10 Things About Me And 5 to 10 Rps I Want To Do

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  1. 10 things about me
    1 I am crazy just puting it out there
    2 i love songs it helps me rp
    3 i love any type of rp
    4 i use to have a cat
    5 i play female charas (i do guys but im not sure if im good at it)
    6 i do fxm mxm NOT Fxf (dont know why)
    7 i read books
    8 hate that twilight book discrase to vamp all over the world
    9 i like blood
    10 i am not very good at grammer/spelling (T^T Im sorry i didnt mean to be stupid) but i try my best

    now the sh*t i want to do Fandoms and Os (but i am open )
    1 Rotg
    2 Bakugan
    3 humensx vamper
    4 humenx humen
    5 humen x werewolf
    6 assasin x humen
    7 black cat (no one steals my black cat)
    8 FMA
    9 cool guyx not so cool guy
    10 ?
    pss this thread will for ever be open becusae i will add more things to the list
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  2. oooh...Me me =) Hello Mushishi =D May I ask if we could do the assassin X human? I is have some sorts of an idea...
  3. hey sure pm tthe idea to me
  4. Wanna do a lack cat rp?
  5. sure would love to do a black cqt rp. ill pm you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.