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    Now that we are allowing larger avatar sizes, we need a new stock set of 150x150 Avatars.

    We REALLY like it when members submit content! :D

    Your Challenge: Make 100 fancy-cool badass avatars in 150x150 size. You can see some examples in the Avatar Gallery already.

    Those that SUCCEED in making 100 avatars will get a shiny shiny award in their profile!

    Upload your avatars in attachments OR in to your albums.
  2. I'll think about it.
  3. Some avatars are in my albums. <<
  4. Is there a due date? Cause I'll do it, but I'm picky so it takes me a little longer.
  5. No due dates for this challenge! :D
  6. Done and uploaded. I had to make 2 albums, but they're my only two albums so... So you can pick the one's you like and want for the site. :) I know there's at least one 'double' because I couldn't decide between versions. I also have all the source pictures in case someone wants a customization with their name or something.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.