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  1. Welcome to the last satellite left after earths nuculer war where there are 100 people under 18 in captive. Some were in captive for small crimes like stealing for thier family or some were on for murder. But a select few were in because they were different they have "powers" or "mutations". On the 87th year people found out life support was failing they sent the 100 delinquints to earth to check if it was livible and thats where our story starts.

    age: (10-17)
    What you were in for:
    Description: ( picture)
    Short personality:
    Short background:
    Name: Ru
    Age: 17
    What you were in for: being different. I have cat features and I can control fire and summon a weapon at will.
    Short personality: hateful, kind at times, violent, skilled, smart.
    Short background: I was in solitary for my whole life waiting for the inevitable fate of my doom.

    Ru sits in her cell using a small piece of charcoal to draw trees and different things. Suddenly a gaurd comes in un cuffing her. He then put another wristband on her with a hat and told her to shove her tail in. She began to travel to one of the pods with the other 99 people. When she got in she strapped herself in looking around in awe.
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  3. Name ryuk
    Age 17
    What you were in for: ryuk has wolf like feature and enhanced speed strength and senses.
    Appearance. [​IMG]
    Personality is cold at first meet but protective of his friends
    Background ryuk had spent his life as a gladiator in the underground fights.

    Ryuk was in his cell laying on his mat when the guards came to get him. He was cuffed and led to the pod. When he arrived he was strapped in next to a girl with cat features. He looked around at the other people and then to the cat girl. "Do you know where were going."
  4. She stared at him unknowing if she should answer "ear earth" she stuttered a bit. She turned and looked around at the others "I wonder why though I mean isnt it unlivable???" Her ears twitched at every clank hiss and creak the ship made.
  5. Ryuk looked at the cat girl. "So that's why they chose us, if it fails and we die no will miss us." He extended his hand as far as he could. "Names ryuk, what's yours."
  6. "Ru pleasure to meat you ryuk." She gently shakes his hand and looks up at the cieling. Her scarlet red eyes scanning every detail included on the pod. "You know there are deeper meanings for sending us down." She looks down at her bare feet and wiggles them. "Well if we survive we have our planet back.... if its even ours anymore."
  7. Ryuk looked around. "Your right, but even if it is ours. They come down there and capture and lock us back up." He leaned his head back as they closed the doors to the pod. "If I were you I would suggest taking a nap. Its going to be a long trip."
  8. "I've spent 17 yesrs in the dark I think im good for a lifetime" she smirks and makes sure her seatbelt is all fastened. The pod begins to rumble as we get pulled back into our seat. Obviously going inti space at that moment.
  9. Ryuk felt the pod begin to take off as he slowly slipped off into a light sleep. He finally awoke as he felt the ship rumbling again. He looked around for a moment. "Looks like were entering the atmosphere."
  10. Her ears jolted up and she began to frantically look around. " atmosphere?! Is that bad oh my lord im going to dieeeee." Her tail began swaying as she held her head for cover.
  11. Ryuk chuckled slightly as he put a hand on ru's head. "No it means there's oxygen here so we can breath." He then took notice of the restraints. They were your normal restrains but looked like a harness. "This pod isnt going to land." As he said the floor below began to dissipate causing everyone to start falling.
  12. " im gonnnnnnnaaaaa dieeeeee" she began freaking out in her seat. The wind was pushing her hair up as a parachute unfolded starting to slow her down with the other 99 people. This made her calm down and sigh looking at the beautiful scenery of the forest. "This is earth....."
  13. Ryuk took in the scenery and then looked into the sky at the sun. "Once we get down most are going to abandon each other. Would you like to team up."
  14. " sure ryuk id like to team up. Haha good thing we have fiee and weapons huh." She laughs a bit not understanding only she knows about her powers and such. Whwn her seat lands on the ground she sees people scattered round looking at everything.
  15. As soon as ryuk seat landed he unstrapped him self and then unstrapped Ru. "Let's get moving. I want to find shelter and food before dark." He began to walk off into the forest.
  16. She starts walking behind him creating small flames on her finger tips giggling a bit. She then wonders and summons a battle axe laughing some more as it morphs into chains. "Hows that a weapon? Hmm whatever" she starts setting fire to little sticks making charcoal and rubbing it against trees.
  17. After two hours of walking ryuk spots a large tree with hollowed out trunk. "We'll camp out here for tonight. Hey Ru do you think you can get a fire going as I go see what I can find for food."
  18. "Mmmmmk" she puts a bunch of stucks together and a blue flame erupts from it. She then summons a small dagger after spotting a wild boar. "Come ere piggeh piggeh." She then lunges stabbing the pig in the head hitting it dead center killing it instantly. " yay foooood" she begins to lug it back to the tree.
  19. Name: Jack
    age: 15
    What you were in for: Paranoia and Claustrophobia raked at his mind, he was classified as "A hazard."
    Description: Short and thin, unkempt dark brown hair, baggy blue-grey eyes, pronounced jawline.
    Short personality: He is a planner, and he has a good time being on his own... He can be unpredictable, yet he will follow anyone who helps him with a fierce loyalty and, having no special mutations or powers, could easily be dispatched if his insanity gets the best of him.
    Short background: He was born to a small family, and often showed stress at staying on the ship, he had a nervous breakdown when he was nine, and has spent his time rotting in a cell.

    Some distance away, a figure was making a futile attempt to climb a tree, he flinched for a moment, and paused in his tracks. He continued these attempts, still to no avail. He looked around quickly, and picked a stick up from off the ground. He would thrust the stick a few times, as if it were a spear, then lean it up against the tree. He scanned his surroundings once more, his eyes caught three figures, one of them had the glint of blood upon them. He got behind the tree, hoping they didn't see him, his mind jumping to the conclusion that two had killed another. He dared not leave his hiding spot. He mumbled to himself. "I can't die this soon."
  20. Name: Adrian
    age: 17
    What you were in for: Defending those who couldn't defend themselves against discrimination on the station ended up killing a guard in a fit of rage. Description: medium height and build, medium length auburn hair, blue green eyes and a beard growing.
    Short personality: Calm and calculating will give anything for his loved ones though had defense training before being jailed he is also stronger then he looks also well educated.
    Short background:Was raised in a rich family but rejected their ideas on human "purity" on the station, fought against discrimination until he was jailed and sent to Earth

    Adrian saw people scatter in all directions, he headed for the forest picking up a pointed rock just in case, he needed shelter soon to avoid any predators he calmly went until he smelt fire and heard talking he exited into a clearing and saw a girl and guy cooking a pig he got their attention and said. "Hello."