101 Places Not to Go

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Blind Hemingway

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EW. N....

Wait... lemme hear more.
^^I agree^^^


The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is actually pretty cool.
i don't see the Kitsap Bremerton Naval Base on that list...........it should be number one, this place sucks
Every state seems to have a mystery house...Loltourists.
I've never been to a mystery house, but I totally want to have a mystery theme party.

As for that list, a museum of tap water? SIGN ME UP!
Fargo, North Dakota.


Stupid Floods....



And Stupid Blizzards...



You know what, this woman sounds like someone that doesn't have any imagination or romance in her bones. Not EVERYONE is going to want to go to these places obviously, but there's appeal there, especially if you're in the area already. Sheesh.
I wouldn't go to Fargo just because. . .it's Fargo. *trollface* Screw North Dakota and it's slow speed limit D:< MY LEAD FOOT DOES NOT LIKE YOU.

Montana Testicle Festiv------wat.

I assume it's about 'Rocky Mountain Oysters'. Which means a lot of cowboys would be there. Which means I would not be there anyway. . .