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  1. GREETINGS!! I'm Kuroh!!

    I'ma be completely honest in this thing so I don't end up disappointing or annoying anybody. So be prepared for that, I guess.

    First off, I'm definitely better at replying to planning quickly. I am a planning NERD. World building, character creating, relationship fun, plot extravaganza PLANNING. Like, wow, I just really love it, and I will reply within minutes the majority of the time with planning.

    Writing actual rps. Uh. Well. I am good at it, I'm not going to be humble here it's just how it goes at this point. But I am noooot a consistent writing partner. I reply slowly, sometimes really slowly, and I always feel so bad about it even though I don't change a thing. Problem is, I'm a gigantic perfectionist who can't write tiny posts. I've gotta have CONTENT. And character development. Those things don't come quickly, at least not to me, so I'm super slow. Also I'm a university student aiming for an honours degree. So there's that too, I suppose.

    So basically, when it's the planning stages I am gung ho as anything, and super speedy to boot. Then we get to writing and I'm quick for the first few replies but then I reeeeaaally slow down. Because life. And also my motivation is lacking in all things ever. So I either need an rp partner who is similar to me, or is willing to kindly nag me to reply (while keeping up content and character fun on their end too).

    Other than that one major issue of mine, I'm usually a pretty good rp partner. I'm mostly up for mxm, but I'll do mxf and fxf happily too. I can do 18+, but I definitely don't need to. Romance can't be the only thing going on either.

    I'm up for slice of life goodness, or adventure, modern or not, drama, etc. Like, pretty much anything you want I will enjoy. Except for a few.... exceptions:

    • furries. like, no.
    • or anything animal actually
    • just no animal stuff pls
    • damsel in distress. it bores me. It really really bores me. Give me strong women who don't need no man. Or the opposite. Whatever works, yo.
    • I'm sure there's more but I'm making this on the fly and I just don't know.

    • romance + actual plot things
    • slice of life
    • adventure
    • modern fantasy
    • modern realism
    • fantasy
    • sci-fi
    • pirates
    • spaaace pirates
    • space things in general uh
    • etc. etc. etc. there's a LOT MORE
    • just send me suggestions i wont bite
    I can do things in tv/movie/book/anime universes too, as long as we're OCs with none of the actual characters in the plot.

    • K-Project
    • No. 6
    • Darker Than Black
    • Haikyuu!!
    • Kuroko no Basket
    • Psycho Pass
    • Avatar (last airbender or korra i love both)
    • does avatar even count as anime
    • probably not
    • but ill keep it here whatever
    • Again, there's probably more, but idk what
    • Wheel of Time
    • Harry Potter
    • The Inheritance Cycle
    • Percy Jackson and the Olympians (all Rick Riordan, basically. I love his universe)
    • Gentlemen Bastards series (ie. The Lies of Locke Lamorra)
    • um... yea
    • Pacific Rim
    • Star Trek
    • Ahhhh that's pretty much all I can come up with at the moment oops
    • uhhh
    • idk anime is more my thing right now
    • im a giant nerd
    • OH WAIT
    • Agents of Shield
    • Agent Carter
    • superhero shoes in general heck ya
    AND THAT IS IT!! This post has gone downhill super quickly I need to just post before I make a gigantic idiot of myself if I haven't already.

    I am a nice person! I promise!! Just message or reply here with ideas or what you like that I've already mentioned but please please remember what I said at the start cuz I don't want to disappoint anyone by being slow it makes me sad.

  2. This post amused me from start to finish. I even giggled out loud at the bits where the lists turned to ramblings instead of specific items. I'm guilty of doing that myself a time or two or twelve..


    I would like to roleplay with you. I don't play males generally because I tend to be bad at it but since you seem open to other options, I think we're good here. You being slow as all get out is fine too, because I've got other roleplays going, plus a couple of jobs and other real life obligations that will also take up my time. I'm also quite skilled at nagging ;3

    Let's do this :D
  3. Yo! I like it! I wouldn't mind rping with you. I can post fairly often like you said. Hm, so you said you liked WoW right? Open to that? Want ot chat in pm?
  4. Ahhh I didn't say WoW, sorry man!!! Different thing with W's. Unless Wheel of Time is what you meant. In which case heck ya.
  5. Someone else who likes Pacific Rim? :D I'm in if you're still looking for partners! I'm not one for nagging, but I also don't mind waiting for posts.

    PS. I'm also in for Star Trek. Whatever you prefer!
  6. Ah, my mistake then. Take it you don't play that game then?
    Are you interested in Start Wars then?
  7. I dooon't. Never been any good with games. Of, like, any sort oops.
    As for Star Wars. I like it? Not sure if I could RP it though, so idk
  8. Well hope I got this part right. You said you liked Star Trek?
    Never done any Star Wars games then? Like Force Unleashed and such?
    Also interested in Vampire Knight, Akame Ga Kill or Pokemon?
  9. Star Trek I do like!! Both old and new, though I tend to like new better as I haven't made it through all of the original series yet. Any of them.

    Nope!! Games just... don't happen. I suck at all.

    I've had Akame Ga Kill recommended to me a thousand times but I keep getting distracted! If I ever watch it, I'll let ya know. As for the other two, unfortunately nopes.
  10. Akame Ga Kill is a good manga, great manga. Haven't bothered with the anime yet.
    So for Star Trek I've seen al the series except for the original. Just cant get myself to watch it... what have youi seen so far? Eh maybe post your replies to be in pm.
  11. Hello!! :) so i would love to rp with you.. i'm not really positive what exactly i would like to rp.. BUT we can always create something together! i am really quick with replies.. usually. Planning everything out is probably my favorite part as well then i get super excited to start it up lol you becoming slow after the planning doesn't bother me.. unless of course it just so happens to be a super awesome part.. then i may nag you just a bit.. a poke here and there.. or if you take a Really long time.. it's possible i'll jump up and down and wave my arms around like a crazy person trying to get your attention... haha. Pm me if you'd like to start something up! :D
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