1000 hours until Dawn...

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    • 1000 Hours Until Dawn
      • Fantasy dystopia, action, romance (optional, FxM only)
      • FxM or FxF
      • Expect violence, language, dark and hopeless themes, a main character without hope for the future,

    It’s been four years, three months, twenty five days and seven hours since the Glass fell, severing the City from the rest of the world. I lost everyone I knew that day. Either the Glass crushed them, or the Control coaxed them away or the Underground claimed them.

    I’m alone. I’m the only one who can Feed and not be consumed. I’m the only one who can still walk on the Surface amongst the masses unseen. I’m the only one who still dares to brave the Underground. But the headaches are getting worse, and the Feeds are getting stronger, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. The Glass must fall. One way or another.

    Who I will be:
    Solitaire is what she calls herself. Not her real name. She’s an elemental who has been starved of her element. She’s not gone crazy quite yet, but she’s leaning that way.

    Who you will be: Fellow elemental living on the Surface. Member of the Control. Lord (or Lady) of the Underground. Revolutionary. A combination therein.

    Other information: I will gladly share more about the plot that I have in mind as well as relevant backstory. Just not here. PM if you are interested!
  1. One more time...just in case.

    Still looking!
  2. I'm down, if you can explain the plot to me a little further.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.