100 Things to Do in Zero Gravity Before Dying In Space

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  1. It was a regular day on the galaxy station. The enforcers inside it were getting ready for their next mission. Johann Wright, the only human being working there, was smiling with the corner of his teeth. He was reading a book about space travel that had quite an interesting cover. He had read it multiple times, but only looking at the cover made him happy. It always brought him jolly memories.


    Not only that, but he had other reasons to be happy that day. The first other humans were finally being hired to work for the Galaxy Federation. He wouldn't be feeling so lonely anymore, and he would have help with the missions, which sometimes, were quite tricky. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't noticed when his supervisor showed up at the door. "Mr. Wright", Gqrboxtk said, trying to get the attention of his employee. Gqrboxtk was a from a species that wasn't very different from those of human beings, except he had green skin, tentacles in the place of his eyes, walked on four legs and didn't looked like a human being at all.

    "Mr. Wright!", he yelled. Johann raised his head quickly and closed the book. "Sir! Yessir! Sorry sir!". Gqrboxtk frowned with his reptile skin, while huffing of rage. "This is no time for reading adventure books, Mr. Wright! You should be at the elevator waiting for your other human folks to show up!". Wright nodded and walked to the elevator right away so his boss wouldn't be very upset. An asteroid hit the surface of Mars. Those two facts had no connection to each other. He stayed in front of it waiting for the humans.

    The kidnapped humans, that would randomly appear on a Galaxy Federation Station with no idea as to why they were there and what the hell was happening. That was okay. Johann would explain it to them.


    Apperance (pic or description):
    Brief History:​
  2. Name seras Victoria
    Age 21
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Gender female
    Job seras was brought on by the federation as a sniper
    Personality seras is seen as cold and heartless but opens up to those who take the time to get to know her
    History seras was brought into the world of war after she bacame a child soldier. A year ago she was asked to work for the federation as a sniper.

    Seras was riding in the elevator with her rifle slung over her shoulder. She had woken up an hour. Before from hyper sleep during her long flight out here. When the doors opened there was a guy waiting there.
  3. Johann smiled as soon as he saw the other human being. It was a blond woman. He haven't seen anything like her for a long while. With his smile, a chain of events unfolded before their eyes. An asteroid hit the glass wall of the elevator, making a huge hole in it, sucking the rifle out and throwing it in the never ending darkness of space. Before the hole could suck Johann or Seras out of the station, another asteroid came and filled the hole, working as a "drain cap" for the whole station. Johann watched the whole scene with pure surprise and shock, as well as all other employees in the station. After a few seconds, all of them stopped caring. "Ahem... Well, I'm sure the federation will provide you with another weapon. Now, I don't think you are who I was waiting, because they're humans that are only for Earth, but please do join me on the waiting process. I'm waiting for a troop of earthly usual humans, we could... I don't know, chat as we wait for them, I guess".
  4. Seras had a even more cold look than before as her rifle was sucked out. " I have another dissembled one in my luggage. Now who were you waiting for."
  5. "As you're probably aware of, most of humanity aren't aware of the federation existence. The only who do know anything about it where humans scattered across the galaxy by 'accidents', we could say. So you see, I have now convinced the federation to test how trustworthy humanity can be, so that's why they're picking some to bring here. I believed they hired you as support, but I'm yet to know ", Johann said, with the smile remaining on his face. He wondered if his boss would be pissed at him for talking with the support.
  6. "I guess that's why they brought me in, cause I'm expendable And no one would miss me back on earth." She took a seat at the bench. "I guess its a waiting game now."
  7. Name: Naomi Fitsergald
    Age: 26
    Naomi, as seen in the picture, has a small face and huge glasses, with long, black hair and brown eyes. She normally keeps her hair up in a bun, and when she shows up at the Galaxy Federation Station, she's wearing a red blouse and a pencil skirt.
    Gender: Female
    Job: A high school English teacher with her masters degree.
    Personality: Naomi is a highly intelligent, jittery woman. Her mind is constantly going at a million miles an hour, and she speaks a lot, but sometimes it gets cluttered and people don't understand the point she's trying to get at. She likes challenging herself and is good with all subjects. Although highly ambitious and outspoken about opinions she feels strongly about, whenever she's approached with something she isn't 100% positive about, she tends to stutter or back off about it, and people don't always take her seriously because of this.
    Brief History: After going to college and graduate school, Naomi is a fairly new teacher at a preppy, upper class school in the smack center of New York City. She had a boyfriend before going to the space station, but that probably doesn't matter, seeing as she'll most likely never see him again.

    "A-A space station!" She bit her lip and her hands fidgeted. Her hand went up to run through her hair in thought and being overwhelmed, but it stopped at her shoulder when she remembered her hair was in a bun. Her hand awkwardly dropped to her side. Her eyes darted around the room and at the strange people in it, not to mention the strange man talking to her. Naomi finally found two other humans on the other side of the room, and her shoulders sagged slightly with a hint of relief. She looked back at the man she was talking to, a blue man with five eyes and twice her size. Not to mention the slime trail dripping down the right side of his face. "Wow, that's, um-"

    Suddenly, an asteroid slammed into the space station. It scared the shit out of her, quite frankly. She could only stare at the spot in complete and utter fear and surprise, including a lot of curiosity. People returned back to their business, but her mouth was still wide open, staring at the asteroid. When her voice finally managed to work, it came out a lot louder than she expected.

    "How the fuck are we all not dead?"
  8. "Oh, I wouldn't talk so low about yourself... But yeah, they do bring people like that, just like they brought me. But look how jolly I am, even that I was taken away from my home planet and out of my orphanage", Johann smiled creepily.

    Johann turned his face towards the other newcomer. Now, that one truly seemed lost. Obviously, she was a real human, created on Earth. She had no idea. Literally 0 ideas on how she was and why she was there. The place could just be a marvelous view to her, as well as it could be awful one. The fact that she was so scared about the asteroid made him chuckle, even though he was also scared by it once it hit. Now it wasn't time for think about that, he should be objective. He walked towards the other girl. "You scared about that? What, it was just an asteroid hitting the glass. It happens. Welcome to the Galaxy Federation Station! You are one of the first humans to join us here! You were randomly picked over 7 billion other human beings to be part of an experience to test how much humans are trustworthy, so don't let us down!".
  9. Naomi raised her eyebrows. "Wait. S-So we're basically in a gigantic space station with a bunch of different alien-" A pink looking one snorted as it walked by, and Naomi jumped- "Er, um, species, from different galaxies who don't know if humans are trustworthy s-so they stayed hidden from us until suddenly they decided we might be evolved enough to have intelligent communication and possibly trade with them?" The question rushed out of her mouth quickly, yet slower than how fast she was thinking and processing this. There were a billion other things she was thinking and wondering, but her mouth wouldn't be able to ask all of them. Of course, she was also drawing conclusions and possibilities.

    And, well, she wasn't coming up with all good ones.

    She hated to ask it, but she ended up doing it, anyway. "And, um, we probably won't go back home, to earth, will we?"
  10. "Well, the whole thing doesn't look very good, and I think that's how you see it, buuuut... First, don't think about it as 'we won't be coming back to Earth', think about it as 'we'll be seeing new worlds', which is a pretty cool thing. As to whether you really are coming back... I couldn't say for certain, but if our experienece is sucessful, I don't see why not!", Johann said, smuling almost from ear to ear. While they both chatted, an extremely small explosion occured at subatomic levels, causing an universe to be created on the top of an atom. This particular atom was a part of the molecules forming Johann's saliva, and the tiny drop where it was contained was carried out through the air, of from Johann's mouth and hitting the cheek of Naomi, undetected. The molecule where the universe was contained was absorbed by Naomi's skin. It lived on Naomi for the next five days. The life in it developed fast, calling themselves the Kur'rah and declaring themselves as the most smart and intelligent species, and also the only intelligent species that existed. After two days, two political parties would be formed leading to a war that caused them to now consider themselves 'the smartest species on the existence [but some are not so smart]'. In the day five, when the universe blew out of its existence on Naomi's cheek, the Kur'rah were already extinct. "It's not really because they're interested in human beings, you see. I'm an important thing around here and I said that human beings would be a good addition to the Galaxy Federation, so maybe I'm the reason you're here", Johann said, chuckling. "Please don't hit me", he continued, a bit afraid.
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