100 years before Final Fantasy X

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an RP set 100 years before FFX happened. It would encircle a group, Guardians and a Summoner, that are going about their pilgrimage. They'd start in Kilika and head all the way to Zanarkand. I'd play the Summoner so that I could lead the story along and there would be room for 6 or 7 (tops) Guardians.

    Please let me know if you are interested!! I have most of the OOC worked out, so if there is enough interest, I'll get it started up soon.

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  2. Gah. Everytime I think to myself, "I don't want to join any more rps." I read something like this. As much of a failure the recent Final Fantasy games were, I did very much enjoy FFX.

    I will happily put my vote into this, definitely as a Ronso.
  3. This one sounds kind of interesting, It reminds me of an rp that was on another site I used to play on. I wonder if there is a connection 0_0
  4. Wow, that's kinda funny, I was literally just about to post a very similar interest check! Only mine was about 300 years before FFX, but still starting in Kilika. Great minds, I guess? :) Yeah, colour me interested, let me know the details.
  5. Well, I'm interested. Though I do wonder about how we're going to do things like the Cloister of Trials, battle in general and whatnot. Are you planning to use some kind of system for that (the battles in particular), or will it all be free-form?
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  6. This sounds like something id be interested in!!
  7. This sounds like something id be interested in!!
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