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  1. 100 Days


    100 years and 100 days have passed since the nuclear war, 100 years ago America, Great Britain, China, and Italy sent 25 people each into space, astronauts trained since they knew World War 3 was coming, they were given the task to build a colony. They only had 95 days to build a station big enough to support 2,000, 500 from each nation. Each nation gathered their greatest doctors, nurses, engineers, farmers, and tons of equipment but..no weapons. There was going to be no war on the ship. The engineers perfected a way to make air from space, or at least what they thought was perfect. They sent their 500 people and it was going well until people broke the rules. This couldn't work killings, fights, looting, rapes. The colony was bad, to the point any crime was punishable by death, you steal a single ration and get caught? Death. The only exclusion was kids, they were locked up until their 18th birthday when they would be judged on if they died or if they lived..The oxygen was running out their parts worn down..all they can do is lower the amount of people. People are no longer permitted to have more then 1 child if you have another you will be killed and the second child thrown into Lock Down...also known as the prison for the minors. Finally though the oxygen is to low to support the 3,000 best solution, Earth..they said it would take 300 years for the radiation to stop..what better way to test it then with the people who should be dying as their 18 anyway..73 people are sent down to Earth..few know how to do anything but a few have a basic knowledge of certain skills. Can they survive this nuclear planet or will they die once they open the doors. Although those are good questions the main question is are they alone?

    1: All Iwaku's Rules Apply obviously
    2: If you're on the ship to Earth you must be under 18
    3: Listen to me, the world is different make your decisions carefully..cough don't go swimming cough..
    4: No sex, if you want to PM
    5: Some people will die, get sick, or get lost I will PM and make sure you're okay with it

    Character Sheet:


    Reason Jailed:
    Parents..killed or alive:
    Any past experience:
    Random Talents:

    In Character:

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  2. Name: Kastia Rose
    Age: 15
    Reason Jailed: Traitor
    Parents..killed or alive: Floated (AKA Killed)
    Any past experience: Mom was a doctor and now she can take care of some medical problems but is not skilled and doesn't have many supplies.
    Personality: Serious, Forgiving, Always in Hope, Natural Leader.
    Random Talents: Aim/Percision
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  3. Name: Meric O'Neil
    Reason Jailed: His parents had another child
    Parents..killed or alive: Mother Killed
    Any past experience: Not really
    Looks: Here
    Personality: Very quiet, Meric is a realist who just happens to look on the down side of things. Surprisingly, he has a good sense of humor even though it isn't what people would expect and it sounds very outlandish coming from him.
    Random Talents:
    His memory is incredible
  4. Awesome! Accepted! I love it although was he the second child, that would be the only reason he would be detained! Sorry I should have specified that.
  5. Name: Oliver Mckinley
    Age: 16
    Reason Jailed: Killing his father
    Parents..killed or alive: his Mother's still alive
    Any past experience: His father was a drunkard and kept abusing him and his mother whenever he wasn't able to find enough booze. One day he had enough and he stabbed his father while he was sleeping. While his mother never approved of his actions, Oliver felt good about himself since.
    Looks: He looks like this.... minus the glasses tho
    Personality: Normally he's kind and carefree but has some psychotic tendencies when pissed off
    Random Talents: none

    (hope it's ok xD)
  6. Name: Morgan Gernhert
    Age: 16
    Reason Jailed: Fiddling with the ships power supply.
    Parents..killed or alive: Unknown
    Any past experience: Took a class on engineering and massive experience with building random things.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: Very out going and mentally gifted. She seems very distant at times as she stares out in space as she thinks of new things to do with whatever she can get a hold of. Her compulsive need to keep busy has left her body very fit as she normally runs about gathering things to keep herself busy.
    Random Talents: Extremely intricate and loves seeing how things work.
  7. Name:

    17 (1 week until his 18th)

    Reason Jailed:
    Talking back to authorities.

    Parents..killed or alive:

    Any past experience:
    He has been locked up since he was 9.


    Thinks aloud and quite often talks to his imaginary best friend Geo who is a squirrel. Likes to crack jokes (though most of the time they make no sense), cheerful, paranoid, loyal.

    Random Talents:
    Great night vision, sensitive to light. Has strengthened above average due to the older kids always beating him up.
  8. @Charlie's 4th Angel @sleepinghat @CrimsonHorizons
    Accepted! I like all of your CS'S!

    We an start as soon as I make the IC I'll be posting the link very soon! =) Psstt PM me if you'd like to be a corrupt type leader PM me for details mainly killer, deadly, and vicious person message me if you're interested.
  9. @LeVen Hey you were accepted and we started if you'd like to join us =)
  10. Omg thank you for letting me know
  11. I'm confused.. Are we belting in our cells or this room down the hall??
  12. we were belting in our cells or we were going to but they changed the plans to this smaller ship because the cell ship was to big and would've crash landed o,e sorry I had to make that up because when I said they were putting us in our cells I meant to say out of our cells into a ship and I wanted to fix it like there was an emergency so we're all going into this smaller space ship now
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  13. Character Sheet:

    Name: Trice Adams
    Age: 17 (18th birthday? Tomorrow)
    Reason Jailed: Hacked into the servers to access everyone's information, got away with it for months and was jailed for it 3 months ago
    Parents..killed or alive: Alive
    Any past experience: Very good with hardware and has an excellent memory
    Looks: [​IMG] Big, thick red hair with bangs. Average frame though her face is frequently hidden by her hair.
    Personality: Trice is a skeptical person by nature and tends to only trust what she can prove. She doesn't want to be the head hauncho- but she know's that she's a genius and will make sure that you know it to.
    Random Talents: She can sing.

    Also, sorry about posting to the rp without applying, for some reason I thought it was a jump in (which wouldn't make any sense anyway). Anyway, I removed my reply so all is good.
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  14. Accepted, I'll see if I can make a banner and see if anyone else is still interested..
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  15. Awesome, does this mean I'm good to post now? :bsmile:
  16. yep you can post now! :D
  17. Name: Cassandra Peterson (Cassie)

    Age: 15

    Reason Jailed: Thieving from officials and getting away with it, Causing the ships engine to stall, Other things to mess with authoritative administrators.

    Parents..killed or alive: Killed

    Any past experience: Had a severe seizure on the day her parents were killed and was hospitalized three years ago because of it, she always seemed different, sneaking around, thieving, being rude to authority, fighting back, etc.


    Personality: Loner, likes cats, prefers metal over any kind of music, likable once you get to know her, sneaky, hates big crowds, doesnt do much social partying.

    Random Talents: Singing, Aura reading.
  18. accepted feel free to start
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