. She can make her abilities seem extremely weak and immitate other abilities also. This allows her the element of surprise.

    Affiliated Group:


    Esper Power: Level Four Photon Manipulator

    Photons carry energy, they are both a wave and a particle. Light is created from photons as it reflects off the surface of an object. Setsuko is able to control both the particle and wave aspects of photons. She is able to alter the direction of photons by controlling its wave. She is also able to concentrate the amount of photon within the area and redirect them. Her ability requires her to make complex calculations over a short period of time. Which Setsuko is capable of performing with her calcuative ability. Her abilities are divided into four sections since it is a versatile ability.

    1. Light Distortion - Setsuko can manupliate and change the direction of photons. By this process she is able to change the apperance of an object. Setsuko can alter the apperance of where an object is located while the object stays in its original position. These makes located Setsuko visually extremely difficult since she can distort the apperance of the enviorment. This ability acts as her primary defense, since Setsuko is physically weak she depends on deceving the enemies' eyes. Setsuko can also create images using photos, however the images last for only a couple of seconds since it is difficult for her to mantain.

    2. Light Saturation -Since Setsuko can control the direction of photons she can concentrate them into a small space. Since the amount of photons is greater more light and heat is produced. Setsuko uses the light energy to produce a blinding flash which can damage the enemies' sight temporally or permently depending on the concentration. Setsuko can also focus photo into a extremely small area and focus them at an object, creating a super-heated wave. However both abilities require a fair amount to function and aim at the opponent.

    3. Light Deflection - Setsuko can make an object invisible by redirecting all of the photons away from the object. Since there is no photons to produce light the object cannot be seen. This ability is risky since it puts a heavy strain onto Setsuko. In additon, if her concentration is broken, the ability becomes impossible to use. Setsuko can make an object no larger than book invisible for a short amount of time.

    4. Light Cannon - An extreme form of light saturation, Setsuko focuses a large amount of photons and stimulates it creating a laser. The laser is superheated and creates a thin layer of plasma around it which can cut though metals with ease. A large amount of heat is produced, so if the opponent is able to evade the attack they can still be severely burned by the light radiation.
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  3. EDIT: I'm pulling out of the roster for private reasons, but I hope you guys have fun. I'm going to leave Mia's CS here in case @Iallcsz wants to repurpose her or anything — or I can delete the post to get it out of the way if needed; just send me a note. Anyways, thanks for the fair shot.

    Original Post (open)
    I can't resist this — curse your fantastic explanations, @Iallcsz! |D

    I've always preferred science fiction over fantasy, but Toaru Majutsu no Indekkusu managed to entertain me despite magic being blatantly magicky; maybe it has something to do with the deliberate nature of magic's mechanics, instead of this freebie "I cast Magic Missile into the darkness!" business. x3

    Tomoki Mia ♀
    18yr — 49kg — 153cm
    Class █ Unaffiliated Mneumancer

    [ Profile ]
    Admitted into Academy City last year, Mia has maintained a low profile for much of her career in the power curriculum. She had initially sought a role in Judgement, betraying her alignment, but found herself more involved in her academic pursuits. She demonstrated an interest in linguistic anthropology, often torn between that and her skill training. It became clear very quickly that she would either dig herself a hole of perpetual indecision or find a slippery slope of success between the two.

    Outwardly, she is an alien; some mistake her for an introvert, incorrectly reading her typical silence as disinterest in socializing. She is understood by her instructors as a highly alert and deeply emotional auditory learner, with a particularly acute AIM field — though there does not seem to be a strong correlation between this and her skill as an esper.

    Mia happens to be an adept illusionist, sometimes found performing street shows in which she fools pedestrians with a variety of tricks for their entertainment. Finding her during one of these spats is a good opportunity to observe her internal personality, as she is far more expressive when in a playful mood.

    She does not appear to have any family or friends which are with her in Academy City, but she is an avid study buddy, and is an effective tutor. Her peers are often caught off guard by her lackadaisy demeanor even in the presence of academia. While some resent her for it, most find it relieving and don't mind the usual invitation to karaoke that follows despite the fact that she is notoriously awful at singing.

    Easily provoked into subtle jubilance, Mia is equally sensitive to matters of her own history, flagging her as the type of person who came to Academy City to get away from things back home. It is assumed by many of her peers that she is the victim of some sort of heinous act, as she has a strong aversion to unexpected physical contact and has never once made a lewd remark as far as anybody can recall.

    [ Mneumancy ]
    The summoning of memories in one sense, and in the other the manipulation of said memories. Both apply to Mia. Before coming to Academy City, she was essentially an oblivious empath, sensitive only to extreme emotion correlated with imagery which never quite made sense. Upon diagnosis, however, it became clear that what she was really experiencing was the present emotion associated with a past memory.

    It is understood that she possesses three primary aspects that define her particular realization of mneumancy:

    1 ■ Radius-Variable Retroempathy — Mia is at all times sensitive to conscious emotions associated with memories either implicitly or explicitly; she is unable to target an individual or easily distinguish one mind from another, limiting her in public settings. The primary aspects that will grow with her training are the maximum range she can sense at, the fidelity with which she can control that range, the accuracy with which she can distinguish one mind from another, and how well she can interpret the information.

    2 ■ Contact Neuromancy — Facilitated exclusively by skin-to-skin contact, Mia is able to read, obscure, falsify, distort, copy, and otherwise manipulate the memories of another individual. No change is absolute, and there is always an opportunity for a target to recover their previous state of mind, though the transition will often be confusing and full of uncertainty. The target's emotion is the primary barrier for her, meaning that somebody who resists her or is deeply attached to an affected memory is most likely to successfully repel her.

    If her manipulation fails for any reason (effective resistance, too much complexity, physical restraint), all potential modifications are dismissed, and she is likely to suffer neurofeedback resulting in sometimes-incapacitating shock, depending on how extensive her machinations were. With training, she may improve her resistance to neurofeedback, her ability to overpower resisting or deeply attached targets, the complexity of her manipulations, the endurance of said manipulations, and the strategic value of her intuitive choices.

    3 ■ Unstable Memory Realization — How and when this particular aspect occurs is not very well understood, but it appears to be associated with emotion, either hers or that of those within her retroempathy radius. The only way that she can demonstrate this ability intentionally is to apply contact neuromancy to a consenting target and attempt to perform a complete memory dump (something far beyond her capacity to do). Whether the room starts to chill a little bit or if a semi-truck spontaneously appears and drives through a wall is totally unpredictable, and as such she has been discouraged from practicing this ability until she is more disciplined.

    While rare, this aspect does appear when she or somebody within her retroempathy radius experiences intense emotions associated with a memory (that is, not just 'danger', but something like a PTSD episode or an intensely joyful memory). Unfortunately, Mia is typically caught off-guard and cannot usually suppress the resulting realization, nor direct, filter, or otherwise control it. However, she has shown improvement in small amounts since coming to Academy City, and as such is likely to eventually develop this ability into a stable, deliberate skill.

    [ Sample ]
    There was a young girl on a country road, clad in her light-up sneakers and boasting a ragged Hello Kitty backpack, likely a hand-me-down from her step-sister. On her way home from school, little Mia basked in the warmth of the naked Sun, which didn't even bother to cover itself with a few whispy clouds, today. Word around town was there'd be a dust storm this afternoon, but the air was so stale and silent, Mia didn't believe it. Scuffing her heels kicked up more dirt than all the wind for a mile could in thrice the time. Of course, the dull hum of a distant engine would probably brag if she planned on making a competition out of it.

    A dull headache had been bothering her for some while — probably since she passed the last crossroads. She worried it might be another ear infection rearing its ugly head, and took a mental note not to forget to say so to her step-mother. Eager to get home in time to wave her father off before he shipped over to the Korean peninsula again, though, she trudged onward.

    Then her hands were cold, and the Sun seemed to shine less gold and more dully glow, as if she looked upon it through sunglasses. The air felt as if it had floated away, but her ears didn't crackle and pop: A gust of wind that nearly launched her straight into the air was the last thing she felt before — why, she never was in Kansas to begin with, was she? It was the cold wind that she felt most of all. Looking around, she saw only details, like her eyes were shoved into the lens of a magnifying glass. A boot, something crunchy — she heard whistling both from behind her ears and in her mouth — and then a dog, whose face was clear as a photo. She reached down to pet it, but her hand was meaty and callused.

    Shocked, she pulled away, turning just in time to see a rotted-blue pickup truck swerve right before her into the picket fence on the side of the road. Doubly terrified, Mia didn't move for several moments, though the wind slowly died down. It was only the frustrated moaning of somebody in the vehicle that compelled her to react at all. She rushed over to offer some help, and found some old man lying over the steering wheel. By the way he muttered, she could tell he was having trouble getting out. She reached through the window and opened the door, trying to get in position to help him out of the truck, but he had already done half of the job for her. She instead offered to help keep him steady as he extracted himself from the seat. The man smiled at her warmly.

    In hers was placed a very familiar wrinkly, arthritic hand.

    I've left the esper rank intentionally blank so the character can fit in whichever power level is most appropriate for this RP. Just let me know and I'll update it! :D

    I've got the anime cleared, but I'm ignorant of the manga, so as far as knowledge of the canon, that's about where I'm at. ^.^;

    Anyhow, thanks for putting this up, Iall. I hope all goes well with it! :3
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  4. Appearance:


    Name: Saito Kenji

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Weight: 68 kg

    Height: 1.7 m

    Personality: Calculating, disciplined, methodical

    Likes: Alcohol, martial arts, mechanics

    Dislikes: Fighting

    General Skills:
    -Martial Artist: Kenji is a master karateka and teaches at his own dojo in Academy City. While primarily a karate practitioner, he also knows techniques from judo, hapkido, taekwondo, and Krav Maga from associating with other martial artists. He trains Anti-Skill and Judgement in personal defense, hostage scenario, third-party defense, and perpetrator incapcitation techniques.

    Affiliated Group: None

    Esper Power and Level:
    -Ghost, Level 1: With concentration, Kenji can alter how light and wavelengths affect him, causing an illusion of refraction. Visually, this makes his body seem displaced slightly, usually by a few centimeters. Normally, Level 1 powers are not useful in combat. However, Kenji is a master martial artist and even a few centimeters of displacement enables him to delude his opponents into striking an optical illusion and leaving them open to a counterattack. He can also use this ability to make his strikes appear to come from unusual angles, when in reality they are not, thus exploiting an opponents' instincts.

    Biography: Kenji grew up in the countryside, where he learned karate from his father. The family dojo had been in the clan for generations, dating back to the early 1900s. As the youngest son, he had only a remote chance of inheriting the dojo, so he left his hometown when he was twenty-five to found his own school in the city. Academy City was defintitely a change of pace from the quieter, slower pace of the country and was a huge culture shock. Over the last five years, he had yet to truly embrace city life, but enjoyed teaching the younger crop of students entering his school. He became good friends with many members of Anti-Skill and Judgement after being hired to teach their members basic combat skills. He developed a reputation for being a stern and demanding perfectionist, a father figure to younger students, and a man of contemplation. He tried to live a peaceful, nonviolent life and ascribed to the belief that martial arts were meant for defense, rather than fighting.

    Writing Sample:

    Saito Kenji locked up the dojo for the evening and headed home. He felt refreshed after showering in the lockers and a change of clothes and his muscles had that slow-burning ache of a good workout. The classes today had a good energy to them. It seemed like his students, even the newer ones, were finally developing to the point that they were comfortable in their abilities. Quite a few were espers, but he was quite strict in making sure that his students didn't let their differing power levels lead to arrogance. He himself was a mere Level 1, but none of his students had managed to ever land a solid hit on him during sparring.

    He was thinking about the training agenda for tomorrow's training session at Anti-Skill. The division commander requested another session in hostage scenarios for the veterans, hoping to glean some more advanced techniques from him. Saito was more than happy to provide the lessons. Anti-Skill served a necessary function in protecting the citizens of Academy City, after all. The fact that the division commander was a tall, confident, and attractive young woman was also a factor, if Saito were being honest.

    It was during his renumerations that Saito felt rather than saw or heard four figures following him. He took in a steadying breath as he maintained his pace and easy stride. There was an intent behind these four that made him wary. He stepped into an alley and was unsurprised when four muscled thugs followed him in. The alley wasn't a spur-of-the-moment choice; it was narrow enough that they had to enter two abreast. That significantly reduced the number of opponents Saito would have to engage at once, if it came to that.

    "Can I help you, gentlemen?" he asked serenely, hands open at his sides.

    "Yeah, you can give us your wallet," the lead man said, drawing a gun and pointing it his way.

    Damn, Saito thought. "I don't want any trouble," he said, raising his hands up and approaching slowly. His wallet was in one hand. "You can take it and go."

    The sound of sirens caught all their attention. One of the thugs in the back, panicked, blurted out, "Che! Boss! Cops are comin'. Off the putz and let's go!"

    So much for doing this peacefully. Saito saw the shfit in the lead man's beady eyes. The arrival of the police changed the dynamics of this encounter entirely. He would use the gun for sure to expedite things. Saito closed his eyes and acted. He threw the wallet at the lead man, distracting him momentarily and giving Saito the opportunity to take the gun in a single, swift motion; one hand behind the hammer, one under the barrel - twist and pull. The lead man's trigger finger snapped. Saito tossed the gun behind him and used the momentum to spin on his left foot, his right extending into a powerful reverse sidekick that snapped the lead man's sternum in half and sent him tumbling into the filth of the ground.

    Saito assumed a relaxed stance, left foot in front, hands up, shoulders down. "I don't want any trouble," he said again, his tone sharp.

    "Get 'im!"

    The remaining three rushed him with abandon. When one tried to punch him, he seemed to only catch air, though to his eyes he had struck Saito's face. "What the hell!?"

    Saito was all over him. Hook to the xiphoid, hook to the jaw with the same hand, leg kick to the hamstring, palm to the throat and into a push to the ground. "That's two of you, now. Leave," Saito growled.

    They didn't listen. The remaining two continued their wild assault, each time seemingly hitting Saito, but somehow only catching air. When they tried to defend against Saito's counterattack, it seemed like they were blocking his lightning-fast fists and feet, but the pain of his blows came some a few centimeters higher or lower than expected. A head shot instead landed on the ribs. A kick to the chest instead landed in the groin. The thugs had no idea what was happening, why the man before them seemed to be in places he wasn't supposed to be.

    The fight was over in less than a minute. Four men were sprawled on the ground in various states of pain.

    Two Anti-Skill officers appeared at the entrance to the alley. "Huh? Master Saito? Is that you?"

    "Oh, Shinriji, good evening," Saito said calmly, adjusting his coat.

    Shinriji smirked at his handiwork. "These guys picked the wrong man to mug, huh?"

    Saito shrugged, saying nothing. "I'll leave them to you, officer. I'd just like to get home, if you don't mind."

    "No can do, Master Saito. Paperwork, you know. Gotta file a report."

    Saito sighed and relented. "Of course, of course. You'll be at training tommorow?"

    "Oh yeah! Wouldn't miss it for the world."
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  5. [​IMG]
    "The future... always look towards it. Don't back down."

    Mikaboshi Mirai | Female | 15 years old | 60 kilograms | 190 centimetres


    Mirai is a gentle giant, to say. She really cares for others and is willing to lend a helping hand to those who have gained her trust. She is the very opposite of brutal, and is unwilling to harm others due to petty reasons. She is very well aware of her great power, she does her best to control her real weakness - living in a world of cardboard, or really weak wood. Or cotton. That means she is trying her best to hold in her true strength, only to let it all out when the time truly comes, for she knows that the world is more brittle than she is.

    Friends and foes alike can feel a motherly aura from her, due to her care and concern for the safety of others. She is always there to comfort or lend an ear, but will not take physical action in any way despite her power, unless truly neccesary. Most of the time she would say 'At the end of it all, it is your fear to face. Not mine or anyone else's'.

    She is not into violent mannerisms, but at times, she is forced into violent mannerisms. This is her 'bad side', the side you do not wish to see, the side where she will not hestitate to fling her greatest punches, the side where she does not care about immense collateral damage. This trait is triggered when there is something or someone to protect, or when she is on the verge of death. Like mentioned earlier, she is not a petty person, and has a good, easily-controlled temper, always smiling until her anger point hits the roof.

    If one is 'lucky', one might see the side where she is sad, the side where she sobs while in private. She sometimes feels 'cursed', as she calls it, but doesn't explain why or what her problem is, until it actually comes. She feels a certain loss when expressing this emotion.


    Mirai enjoys simple walks in the park to cool herself off on fine days, often bringing a camera along to take some photographs. She often enjoys playing or chatting with her shorter friends, finding amusement in them and caring for them like a parent to a child, or a... sister to a sister.

    Her favourite foods include cheese and ice cream, cheese ice cream only tastes better!
    She loves her family, even the half-sister who despises her.


    She dislikes discrimination, especially so from her half-sister Dokeathlon. She also doesn't like being called 'overgrown' in any way, indicating a height complex, as she is ridiculously tall for her age. She is not fond of showing off her true power, claiming it is due to the collateral damage it can potentially pull off, and rarely, saying it is a 'curse'. She also dislikes violent acts displayed by others.

    The one thing she hates the most - loss. Leaving. She cannot bear to see someone leave and never return, sometimes crying it out in private if they are really important to her.

    General Skills:

    Her 'training' as mentioned later was a martial art very similiar to Taekwondo, which was how she managed to control her gravitational capabilities. She also knows a little Judo and Karate.
    She has an extent of Greek Mythological knowledge and knows how to deal with such.
    Her mathematical skills are elevated, and naturally, her physics as well.



    Esper Power and Level:

    Mirai is a Level 5 Gemstone. She has a unique Esper ability dubbed as Supernova, which is capable manipulating gravity. At Level 5, her maximum capabilities are that of an entire city, a city about the size of one of the humongous Academy City's districts. At usual levels, it takes on a range of a 0.5 kilometre radius, although her basic attacks use much less.

    In order to create spherical, small-scale celestial bodies, she first manipulates gravity in order to generate a gravitational centre around a nearby spot, usually within her hands. This gravitational centre will start off by attracting less dense matter such as hydrogen and helium in order to strengthen the gravitational core before it is capable of attracting denser substances like oxygen and rocks. These allow the formation of small-scale stars.

    Her primary offense is to create what appear to be spherical structures that have about the same composition ratio as our sun, or at times, a theoried star, at smaller levels of course. These stars are still pretty hot, a small one being about 40 degrees Celsius, and a 1-metre diameter one being the boiling point of water. Charging the attack for a second makes them have a 10cm diameter. Charging them for 10 seconds give them a 20cm diameter. Charging them for a minute gives them a 1 metre diameter. Charging them for ten minutes gives them a 5 metre diameter. Charging them for an hour gives them a 10 metre diameter. After that, the sphere remains the same size and any more charging is insignificant. She calls these 'Tamaboshi' for some reason. Upon collision with a target, they will explode if the opposing force is greater, or will continue to move forward if the target is about the same size, or exerts a smaller opposing force. These 'Tamaboshi' have a minor extent of gravitational pull which has been made even more insignificant due to the Earth's gravity. Depending on size, they explode after travelling a certain distance, and produce different levels of impacts. Before explosion, they absorb some extent of matter before doing so, thus resulting in punctured walls and ripped clothing, and for much bigger ones, half-eaten vehicles. They can be weakened before they begin devastating things.

    She can even create 'Tamaboshi' that do not even reach a millimetre, at faster rates even. This results in the creation of very small galaxies, of about up to 10 metres in diameter. These galaxies are to be tossed at opponents or even opposing attacks, sometimes used as quick barriers for protection.

    After creating a planet or star, she can manipulate its gravitational pull if it is within range, enough to overcome the Earth's to some extent. The bigger the sphere formed, the greater its maximum gravitational pull.

    These are not the limits of her gravity manipulation capabilities. She can manipulate the gravity of herself, as well as any non-moving object within a 200-metre range(provided she has time to concentrate. Moving objects need to be immobilized temporarily first.). This allows her to alter her weight and the weight of other things, in an effort to perform stunts she calls 'Graviton Skipper', which allows her to jump to great heights, and 'Graviton Buster', which is basically a great slab of weight smacked onto the opponent.

    Additional, she herself can act as a gravitational core, causing objects with smaller mass such as bullets or arrows or even tiny animals to revolve around her like a satellite around a planet, even redirecting them back. This ability is known as 'Orbital Cannon'. The maximum mass that can be carried by this orbit is about twice her mass. She can only initiate this ability when she is not using other abilities. Plus, she will begin to feel nauseous if this is used for more than half an hour without rest inbetween, due to using herself as a gravitational centre.

    She can even manipulate gravitational cores elsewhere within a fifty-metre radius, and allow said core to have its own orbit that can hold up to many times her weight. A greater mass like a car is more likely to evade orbit and be compressed into the centre, allowing a strengthened gravitational core. Once again, she can only hold this up for less that 20 minutes.

    Her signature move - Big Bang - uses quite a bit of energy, and is not recommended. Basically, she starts the attack off by rolling up into a ball, the core of a celestial body, before various bits that are chipped off from the surrounding environment form a spherical crust around her as she levitates above ground. This attack charges for 3 of my posts. After which, the sphere explodes while leaving Mirai intact, causing smaller 'Tamaboshi', which are much, much more concentrated than her usual ones, to go all ballistic around the area, causing great collateral damage, as well as damage everyone within range. After the disaster, Mirai gains a 'power up' as she seems to have turned into a hovering celestial body and source of light, with the ability to veil her appendages with the same substance as stars without suffering self-imposed burn or toxic damage. Most of her other abilities are enhanced, and she can utilise 'Orbital Cannon' with her other abilities, even at a greater rate. This state is known as 'Supernova'. However, the longer she keeps this up, the more she digs into a mindless, berserk state and a greater imposed pain.


    Prior to Mirai's birth, Mirai's mother, Anastasia Creta, lost her first husband to what she recalls as an Esper-Magician hybrid project. At that time, her first daughter, Dokeathlon, was traumatized from such a loss, and deemed the concept of Espers as fiendish, antagonising them. Afterwards, she married a fellow partner of hers, Mr Mikaboshi, in order to give her child a stable family. They had another child they called 'Mirai'. The family of four lived happily for quite a while. However, they were not aware of what Mirai was until later...

    Mirai's parents, as well as her extensive family on both sides, were users of magic, capable of utilising the power of ancient Greco-Roman Titans and beasts due to their European lineage. When Mirai herself was born, Anastasia and Mr Mikaboshi wished to teach her magic at the age of 7, but found something wrong when she started to feel odd after mere minutes of practice.
    They soon discovered that she was a Gemstone, an Esper who had naturally occuring powers, after she displayed the ability to jump superhuman heights without emitting any signs of mana, alongside a few other traits of superhuman athletics. That meant that she could've internally bled if they went any further in magic training.

    Her parents didn't know how to feel about this, but she was still their daughter, and they still loved and cared for her. As a result, through affiliation, they found someone to train her in combat from time to time, since they themselves could not teach her the ways of magic. Her half-sister Dokeathlon, upon hearing about this, was angered, heartbroken, crestfallen, many things but relieved or happy. She just could not accept that the kin she once adored was a Gemstone, an Esper, the product of natural science, the very essence of the experiment that caused her father to die from great blood loss. She began to stray away from her sister, and by extension, her family, trying to become stronger alone, instead of accepting the state of her own kin.

    Mirai noticed that her sister was starting to feel a little distant from her. One day, her sister just said 'IT'S YOUR VERY EXISTENCE, YOUR NATURAL VILE BEING, YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT, AND I WILL NOT CHANGE HOW I SEE YOU EITHER! I WILL NOT ACCEPT AN ESPER, A MONSTER, AS MY SISTER!'

    Her sister left home a week after that. Despite her family member leaving, she still tried to remain positive, tried to keep a smile and tried her best not to be swayed by her sister's words, believing that some day, she would return and accept her.

    The day Dokeathlon, the treasured friend and sister of her childhood would learn to love her once again, once again in the future, will come. She could not be weak, and must stay strong.

    Through training and combat, Mirai rose up and became a Level 3. With that, her parents felt that it was best for her to live among fellow Espers for the time being, as opposed the living alongside magicians, since she might accidentally learn and use magic at some point. They sent her to live in the great, advanced City - Academy City - where she started her Middle School Years at the age of 12. Now, she is a Level 5 with tales to tell, and a sister waiting to meet her once again...

    Writing Sample:

    "Sister, why are you doing this? After all these years of seperation, you still insist on despising me?"

    Standing before Mirai was her half-sister, Dokeathlon. Dokeathlon had recently conjured a great, gold-furred lion before her.

    "I am unwilling to accept this. I have tolerated this for six years, and now I must end you. I do not like Espers, but for one of my kin to be one... we must fight. We have to fight. There is no other way to end this."

    "I do not wish to fight," Mirai speaks as she charges a flaming, orange sphere in her hands, "but if we must, then I guess I have no choice." With that being said, Mirai conjures and tosses her attack, aiming for the lion's face. The golden lion, however, charges forward, then slams the sphere to the ground as its paws touched it, gaining no pain.

    "No... it's... of course. I should have known. The Nemean Lion," Mirai was in a little shock, "you are the Dokeathlon after all."

    "Maybe if you had magic, you could utilise the Adamant weapon Harpe," Dokeathlon proceeds with a chuckle, "but you don't! Now, I hope you're prepared. Maybe in the afterlife, we can actually be happy again, and I don't have to hate you anymore. What do you say?"

    "Dokeathlon, the Twelve Labours- no, Sister, I can tell that you actually still-"

    Before an answer could be provided, the lion was ready to pounce onto Mirai. She evaded the attack by launching a quickly-formed volley of stars to the opposite position in which she intended to go, in an effort to propel herself. The lion was partially caught in the volley, and thus, was pushed to the side as well.

    As the lion recovered, it began to chase Mirai around the district. The big beast roared with terror resonating from its lungs. The big bad pussy cat just didn't know when to give up. This was very far from the reenactment of one of Heracles' labours. Rather, it was more likened to the tale of Laelaps the hunting dog and the Teumessian Fox - the chase that never was.

    That was when Mirai conjured a plan. She manipulated her own weight in order to jump onto a clothesline, before grabbing some sort of bedsheet and slamming it onto the lion's face, preventing it from seeing or smelling. She then jumped down, perfectly landing on its back for a lift around the block.

    "And now I just have to wait for her mana to run out or something. Hmm... it doesn't have a weak spot here."

    She knew that her attacks didn't even sting the beast, and at most blew it backwards via force. With that, her best choice was to just cling onto the giant cat until it inevitably disappeared.

    This was going to be a bumpy kitty cat ride.
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  20. Appearance:
    Name: Kinizaki Haruka
    Magic Name: Praevaricor 013
    Age: 112 (Froze her aging process at 16. Her hair for some reason continued aging, so has no pigment.)
    Gender: Female
    Weight: Below Average
    Height: Average
    Haruka is a difficult person. She often speaks cryptically, if at all, and is fond of the expression "Actions speak louder than words". She is level-headed and always thinks logically. She is quite intolerant of emotions and won't go out of her way to protect them, so tends to say things bluntly without sugar coating them. Because of this, she is very easy to dislike, but because of her ability, she is very difficult to reason with. She has a second personality, which is quite close to that of a normal girl, however she is very shy and tries very hard to hide this from others. She has a lot of confidence in her abilities and likes to show off if she's against an opponent she's obviously going to beat. Sometimes this cockiness can carry through into conversation, though it quickly wears off.
    Likes: Cute things, sweet food, watching things break.
    Dislikes: Irrational people, overly religious folk.
    General Skills:
    Being a Saint, Haruka has exceptional movement speed and agility, as well as increased senses and increased mental processing speed. Unlike most magicians, she has developed her own language which allows her to carry out magic rituals in a fraction of the usual time.

    Magic Type:
    Haruka's patron deity belongs to Shinto, and has only a small cult of worshipers scattered throughout the southern island chains. This cult is monotheistic, and while they accept the presence of other Shinto gods, they worship only this one. It is thought by the cult's priests that Haruka as a Saint embodies a huge chunk of the god's power, while other Saints, especially those of Christianity, embody merely a few percent at most. She has mastered many forms of magic, ranging from things similar to Gregorian Chant down to things as weak as a level 1 esper. A large quantity of her magic generates huge quantities of noise, hence the permanent headphones. She has the most affinity with air magic, which she uses to disguise herself as an Esper by imitating abilities that control air pressure. It is rumoured that she has a Grimoire which is the source of her power, however that is little more than a rumour. She is still looking for one, in truth.
    She doesn't care much for rune-based magic, as it takes far too long, though she does know how to use runes if she needs to do particularly large-scale things. She has collected items from several mythologies, including the fragments of the Yata no Kagami, one of the imperial regalia.

    (I'd like to leave this to be RP'd out, though the writing sample will give away some of it)

    Writing Sample:

    A shroud of dust hung in the air, absorbing what little moonlight managed to seep in through the cracks in the roof. The chamber was monumental in scale. Even before a portion of the ceiling had collapsed, she had not been able to see from one end to the other. She took a step, a crunching noise indicating she had stood on one of the bones. The floor was littered with them. Skeletons, bits of skeletons, fresh corpses. And not just of humans. There were pigs, wolves and several creatures she was entirely unable to identify. "Come out. I know you're there. No one would pass up the opportunity to slay a Saint." No response. As expected.

    She took another step, this time avoiding the bodies. The dust was creating somewhat of a stalemate. Neither wanted to clear it. It completely shut down the sight of the other. Or, that was what the man thought, at least. In truth, it was his first and last time facing a Saint. He knew why she was here, but he was either too scared or too stupid to run.

    She laughed as a wooden fence post catapulted out of the dust and struck her in the chest, before she shattered it and removed the fragments from her thorax. "I don't know where you got your information on how to kill a Saint, but let me tell you - it's outdated. I'm not a Saint of the Lamb. That's not going to work." She didn't even watch as her enchantments worked on repairing the damage. "Now, my turn." Inv. Levus. Mene. Kel. A whirlwind formed instantaneously around her, concentrating for a short time before expanding rapidly, dispelling the fog. She just managed to catch a glimpse of the man before he disappeared. He was dressed in black robes, obviously those of the Roman Catholic church. "Oh, a teleporter. How original."

    Out of her pocket, she drew a handful of small ceramic beads, each with a thin hole through it, and intricate silver-green designs painted across it's surface. At this point, she opened her eyes for the first time in several days. She found it painful to take in so much extra radiation and it often gave her headaches, so she tended to keep her eyes closed and use a passive clairvoyance spell to see. The man was hiding in a patch of shadows, muttering under his breath. Probably his most powerful spell. She removed a single bead from her hand, throwing it into the air before catching it and and shooting it at sonic speed directly at the man, unwittingly imitating one of the few non-magicians she would come to admire some time in the future.

    As the bead flew towards the man, she watched as his expressions changed almost in slow motion. First determination, then surprise, then horror. Even without using any further magic, the bead had already been turned into a roiling mass of plasma. When it collided with the man's face, there was a split second of infernal noise, then an eerie silence as the purple fires flickered away, eating at the man's disintegrated bone powder. Of course, his magic resisting robes were nothing more than ashes on the breeze now. That was always the danger of being over confident in magic. One day you might come across someone so powerful they don't need to use magic for damage anymore.

    As she had expected, the tome was no longer anywhere near the church. It had been buried in an eruption long ago and been used as a sacrificial altar by a sect of Catholicism for decades. She was surprised she had only just gotten round to dealing with it, actually. She reckoned she had probably had too much on her plate with helping several other Saints keeping the World War under control to deal with petty issues like religious genocide.
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